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Some characters have tongues which exceed what should be a plausible length for a human. Jokes tend to abound. Also, some nonhuman species have tongues proportionally much longer than those of humans as a matter of course. In extreme cases, the tongue may be used as a lasso.

Examples of Overly Long Tongue include:


  • Naruto: Orochimaru-- with and without two-edged sword for extra amusement.
    • The toad summons, of course.
  • The Negi golem drawn by Haruna, with a 23.5cm tongue.
  • Nnoitra Jiruga of Bleach gets a freakishly long tongue in his released form.
  • All vampires in Hellsing have long tongues to lick up blood.
  • In the Keroro Gunsou manga, Sumomo's Pokopenian form has one of these, long enough to wrap around Fuyuki's body several times (she apparently doesn't quite "get" the concept of a French kiss).
  • Claude of Black Butler II as shown in episode 5 when he used it to lick cream from the middle of his nose.
  • Shizuku of Omamori Himari has this as a snake-girl.
  • Tambourine one of King Piccolo's children from Dragon Ball showed he had this ability which he used to attempt to constrict Goku to death.
  • Jimushi Juubei from Basilisk has this and a weapon concealed in his throat to use with it.


  • A frog-like minor Legion of Super-Heroes villain called Ze Tongue.
  • Venom's insanely long tongue (and the toothy mouth surrounding it) is the main distinction between him and black-suit-Spidey. Well, that and the muscle mass...
  • X-Men villain The Toad.


  • In the Orangina fur-I mean commercial, one of the species dancing is a chameleon (in Chippendale clothing even!), and he extends his tongue around a plant girl.


  • The alien commander's girlfriend in Battlefield Earth.
  • Jar Jar Binks, as seen here.
  • In Earth Girls Are Easy Jim Carrey as Wiploc proves he has a long tongue by using it to retrieve ice from the bottom of a tall glass. Valerie's friend exclaims "I want his baby" on seeing this.
  • The Rome sequence in History of the World, Part I. While pretending to be a eunuch, Josephus (Gregory Hines) is tested by having a woman perform an erotic dance in front of him. He gives himself away by having his very long tongue plop out of his mouth as seen here.
  • The velociraptors in the stop-motion animation storyboard version of Jurassic Park, before they were informed that the raptors didn't have tongues like that.
  • In the X-Men film series a kid is briefly seen sticking out a long, blueblack tongue at a girl in a museum, showing he's a mutant.
  • Pairing this trope with In One Ear, Out the Other by having someone sexy seductively stick their tongue into someone else's ear is practically a minor stock trope in of itself in spoof movies, appearing as it does in such films as Mafia!, Wrongfully Accused and Dance Flick.
  • Lilith from Bordello of Blood, and it's strong enough to burst a man's heart out of his chest.
  • Sammael from the first Hellboy film has a tongue that is freakishly long. It is also split at the end, prehensile, and can be used to lay eggs.
  • The Tree Demon from A Chinese Ghost Story has a tongue that chases and attacks the heroes from quite a distance.
  • The demon in Violent Shit.
  • The hybrids in the Species series, culminating in a gory example of In One Ear, Out the Other in The Awakening.


  • Dudley Dursley in Harry Potter. Of course, that was a temporary prank...
  • Crowley in Good Omens, Apparently he can do "interesting things" with it.
  • The vampires in The Strain subvert this. The things coming out of their mouths aren't tongues, but venom stingers that grow in their throats.

Live Action TV

Newspaper Comics

  • As pictured above, Odie.
  • Bill the Cat in Bloom County, at least when he leads the metal band Deathtöngue (later Billy and the Boingers).

Real Life

Tabletop Games

  • Characters in In Nomine can learn a suite of Songs called Numinous Corpus, which allow the performer to augment his or her body in various ways. One of these Songs is Numinous Corpus: Tongue. Three guesses what it does.
  • Warhammer 40000: Everything Slaanesh-affiliated will likely have this. Genestealers also have long tongues that are almost always shown hanging out of their mouths; justified, as a genestealer's tongue is an ovipositor used to deliver a Face Full of Alien Wingwong to its victims.

