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File:Paradox Interactive 001 7502.png


 "A patch is never late! Nor is it ever early. It arrives precisely when I mean it to do!"

-Johan "The Wizard" Andersson, Paradox Interactive


Paradox Interactive (not to be confused with Paradox Entertainment, from which it split off) is a Swedish computer-game developer, generally focusing on historical Real Time Strategy games. Unlike most Real Time Strategy games, the Paradox games tends to have a greater focus on the Grand Strategic level, you control not individual units but the resources of entire nations.

Paradox games are (in)famous for being buggy at release, having a cliff-side learning curve and comparatively unimpressive graphics except in the newest Hearts of Iron and the second Victoria (which on the upside gives them relatively modest graphics card requirements, but since there's so many AI calculations going on a powerful CPU is a must), and not being "complete" until after they've gotten an Expansion Pack or two. On the other hand the support tends to be decent, with patches for the aforementioned bugs available soon after release. Also, the games' complexity offers a great deal of replay value. The massive variety of Game Mods available (and the ease of creating your own, as most of the key data is stored as .txt files with fairly intuitive code) also helps.

Paradox Interactive also acts as a publisher for various other companies and publishes games from a wide variety of genres, e.g. the Penumbra ,Mount and Blade and Magicka.

Games and series produced by Paradox Interactive:

The games also boast an active community of writers of After Action Reports. An interesting feature is the ability to import your saves from one game to another using official or unofficial software tools or (if you have a lot of time and patience) manually, theoretically allowing you to play the same game from 1066 to 1963.