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File:Please put some clothes on tv tropes 2 4300.jpg

Fakir prefers the non-verbal approach.


Yoruichi: I see. You're more naive and innocent than I thought. It's the first time you've ever seen a naked woman, huh?


Whenever a man walks in on a naked woman, or she walks in on him, he will stare briefly, bluster and turn around. He will ask (and sometimes demand) that the woman please put some clothes on. He'll even go so far as to give her his shirt if she has no clothing of her own. This will even happen if the specific man is generally of "low morals", who you'd think would gleefully use the opportunity to closely inspect the au natural specimen. This is common in stories where a woman who has no cultural taboo against public nudity finds herself in our culture. It also happens when Ms. Fanservice tries to work her wiles on someone who just isn't interested.

Note that this also could be a survival reflex: walking in on a naked Megaton Punch-happy woman is very dangerous. Giving clothes (i.e., making clear that the nudity's not the goal) can dampen the danger.

Usually used to ramp up the comedy, sexual tension or both. If the trope is reversed, as a man walking around naked, he is more likely to be hit by the woman. Sometimes the woman, rather than being fully nude, is merely wearing something very Stripperific.

Truth in Television, to a degree; most men will agree that ogling a naked woman is hardly unpleasant, but it's bound to be immensely awkward when it's someone you know (and will have to interact with later) socially.

Contrast with Take Off Your Clothes.

Examples of Please Put Some Clothes On include:

Anime & Manga

  • Ichigo in Bleach, when meeting Yoruichi in her human form the first time. Hilarity Ensues, as the page quote proves.
  • Renton gave naked Eureka his jacket in the Eureka Seven movie ending, though he didn't do it immediately and was not fazed by her nakedness. This deed is done off screen as well.
  • Oomura Takeshi from Happy World meets an angel named Elle like this. Despite being a total and absolute Jerkass in everything else, other than turning his head and blushing, he rather effectively helps her get some clothing. A rare thing in Anime, where most people in this situation stammer to indicate their innocence, but don't do anything to change the situation.
  • Ataru in Urusei Yatsura is canonically acknowledged to be the biggest lech in the galaxy. So why does he get bothered when Lum waves her bra in the air and says "Darling, come on, let's go to bed"? The fact that Lum does it while he's trying to talk to the girl he's been chasing for years, who finally said yes right before he accidentally gets engaged to Lum, doesn't help. Lum's tendency to shock the daylights out of Ataru in mid-hug can't help with that, either.
    Ataru himself actually explains this a couple of times: he does actually love Lum. But he "loves all the girls" as well. If he fesses up to Lum, he'd have to settle down with her and give up his skirt chasing ways and he's not ready to give that up yet. (The movie Beautiful Dreamer is the one place he explicitly says that. The ending of which confirms this without a doubt.)
  • In Bakemonogatari episode 2, Araragi shouts this at Senjougahara Hitagi when she walks out of the shower completely naked in front of him. She's pretty obviously trying to mess with him because he's completely stressed out by it, while she keeps getting half-dressed then stripping again. And then she taunts him about being a virgin.
  • Senji aka Crow from Deadman Wonderland is a vicious Ax Crazy fighter who gets highly embarrassed around scantily clad women and immediately tells any such women in the vicinity to cover up before threatening to kill them anyway.
  • Princess Tutu
    • Ahiru is originally a duck, and when she transforms between human and duck, the clothes will fall around her, needing to be dragged around and re-put on after her back-to-human transformations. Fakir, a bit of a prude, gets intensely freaked out when the oblivious Ahiru starts yelling at him before having gotten around to dressing herself. Hilarity Ensues. In one scene she submerges herself in water and they continue arguing, with him looking away. At a particularly heated point in the debate, she jumps up, and he screams, "Don't stand!" and literally throws her clothes at her, knocking her over with them. Smooth.
    • This continues on in season 2, as Uzura has the unfortunate tendency to trigger Ahiru's transformation while Fakir's right there to see it all. He seems to cope with this by spontaneously developing a fascination with blank walls whenever it occurs.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima
  • Inuyasha has a particularly funny example where Kagome awakens to find herself in a bathtub and Inu-Yasha comes running in to rescue her. They stare at each other for a split second before both turn away (one screaming) with blushes on their faces. Inu-Yasha then insists she wears his haori, which she manages quite well.
  • Ranma One Half
    • Akane does this to female-Ranma in a battle early on: the opponent, Mousse, is convinced that Ranma's female form is a disguise meant to humiliate him, so he rips away Ranma's (already scant) clothing (a Playboy Bunny suit). He rips everything to shreds but a teeny-tiny strip of cloth covering her crotch and bottom — and when that goes away, Akane hastily jams Ranma inside a more durable pair of pants and a tank top.
    • And again, when Ranma abandons her clothes so Herb attacks a log instead, the latter turns away in embarrassment and tosses Ranma her kimono, refusing to fight until she's fully-dressed again. Since Herb is a woman, it provides a vital clue to Ranma regarding Herb's condition.
    • Then there's this quote from the end of the very same storyline, when Akane finds Ranma in a hot bath so he can live up to his promise:

 Ranma: I just wanted you to see me come back as a man again, like I promised.

Akane: Okay! I can see! Now put some clothes on, jerk!

    • Happens in a unique episode in the anime (though the one from the first Mousse battle is removed). Ryōga and Mousse team up to try and get rid of Ranma. At one point, Ranma, having been turned into a girl at the start of the battle on the basis that his physical strength is decreased in that form, gets pinned to a tree by her shirt, rapidly slipping out of it to avoid a skullsplitter of a punch from Ryōga. Ryōga, who suffers Nosebleeds when he sees naked women, turns around blushing bright red, practically panicking, and throws Ranma her shirt, begging her to put it back on. Note that this is a unique Filler-only occurrence, as Ryōga is generally immune to Ranma's nudity in the original manga and throughout most of the anime itself. Gender and Clothing Damage are irrelevant in the middle of a fight.
    • Another example includes the time when Ranma's shadow peeped in on Akane in the bath. She is not pleased and chases after him in a towel. Coincidentally, Ranma happens to be walking down the hall after a good nap right when Akane turns the corner. Unaware that he wasn't the one spying on her, she dishes out an Armor-Piercing Slap, but not before he utters:

 Ranma: A-Akane! C-Cover yourself up!

    • Another episode of the anime has, quite surpringly, Happōsai himself telling a swimsuit-wearing female Ranma to put some clothes on, or else she could catch a cold — instead of, say, jumping her and groping the exposed female flesh as you'd expect. This is a big hint that something is very wrong with the resident Dirty Old Man.
    • In the manga, after the Tendōs come home and Nabiki tricks Ranma into thinking she's naked, he tells her to put some clothes on. She agrees, but for a price.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia
    • Straight Man Germany has Innocent Fanservice Guy Italy as his partner. Logically, Germany ends up invoking his trope often.
    • In the published manga and the anime, a teenaged Prussia gets to see a young Hungary with her clothes ripped after being defeated by Turkey. She's not really bothered, but he blushes intensely and then throws his cape at her so she can cover herself. As a plus, this is when Prussia realizes that Hungary is a woman and not a man.
    • And in the Hetalia Bloodbath 2010, Hong Kong gets told this by an horrified China when he takes off a Meido outfit and ends up naked. He settles for a white apron.
    • In Episode 35, France seems uninterested in the ancient Olympics until Greece explains men competed in the nude. Cue to France insisting the Olympic tradition should be revived, complete with him stripping down to nothing but a fig leaf. England arrives for the games and begins protesting France's shamelessness ("YOU FORGOT TO CLOTHE YOURSELF!"), especially when France tries to take England's clothes off for him.

 France: Take your clothes off or I will take them off for you!


    • Japan has this once, while adjusting to western society.

 Japan: That kind of nudity is unacceptable! It dishonors the ghost of your ancestor!

Italy: Aw... but I'm hot and I'm Italian and the chicks dig it! Why don't you get naked?

Japan: I couldn't possibly show a strange man my loincloth! I'm begging you to please put some clothes on!

  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    • The villagers of Adai insist that Yoko (whose normal outfit is a flame-patterned bikini and a scarf) cover herself.
    • After the main cast end up naked after being ambushed at some hot springs, Viral shows up for a showdown, but insists that they get dressed beforehand. He even waits for them to get dressed before fighting them because "defeating a bunch of naked naked apes will win me no honors."
  • In Ikki Tousen, Koukin says this when Hakufu comes out of the bath and walks in on him wearing nothing but a bath towel (that slips off when she raises her arms in a fit of joy).
  • In Keroro Gunsou, after Natsumi is scared out of the bathtub by what eventually turns out to be a ghost, she runs into Fuyuki's room without any clothes. Fuyuki yells at her to put some clothes on and calm down.
  • Used all the time in Fruits Basket, thanks to the fact that they're naked when they transform back into human — in particular, Kyo telling Kagura to put on some clothes springs to mind. Well, poor Kyo is socially awkward enough, even without a naked chick clinging to him.
  • To Love Ru has Rito saying this to Lala whenever she wanders around his house naked. Which is a lot.
  • Used in Wandaba Style's second episode, with Innocent Fanservice Satellite Girl Kiku#8, who recently had her clothes burned off by reentering Earth's atmosphere. While she explains herself to the girls of Mix Juice, their manager maneuvers to keep her body off-camera (with his afro) until one of the girls asks her to put on some clothes. She responds that her skin is actually solar cells for her battery and she's just recharging. She mysteriously has clothes on before the end of the scene, though.
  • Although he never actually says the line, Hayate of Hayate the Combat Butler often gets into these situations. Usually the girl herself is the one to demand clothes. Most notably is the recent event between him and Ayumu, where, while she's trying to put her clothes on she tries to justify her appearance.
  • In a rather interesting variant Haruka of White Album tries seducing male lead Touji while naked, he offers this line. She then puts some clothes on. But they end up having sex anyway.
  • One character in Darker Than Black has the power to teleport, but only people, not their clothes. While she has no problem with wandering around naked, Amigiri made her get dressed while they were on a sabotage mission.
  • Niche, from Letter Bee, doesn't usually wear underwear, and only ever wears a short pink dress. Cue Lag Seeing constantly yelling at her to PUT SOME UNDERWEAR ON.
  • Tohma of Magical Chronicles Lyrical Nanoha Force, who after rescuing the bound Lily, suddenly realized that he's holding a naked girl in his arms.

 Tohma: Clothing! Clothing!! Steed, find something!!

  • Pokémon Special: Ruby modified a change of clothes for Sapphire after he learned she saved his ass from the Mightyena he agitated. She didn't give a hoot about the clothes, but she tried them on after some thoughtful words in the letter opened her eyes. Later, he mismanages his priorities based on his own agenda, and those sentiments from earlier bite him in the ass. Hard.

 Ruby's Letter: There's something I need to tell you. Please wear some clothes for goodness' sake! And in gratitude for you saving my life, I have altered my own change of clothes to fit you. Please be sure to wear them!! I am sure you will look nice in them.

Sapphire: (after Ruby's mismanagement) Although we always fight when we meet... but somewhere inside me, I thought you weren't a bad guy at all. I really thought so. Do you still remember what you wrote in the letter you gave me? Here! (shove) I was very... very happy when I saw that. No one's said that to me before. In return for your thoughtfulness, I wore the clothes you made me for my journey. But... after hearing what you just said, everything sounds so stupid now! You're not putting your skills to good use... even though you're so strong! You don't even bother to help! Not another word from you!! What did you train yourself for?! Shouldn't it be to help those in trouble?! DON'T YOU DARE APPEAR BEFORE ME AGAIN!!

  • Near the end of Elfen Lied manga, this is done to Arakawa.
  • Paulie in One Piece generally disapproves of revealing clothing and tells pretty much every woman he meets that he thinks they're wearing too little. He also flips out when Nami changes clothes right in front of everyone.
  • Ouran High School Host Club's Tamaki is a bit old-fashioned. At a trip to an (indoor) pool, Haruhi walks out of the changing room in a one-piece swimsuit. He turns red and quickly hands her some shorts and a shirt to wear over it as he tells her she shouldn't be showing that much skin. The author, Bisco Hatori, admits that she herself is a bit old-fashioned like Tamaki and decided against having Haruhi in just a swimsuit with six shirtless boys around.
  • Club 9: Mangaka Lewis and his assistants have been working on a deadline rush for the last days non-stop. The much attractive, much appreciated Hello-chan visits wearing one of her Mama's more daring little numbers, red even, and makes the men weep along the lines of Please Put Some Clothes On. An emergency cover is improvised from cardboard boxes.
  • In The Secret Agreement, Yuuichi has trouble getting Iori to put on clothes again after he's taken them off and basically has to dress him himself. He is half-frustrated, half-bemused that Iori just doesn't get why.
  • A Girls Love version: In Hanjuku Joshi, Chitose has a habit of holding conversations while in the middle of changing clothes, so her Love Interest Yae finds herself saying this a lot.
  • During one episode of Black Butler, after dealing with the giant demon hound Pluto, who has the ability to morph into a human male form (which is butt naked) it takes Bardroy to finally yell at him to put some clothes on, and stop "Letting it all hang out."
  • Dragon Ball GT
    • Goku strips naked to go swimming through an underwater cave to rescue a kidnapped Trunks, and Pan throws Goku's clothes back at him, telling him to cover up, but Goku just brushes her off.
    • Later on in the series, a minor fight with one of the Big Bads results in Goku's clothes getting blasted off. The villain even waits around and lets Goku get dressed again, despite the fact that he could have made a very tempting target with his "pants down", so to speak.
  • In The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird, Dr. Amano and his grandchildren Kenta and Haruka "greet" the titular character right after he's merged with the android that the doctor built... and before he's even thought of putting on clothes. Soon, Haruka is seen screaming the Trope Namer and telling Kenta to go get Katori/Fighbird something to wear.
  • When Chocolat and Gateau join up with the initial trio in the Sorcerer Hunters manga , one of the first things Chocolat does is start stripping naked and throwing herself at Carrot. He immediately demands she put her clothes back on.
  • In Owari no Seraph, Seishirou applies lots of Clothing Damage to Sayori during a fight. As another way to humiliate her, he tells her "keep your body to yourself!" when he's done.

Comic Books

  • Subverted in the fourth issue of Transmetropolitan: when Spider gets his first filthy assistant, he answers the door naked and unconcerned. When he sends the filthy assistant for food, only then does she point out that he's naked and, as a parting shot, orders him to put some clothes on because, "I'm never going to be able to keep food down if I have to watch that while I'm eating."
  • Played hilariously in an issue of X-Men Classics. When Storm visits Jean Grey in her new apartment, Jean asks her to change out of her costume since her roommate will be home soon. Storm does so in a flash of lightning, and to Jean's horror, Ororo is standing there stark naked, since such a thing is completely normal in her culture. Jean scrambles to find some clothes for her despite Ororo being a little bigger and not very comfortable.
  • Teen Titans

 Tim: This is not what it looks like.

Rose: (in the background) Yes it is!

Tim: Rose, put some clothes on.

    • Tim's predecessor was saying this to Starfire a LOT during the Wolfman-Perez run.
  • Noticeably absent in the Watchmen movie and comic, though this has been a common reaction from many moviegoers to Dr. Manhattan's nudity. Manhattan would dress for official public affairs, but wouldn't bother with clothing for any other reason. It's clearer in the comic than the movie that Osterman's disregard for his clothing paralleled (perhaps symbolized) his detachment from humanity over time. His first costume was a full body suit. By the war in Vietnam, he only wore briefs. In the eighties, he could barely see the point. But neither scientists nor military attachés nor fellow heroes even acknowledged his nudity (in story).
  • Sassette in the comic book origin of the Smurflings in The Smurfs appears without any clothes when the boy Smurflings create her, leading to this trope.

Fan Works

  • Related to the Watchmen example above, when Wolverine is discussing with Dr. Manhattan in I'm a Marvel And Im ADC, he eventually comes to the point of his "manhood" ("the junk stays in the picture"), and politely asks him to put some clothes.

 Wolverine: Never thought I would say this to another guy but, yes, your g-string makes me feel more comfortable!


