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File:Pegasus sky 3493.jpg

The ultimate Cool Horse

The winged horse in Greek Mythology, born from the blood that flowed when Perseus slew Medusa (just roll with it). Since then, the image of a horse with wings has persisted in stories and culture, whether these horses are named Pegasus or another name.

Such stories may turn Pegasus into a whole species (plural is often "pegasi").

A Sub-Trope of Cool Horse.

Compare Unicorn, Winged Unicorn, Winged Humanoid, Our Angels Are Different.

Examples of Pegasus include:


  • The Tri-Star logo.
  • The Mobil logo.
  • The logo of the Reader's Digest Association.

Anime and Manga

  • In Fate/stay night, Bellerophon, the Noble Phantasm of the Servant Rider (Medusa), can be used to control even the most powerful mythical beasts. Rider due to her part in the creation of Pegasus is able to summon Pegasus and perfectly control it in battle with Bellerophon.
  • Metal Fight Beyblade is similar to the above example, but with spinning tops. Again, the protagonist uses Pegasus.
  • One Piece has Pierre, a bird who has the ability to transform into a horse after eating the Horse-Horse Devil Fruit. Pierre's in-between form is effectively a pegasus. A rather ugly pegasus.
  • Pegasus was a character on Sailor Moon that the villains of the season were seeking, although he could take human form. Or, more accurately, his original form was human.
  • Saint Seiya is based around warriors who use constellations as their motif. The protagonist's constellation is Pegasus.
  • Teppei from Bt X rides a mechanical pegasus. Notably, this manga is from the same artist who made Saint Seiya, Masami Kurumada.

Comic Books

  • DC's Shining Knight's (both of them) also have winged horses. Justin's was called Victory, Ystina's was Vanguard.
  • Danielle Moonstar of the New Mutants acquired a winged Valkyrie steed, Brightwind, on a trip to Asgard. In that Brightwind chose her, which was the Word of God (Horse) technically.
  • Dane Whitman, the Black Knight, first had Aragorn, a genetically engineered flying horse, and then eventually upgraded to Strider, a magic horse capable of flying faster than the speed of sound (which would lead to all sorts of other problems, but hey, it's magic, so that clears it all up). The less said about the mechanical "Atomic Steed" he rode for a while, the better.
  • The Valkyries from The Mighty Thor ride winged horses, one of which ended up in the possession of Danielle Moonstar of the New Mutants.
  • One of Wonder Woman's foes has Pegasus (the original one from Greek myth) as his personal steed.

Fan Works



  • In The Chronicles of Narnia, the horse Strawberry (from our world) was given wings by Aslan and took the name Fledge.
    • Fledge deserves special mention since he began his life as a non-speaking cart-horse, one of the first animals given speech by Aslan, then given wings to help Digory on his quest.
  • Variant: In Xanth, Winged Centaurs eventually became a viable species (a combination of love springs and people getting transformed as such).
  • The winged horses from Harry Potter, particularly the Thestrals.
  • In Pegasus, by Robin McKinley, there's an entire species of pegasi, who co-exist peacefully, though they can only communicate via specially-trained Speaker magicians. Each member of the human Royal family has a pegasus companion.
  • One of these shows up in the first book of the Alex Verus series, as the mount of an older diviner.
  • A number of winged horses appear in the later books of the Tortall Universe. They're never referred to as pegasi, and come in a variety of forms, including little insect-sized ones and the carnivorous hurroks.
  • Appear in Kate Forsyth's The Witches of Eileanan series, and (especially) in the sequel trilogy Rhiannon's Ride.

Live-Action TV

Religion and Mythology

Tabletop Games

Video Games

Web Comics

Web Original

  • Pegasus is featured in Thalias Musings as a gift from Athena to Thalia and the other Muses.
    • "I created him to be used in battle, but I made him such a brilliant tactician that his riders can’t get him to cooperate. He thinks he knows better, and he usually does. But he doesn’t know anything about the arts or sciences. He’ll get along great with you and your sisters." [1]
  • Two of the creature families in UniCreatures are pegasi. There is also a winged zebra.

Western Animation