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Miscellaneous Comics

  • "Raiders of the Lost Arc"
  • "True Believers"
    • Mary Jane giving Joe Quesadilla a Ret-Gone.
    • Peter Paltridge considers the whole comic one of his personal Crowning Moments of Awesome, with its various twists, high emotional appeal, and references to comics both well-known and obscure.
  • "Schoolhouse Bootleg"
    • The controversial Internet censorship bill SOPA gets eliminated in a most epic fashion.


  • Paltridge's two-part interview with Warner Bros. cartoons producer Tom Ruegger was deemed awesome.
  • Three years in the making: My First Webpages, an article in which every word links to a different website.
  • The newspaper scans are one of the few places to find the earlier character designs for some comics (like Drabble or Curtis) or more obscure comics that have since been cancelled.
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