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File:Peekablue tail.jpg

Is she asking Adora out?

When a humanoid person has a peacock tail, is wearing a bunch of feathers arranged as though it was a peacock tail (actually not a tail, but a separate group of feathers known as a "train"), or just has peacock feathers in some way (even around the shoulders or as a headpiece).

This is common on girls in fiction, yet the peacock train is a feature of male peafowl in Real Life (females — peahens — lack the train and, at least in the case of the Indian (Blue) peahen, are rather drab in color (the Green peahens are much more colourful, only slightly less so than the Green peacock)); but such a flamboyant thing on a human guy would be, well, flamboyant. So it's often human girls that have this, although a guy having one isn't entirely unheard of.

A Sub-Trope of either Little Bit Beastly or Fluffy Fashion Feathers, depending on whether this character actually has a tail or is just wearing one.

Compare Winged Humanoid, Giant Waist Ribbon.

Not to be confused with women who work for NBC, or with Agent Peacock.

Examples of Peacock Girl include:

  • A recent ad for Marshall's featured a photo shoot with dozens of Peacock Girl models, each with a different pair of shoes.
  • The literal peacock girls from the Orangina ad.

Anime & Manga

  • In Saint Seiya, the (male) god Hypnos' armor has stylized peacock feathers and a quasi-Holy Halo. This is Shown Their Work since Hypnos would be depicted as a peacock in paintings.
    • The anime also had a enemy from the peacock constelation, and he was a male (but, 99% of the cast was)
  • On one of the original Fushigiboshi no Futagohime pages, Altessa is shown wearing a peacock-inspired dress, with the plummage as part of her tiara. You can see it here.
  • The peacock outfits from Bizenghast.
  • Turned about in Pet Shop of Horrors, where the peacocks are of course males. In their human forms, however, they appear to be drag queens and mingle with Count D's human drag queen friends.
  • One of the shows in Sakura Taisen had outfits with this.
  • The Zuka club in Ouran High School Host Club has a set of outfits with this, as a Shout-Out to Takarazuka.
  • Cytomander has peacock feathers on his back. It's to be expected; he's a peacockman.

Comic Books

  • John "King Peacock" Corbeau of Top Ten wears a rather flamboyant outfit, a large plume of peacock feathers and purple paisley trousers. The peacock motif comes from his religion, Yezidism, which teaches that the universe is governed by seven angels, foremost of which is Melek Taus, the Peacock Angel.


  • The end of Imogene's Antlers has the titular girl drop the antlers she mysteriously grew, only to grow a peacock's tail.
  • A Peacock Boy appears in Coldheart Canyon, and has a very squicky origin. He's a cross between a live peacock and a female human ghost.

Live Action TV


  • Katy Perry wears a showgirl outfit with the tail made of pink feathers in "What Happens in Vegas".
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic dresses as a peacock briefly in his "Perform This Way" video, and wears said costume in live performances.
  • Miley Cyrus wore a corset-dress with a giant peacock tail in her video "Can't Be Tamed".
  • One or two shots in the video for "Leaving Las Vegas" by Sheryl Crow has some showgirls with huge fan tails.
  • The cover of Goldfrapp's Supernature album is cropped from a picture of Alison Goldfrapp wearing a peacock tail.


  • In Greek myth, the peacock was sacred to Hera, Queen of the Gods who was sometimes shown wearing peacock feathers. According to myth, the blue eye spots on the peacock's feathers were Hera's way of honoring a guard who died defending her golden apple tree.
  • Any depiction of Krishna, ever (whether he's two years old and stealing butter or being his usual Bishonen Casanova self), ALWAYS has him with a single peacock feather in his headpiece.

Tabletop Games


  • Takarazuka shows love this. Many numbers have just about everyone with a peacock tail on their costumes. It doesn't matter if it's a Bifauxnen in a suit or a lady in a Pimped-Out Dress.
  • In Real Life, there is a showgirl accessory like this called a "fan tail".

Video Games

  • In Baten Kaitos, every character is a Winged Humanoid who has "wings of the heart". These wings vary in appearance; Savyna's are peacock plumes.
  • Cyber Peacock (duh) from Mega Man X 4, Which he weaponizes by having them erupt from the floor, and use as homing missiles. Interesting case in that he's appropriately male, but acts a little camp.
  • Bayonetta's Father Balder and Father Rodin have golden peacock wings.
  • Skullgirls has... well, Peacock, a cyborg girl whose mechanical additions and cartoony powers take on a peacock motif. Quite a bit.
    • Her cybernetic arms each have three eyes on them that resemble the tail feathers of the bird, and one of her attacks has her hat turn into a peacock head while an array of eyes line up behind her, fanning out and looking even more like a peacock's tail. She also has a sidekick named Avery, a tiny peacock who stays in her hat.
    • There's also a mythology reference with Peacock: Her cyborg parts are called the Argus System, in reference to the hundred-eyed giant Argus of Greek myth whose eyes were placed onto the tail of the peacock as a memento after his death. Her super attack with the peacock tail shaped eyes matches this: She shouts either "Argus Agony" or "Eyes of Argus" when performing it.

Western Animation

Real Life

  • This wedding dress with a peacock feather skirt.
  • While not nearly as elaborate as the above example, Margaret Cho took inspiration from Bjork's infamous swan dress and wore a peacock feather gown to the Grammys when she was up for Best Comedy Album. She recounts in Assassin that she didn't win the Grammy, but she was named Worst Dressed. This was met with cheers from the audience, since it came after a rant on how everyone at awards ceremonies dresses the same and that those named Worst Dressed are actually the best, since they're creating their own look.