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"Come on, Karin, leap joyously to your father's bosom!"
Isshin Kurosaki, Bleach, "Episode 13"

Some girls in fiction have it bad. Those whose fathers aren't useless, abusive, perfectly fatherly, or overprotective, will instead have pervert dads. These dads, while (usually) not going as far as outright incest, do look at their beautiful daughters with hungry eyes, liberally comment on their physical features (usually their breasts), or in rare cases even do... Things... With their pictures... They will also have to be carefully kept away from any and all school activity and classmate in visiting (thus also providing an alternative for dads with male children, or not content with leering at their own daughters).

Fortunately, though, most of them are likely to be Jerk with a Heart of Gold.

Examples of Pervert Dad include:

Anime & Manga

  • Tenshi na Konamaiki provides an example of this. The main character's father, only referred to as "Megu-papa", has created numerous trap doors and secret entrances to his daughter's room, constantly fantasizes about at the very least, lewd situations with her and even goes to mock Megumi's... stalkers (but they're good guys really) in that they'll never see her sleeping like he has.
  • Bleach, quoted in the description, also provides an example in form of the main character's dad, as Dr. Isshin Kurosaki, an Overprotective Dad, speaks about panty-peeks and even slides past, under his daughter Yuzu, noticing something under her skirt - the troper has no clear recollection as to what exactly..
    • However, this is at least partially a case of Obfuscating Stupidity. Isshin is quirky, but a very competent and powerful Shinigami as well.
  • Izumi and Mitsuki's father in He Is My Master, who openly lusts after them and states that he wants to love them the same way he loves their mother.
  • Yurika's father, Admiral Misumaru, from Martian Successor Nadesico. He's very interested in her... growth. He's clearly a father who's proud of his daughter, but sometimes that pride is rather inappropriate.
  • In Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl, Hazumu's father takes pictures of her, wants to bathe with her, and even declares that he wants to marry her. Hazumu's mother is not amused.
  • Youkai Gakuenki gender flips the parent so that it's a perverted mom lusting and acting possessive over her daughter.
  • Lucky Star gives us a fairly obvious example with Konata's dad, though he tends to at least feign diverting attention to her classmates rather than his daughter. This also alleviates somehow because Konata was brought up to be an Otaku Surrogate, and so was desensitized to porn--that does not help alleviating Konata's thinking her dad as a potential criminal, though...
  • Creepiest version ever: the Corrupt Cop in Paranoia Agent. He took compromising pictures of his daughter changing and had the prostitutes the Yakuza were bribing him with to call him "Daddy."
  • King Cobra of One Piece has a bad habit of peeping at young-ish girls, including his 16-year-old daughter Vivi.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler: Izumi's dad likes making his daughter do cosplay as a form of punishment and jumps at any other reason to see her in a costume. A flashback also revealed that he was just a little too pleased when his kindergarten-age daughter innocently stated that she wanted to marry him.
  • Youko's father, the kitsune Dai Youko, keeps a picture diary of his daughter's everyday life - including pictures of her coming out of a bath. In the light novel, one of the first things he does after being released from his seal is to eagerly ask Youko if she would like to take a bath with him. Granted, this is more acceptable in Japanese culture, but since she is already the equivalent of a teenager by this point it still comes across as squicky.
  • Shown very darkly in Berserk, where the king tries to rape his own daughter. His justification is that she resembles her mother, but still...
  • Spirit Albarn to daughter Maka in Soul Eater. Tends to choose rather inappropriate ways to talk about how lovely he thinks his daughter is. Is always treated comically and more importantly is offset by the number of times he genuinely shows that he loves his daughter and that being a father means everything to him (Italy, the Medusa fight, every time he tries/manages to talk to or even about her without wailing about it). His other bad habits seem to be an excuse to drown his sorrows and ramble to pretty bar-staff about how miserable his life is.
  • In Sanka Rea, Rea's father is this, and a rather disgusting one at that. He takes a naked picture of her daughter every year "to observe her development".
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion has implications of this between Gendo and Rei. Specifically, he is repeatedly shown staring at her naked body while she's floating in her LCL tank in Central Dogma. In End of Evangelion, he even gropes her breast before she lowers her AT-field and lets his hand into her body. Then he slowly wanders lower... until he gets his comeuppance when she raises her AT-field again, cutting off his hand and absorbing both it and Adam's embryo into her womb.
  • Izumo's father in Kunisaki Izumo no Jijou fits this trope perfectly, if not for the fact that Izumo is actually his son.
  • Mink's father Rouce in Dragon Half hits on everything that moves. Mink is not an exception.
  • In the first Sailor Moon anime, Rei (Sailor Mars) lives with her grandfather (a shinto priest), who makes lewd remarks about her friends, among other people.


