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 "What do you think about the planetarium? That beautiful twinkling of eternity that will never fade, no matter when... All the stars in all the sky are waiting for you."


Planetarian (full title Planetarian ~chiisana hoshi no yume~, meaning "the reverie of a little planet") is a "kinetic novel" (a type of Visual Novel with only one path) made by Key Visual Arts. Like Clannad it is completely "clean", with no adult content.

In a dystopian future where most of humanity is dead and acid rain falls constantly, a Junker — someone who goes into ruined cities to scavenge for useful things — takes shelter overnight in an abandoned planetarium.

... Well, a nearly abandoned planetarium, that is. There's still one staff member left: a robot girl named Hoshino Yumemi (Reverie Planetarian in the Fan Translation). She seems not to realize what has happened, instead still living in the era before the war which caused all the destruction, and is still waiting for the return of her human co-workers, who were evacuated long ago. She enlists the Junker's aid in fixing the planetarium's broken projector; over the course of the repair project, he grows fond of her, and begins trying to convince her to leave the planetarium and come with him.

The visual novel spawned a light novel that contained stories set place in the same world, which was eventually turned into three separate drama CDs: Snow Globe, which serves as Reverie's backstory; Jerusalem, which provides some insight on the war that's leading the world to ruin; and Hoshi no Hito, a tale that serves as a Distant Finale to the events of the visual novel.

Provides examples of: