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File:Playboy december 1985.jpg

The most skin we can show here and still be safe for work.

Playboy, the magazine synonymous with beautiful, naked women, and 12-year-old boys getting caught reading them.

Founded in 1953 by Hugh Hefner, this has grown into an entire company (including its own premium cable channel), although the magazine is still the flagship product. Sort of, as the explosion of free porn on the internet in the 1990s has taken a huge chunk of the magazine's customer base.

The magazine is known for its nude photos (including celebrity photos) and articles, creating a content paradox, as far as articles (most notably during its 1950s-1980s heyday) being a draw towards readers equal to the naked pictures of women (or so men say, when caught by wives and girlfriends). Sadly, though, those days are long gone, as the magazine mostly serves as a porno version of Maxim, which is ironic given that Maxim is essentially a swimsuit version of Playboy. It can be a little jarring to realize that in its heyday this magazine was credible enough to interview people like Jimmy Carter (in which Carter made his infamous "lust in my heart" comment) and Martin Luther King Jr.

Playgirl (which is not/has never been tied to Playboy in any official manner) unashamedly treats men just as much like a meat parade. Hey, equality is equality. But it doesn't attempt to run any of the non-erotic content that made Playboy special.