  • In The Hippopotamus by Stephen Fry, the narrator feels the need to mention that he's never been attracted to his daughter — "the gods be thanked, in these unforgiving times."
  • In Patrick Süskind's Perfume, Antoine Richis is secretly (and almost subconsciously) sexually attracted to his daughter.
  • In Parable of the Talents, Asha Vere's dad (actually adoptive) is like this.

Live-Action TV

  • On Extras, Bunny manages this despite (well, probably partly due to) being in a very Transparent Closet. Having pushed his now-adult daughter into theater from a young age, he's repeatedly seen performing with her in ways that make other characters cringe and look away. For her part, she's in complete denial about her own unhappiness with the unnaturally tight rein her father has kept on all aspects of her life.
  • In Carnivale, this is Felix "Stumpy" Dreifuss's actual job. He heads a family-operated traveling strip show. And he doesn't 100% stop outside of business hours.
  • This has to fit in here somewhere: In Mad Men, during Don's disappearance in California, he falls in with a group of "Eurotrash" types and sleeps with a woman half his own age. The next morning, amidst the rumpled bedsheets and partial nudity and all, her father comes in and they all have a chat which includes the father openly hitting on Don. (Another, less creepy episode has Betty's father, disoriented after a stroke, mistake her for her deceased mother and grab her ass.)
  • In Episode 5 of Mortal Kombat Conquest, Kitana has to repeatedly remind Shao Kahn that she is his daughter, even if adopted against her will. She goes as far as to suggest he... "admire" the picture of her in her mother's room. His implications are explicit enough that it crosses into Villainous Incest. It does explain, however, why over the course of over 11 games Shao Kahn never has a "no daughter of mine is gonna dress like that" reaction to Kitana's Stripperiffic clothing. Extra Squick when you realize that Kahn commissions an Evil Twin of her in Mileena.
  • It may have been unintentional, but in the Doctor Who two-parter "The End of Time," the way Joshua Naismith and his daughter act with each other seems a bit... off. He's the Eccentric Millionaire who revives and kidnaps the Master to force him to fix a device that will give his daughter immortality; right after explaining this, he steps close to her and touches her under the chin, and she tells the Master, "Abigail. It means bringer of joy." It doesn't help that the actors don't look as far apart in age as they might.
  • In an episode of Make Room For Daddy, his daughter came home from college having matured into a breathtaking woman, and Daddy was infatuated with her just a bit too much. At dinner, Daddy politely helped her into her chair; then a bit later he almost leaped out of his chair to make sure he did it for his wife, too. Later in the episode the daughter got a belly ache and reverted to the former girlish behavior that Daddy missed, namely calling for him to come in and hold her. Which he did, and didn't exactly hide that he was thoroughly enjoying it. And this was a show from The Fifties.


  • Aerosmith's song "Janie's Got A Gun". The music video strongly emphasizes this, with the father looking in his daughter's bedroom before raping her.


  • This American Life had a story about a girl whose father was a sex therapist and how creepy she sometimes felt he was. The crowning example was that when she lost her virginity as a teenager, she told both of her parents, and while her mother said, "Were you safe?" and "Did you love him?", her father said, "Was it good?" and "Did you orgasm?".

Video Games

  • Father Balder from Bayonetta has shades of this.
  • Bian Zoldark of Super Robot Wars also has shades of this. I mean, just look at the mecha he built for her daughter.
  • In Seihou's backstory, engineer Erich lost his daughter Vivit in a tragic accident, and so built protagonist VIVIT as a replacement... a replacement who's dressed as a maid and programmed to be utterly obedient, helping her master "in every matters."


  • Ash's father in Misfile is a variant, he isn't a pervert per se but he is a gynecologist and recognizes... other features... more readily than faces.

Web Original

  • Zeus in Thalias Musings, to his sons as well as his daughters. He mocks Apollo for not making the Muses his harem and shapeshifts as Apollo to seduce Calliope.

Western Animation

  • Simon Stagg in the Justice League episode "Metamorphosis" is implied to be this towards his daughter Sapphire.
  • Papa Smurf from The Smurfs was also like this at one time to Smurfette, who is basically old enough to be his daughter.
  • Family Guy: Quagmire finds out he's a father when his infant daughter is dropped off at his doorstep. He names her Ana Lee (Anal for short), and doesn't hesitate to fantasize about meeting her again when she's of legal age.
    • Peter himself isn't immune to this. Despite Meg being the Butt Monkey and the target of his abuse, he's also hit on her a few times: once, when he was going through a "redneck phase" and another time when he became "attracted to her" after she got a new boyfriend.

Real Life

  • Rodrigo Borgia (aka Pope Alexander VI) is rumored to have had a "special" relationship with his daughter Lucrezia. Obviously a rumor started at the time, it still survives because all the other things he did make it believable. The rumor came long before ~Assassin's Creed II~.
  • Purity Balls. Cotillion-like social events where pre-teen (sometimes older) girls arrive with their father as their date and proclaim at the end of the night that they won't have sex until they're married because their virginity belongs to their dad. The fact that these exist without anyone questioning the implications is AMAZING.