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File:Ozy and Millie.jpg

Ozy and Millie was a webcomic by DC Simpson that followed the daily lives of its two titular characters, who are children in an anthropomorphised-animal version of the Northwestern United States.

It was written in the style of a Newspaper Comic, with a four-panel format, writing reminiscent of Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes, and an ensemble cast that seems inspired by Pogo. The story arcs meander through political commentary and philosophy while simultaneously dealing with the children's own problems such as fitting in at school.


  • Ozymandias ("Ozy") Justin Llewellyn, a young Arctic fox. Tends towards excessive zen stoicism and Deadpan Snarker-dom.
  • Millicent ("Millie") Mehitabel Mudd, a red fox. Excitable and rebellious, prone to random acts of destruction, but has a good heart.
  • Llewellyn, a dragon and Ozy's adoptive father. He appears to be slightly over a century old and is prone to Historical In Jokes, especially ones related to obscure presidents (e.g., he claims to be responsible for William Howard Taft getting stuck in the White House bathtub), as well as bad Zen jokes. He runs for president every four years, despite having seceded from the United States to form the nation of Greater Llewellynland.
  • Ms. Mudd, Millie's mother. A lawyer and single mother. Although the most normal of the main four characters, she is implied to have been similar to Millie at her age. Also, her "hair" is blue for some reason. In October 2008, near the end of the strip's run, her full name was finally revealed as Mililani Minerva Mudd.
  • Avery, a raccoon child prone to mindless following of pop-cultural trends.
  • Timulty, Avery's younger brother, who radiates Incorruptible Pure Pureness (it helps that he's four years old).
  • The dread pirate Locke, a fox who lives in a magical land inside Llewellyn's couch, is subject to Merlin Sickness, and is Millie's father.
  • Felicia, a sheep and the Alpha Bitch (who later started moving in the Defrosting Ice Queen direction).
  • Jeremy, a Jerk Jock rabbit who seems to live to stuff Ozy into trash cans. He's also attacked Millie a time or two.
  • Stephan, a truly epic geek.
  • Isolde, Llewellyn's niece, Ozy's cousin, and an aspiring reporter. Often helps Llewellyn with his plans and babysits Ozy and Millie.

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