Video Games

  • Yoshi, starting with his debut in Super Mario World.
  • The Smoker in Left 4 Dead. Justified in that it's his intestines, if Word of God is to be believed.
  • The Pokémon Lickitung and its evolution Lickilicky are known for their long sticky tongues.
    • Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar also.
    • Golbat, as seen in Red and Blue.
    • And Kecleon and Politoed, as they are a chameleon and frog.
  • Silent Hill has Pyramid Head.
  • Grump-Frump, the Tasting Gnome in King's Quest VI.
  • Reptile in Mortal Kombat.
  • Busuzima in the Bloody Roar games has an extra-long human form.
  • Chameleon Twist and its sequel, naturally. Davy and his friends use their tongues to swallow enemies for spitting, polevault, latch onto and drag themselves to objects (in the sequel), and wrap around poles for travel...Did I mention one of Davy's friends is a a girl comedian?
  • Ghirahim from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has one, which freaks Link out when Ghirahim lashes it out while leaning his head on Link's shoulder.
  • The Fear from Metal Gear Solid 3 has a longer tongue than a human though it's not used for the usual grabbing of objects. He merely sticks it all the way out to be creepy. This could have been a way to take Vamp's long tongue Up to Eleven.
  • Trigger Happy from " Skylanders: Spyros Advanture.

Web Animation

Web Comics

Western Animation

  • Gorillaz bassist Murdoc Niccals, who was loosely based on Gene Simmons of Real Life band Kiss.
    • 2D's tongue is long enough to stick up his nose.
  • Gene Simmons again, in a brief gag on Family Guy--his tongue goes off screen, followed by Lois (also from off-screen): "Oh, hello, Gene..."
    • In an earlier episode, the normal-looking girl at the flag girl tryouts has her long tongue flop out when she tries to respond to Meg.
  • Speaking of Gene Simmons, long-tongued, rock god Rock Zilla from My Dad the Rock Star was not only an Expy of Gene, the show was created by Gene Simmons.
  • All three of the title characters of Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy seems to have one, all the better for eating the oversized jawbreakers they're so fond of.
  • Teen Titans has Starfire have this as part of her Bizarre Alien Biology.
    • A talking alien dog had this in another episode, as shown when he licked Raven's face.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender has Jun(e)'s Shirshu have a very long tongue that might have been prehensile and provided Instant Sedation.
  • Drew Saturday's Evil Twin from The Secret Saturdays
  • Scratchy on The Itchy and Scratchy Show has a tongue so long that it can be shot via rocket to the moon without him even noticing it.
  • In one of The Simpsons Halloween episodes Homer messes around with the time space continuum and changes evolution drastically, and finally comes back home thinking everything is normal... only to see everyone eating by using their long froglike tongues. He shrugs and decides it's close enough.
    • Mr. Burns is shown to have a long snake-like tongue in the series.
      • So has Homer. He once darted a lengthy tongue out to lick a stray gob of ice cream off Marge's cheek.
  • Invader Zim.
  • In Tex Avery's "Deputy Droopy", a hapless safe robber gets glued to the floor, then has a stick of TNT shoved in his gob. He stretches his tongue out two miles to allow it to explode without waking the sleeping sheriff.
  • In Animaniacs, the first of Minerva Mink's many takes when she sees a male mink she's attracted to has her tongue making a huge pile on the ground.
    • Dot Warner also extends her tongue to great lengths to try to get a pastry, even when it's wrapped around her.
  • Mystique Sonia from Hero 108
  • In The Venture Brothers Christmas episode, The Krampus crashes Rusty's party. He starts licking Triana, to her horror.
  • In My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, Pinkie Pie extends her tongue longer than her body to slurp up a cake near the beginning of "Swarm of the Century".
    • Spike's also got a pretty long one, which he combines with rapid spinning to clean frosting off of his body in "Lesson Zero".
  • "Mom, may I please kill Cow?!"
  • Marcieline from Adventure Time has this in a few of her spontaneous monster transformations.
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