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When a character is referred to by a signature outfit of piece of clothing that they wear. It is NOT just for any character who has a signature article of clothing; the clothing must be in the title of the work or else be part of the name the character is consistently called by. Often, no other name is even given for the person in question.

See also Clothes Make the Legend, Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep", and No Name Given.

Examples of Person with the Clothing include:

Anime & Manga

  • Luffy from One Piece is often called "Strawhat boy" and is the leader of the Straw Hat Pirates (despite being the only member of the crew wearing one). He even has it on his Jolly Roger!

Comic Books

  • One of the members of the Elite in The DCU is called Hat, after his magic hat.

Films — Animation

Films — Live-Action

Fairy Tales


Live-Action TV

  • Bennett from Heroes earned himself the Fan Nickname The Man With The Horn-Rimmed Glasses (despite his glasses not actually being horn-rimmed), but this was often shortened to HRG.
  • The Man in Black in Lost.



 See the girl with the diamond ring

She knows how to shake that thing

See the girl with the red dress on

She can do the Birdland all night long

  • Johnny Cash, "The Man in Black".
  • Chris DeBurgh, "The Lady in Red".

Pro Wrestling


  • In the stage version of For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf, all the women in the play are referred to by what color they wear.
  • The Woman in Black

Web Comics

Web Original

  • That Guy With The Glasses
    • And derivatives like "That Dude in the Suede".
    • Linkara called himself That Guy With The Hat when auditioning.
    • That Chick With the Goggles.

Western Animation

  • A Looney Tunes short titled "Boston Quackie" had secret agent Daffy Duck tracking down the Man in the Green Hat
  • An animated segment on Sesame Street about the letter V featured "the villain in the Panama hat" (who even referred to himself as that).
  • Throughout the South Park episode "Woodland Critter Christmas," the narrator refers to Stan as "the boy in the red poofball hat."

Video Games

  • Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill series. Listed as "Red Pyramid" in the movie credits.

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