This is a disambiguation page. Perry Mason could refer to:

  • Perry Mason (literature), a series of over 80 novels and short stories written between 1933 and 1983 by laywer/author Erle Stanley Gardner.
  • Perry Mason (theatrical film series), a series of six American films released in the 1930s based on the Perry Mason stories
  • Perry Mason (radio series), broadcast on CBS Radio from 1943–55
  • Perry Mason (TV series), a 1957–1966 American legal drama television series broadcast on CBS Television
  • The New Perry Mason, a 1973 TV series broadcast on CBS
  • Perry Mason (Turkish series), a 1983 Turkish adaptation
  • Perry Mason (TV film series), a series of 30 television film sequels to the CBS-TV series broadcast on NBC (1985–1995), starting with the TV Movie Perry Mason Returns
  • Perry Mason (miniseries), a miniseries set before Mason's legal career, to be broadcast on HBO in 2020.

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