  • In Hogwarts Exposed, Ron Weasley is decidedly not comfortable with nudism despite it being the hot new trend, and more than once asks his wife and son to wear clothes around the house. Naturally, they refuse and he's mocked for being a prude.

Films — Animation

  • Played with in Disney's Pocahontas 2, when Pocahontas, dressed in neck-to-ankle Jacobean underwear, comes out of her room to model her "English clothes" for her love-interest-of-the-moment John Rolfe. He is mortified at seeing a lady in such an embarrassing state of undress. This underwear is actually far less revealing than her regular outfit... true, a lot of things are far less revealing than her regular outfit. Note that John Rolfe had only seen her in her winter outfit, which while form-fitting, covered everything. Even came with a shawl. The iconic outfit she wore in the first movie was her summer outfit.

Films — Live-Action

  • The Blood on Satan's Claw. Reverend Fallowfield, though obviously tempted by the sight of Angel Blake disrobing in front of him, averts his gaze and begs her to cover herself up. She is disinclined to comply.
  • In the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only, Bond tells Bibi Dahl (i.e., "Baby Doll") that if she puts her clothes on, he'll buy her an ice cream. He does have a good reason for this: she is only 14.
  • The Fifth Element
    • Vito Cornelius and Korben Dallas immediately stop looking at Innocent Fanservice Girl Leeloo when she undresses in the middle of Dallas's apartment and engage in light conversation until she's put her clothes back on before looking again. Of course, Vito's a monk and Korben is just embarrassed.
    • It happens with Vito and apprentice David too, exactly the same way. The way the men synchronize their resolute turning of their backs, one might think it's a conditioned reflex everyone possesses in the future.
  • Fired Up has Bianca been asked to put on some underpants after they wake up at night when Bianca and Angela were sharing a bed.
  • In the film Split Infinity, Amelia is told by the principal in 1929 to wear clothes. Of course, she isn't naked, but in her great aunt's long johns, which, to a 14-year-old girl in 1992 America, might seem to be regular clothing, given a few accessories.
  • A variation occurs in Lawn Dogs. Trent mistakes Devon's attempts to show him the scar on her chest, as an attempt to show him something else. Considering that she's 10 years old, one can easily understand his fear.

 Trent: Stop that.

Devon: There's something I want to show you.

Trent: Well, I don't want you to.

  • Featured prominently, including in the marketing, of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. When the title woman breaks up with her boyfriend, the lead, he's just come out of the shower — and drops his towel in shock. As they discuss it, she eventually half-whimpers, "Would you please put some clothes on?" He actually refuses out of anger, asking if she wants to pick out the clothes he'll be dumped in.
  • John Woo's Red Cliff has a room of veteran Chinese warriors turning away in embarrassment at the sight of Sun Shangxiang undressing, but because she's doing to reveal the map of the enemy camp she drew while undercover and kept hidden under her clothing, it's okay.
  • In Trading Places, a huge party is thrown at Billy Ray Valentine's mansion (formerly Lewis Winthorp's), with all the people he knew from his former life as a hustler and general crook. One such female acquaintance surprises him in his bedroom, naked. A sign of how much he's changed, he tells her to get her clothes on and leave before subsequently shutting down the rest of the party.
  • Spoken verbatim by Charles in X-Men: First Class when a newly self-confident Mystique walks in on him while completely naked. Amusingly, this is the first time the character's constant nudity was addressed in the series.
  • In Underworld, Lucien orders two of his minions to, "Put some clothes on, we have a guest." Of course, being werewolves, Lucien and his team are naked a lot, he just wanted to be proper.
  • In Date Night, several characters do this with Walking Shirtless Scene Holbrooke.


  • In the Myth Adventures books, Skeeve has this problem with Queen Hemlock and Bunny. Hemlock did it on purpose; Skeeve is disguised as King Roderick at the time and she was testing him, since "royalty doesn't get embarrassed" as she puts it.
  • Weirdly averted in the Xanth books, where a panty flash is considered scandalous (and a weirdly powerful weapon) but ending up naked in front of strangers is simply a brief embarrassment.
  • Used interestingly in Enchantment by Orson Scott Card. When someone crosses the bridge that joins the past and present, they will only have clothing if they have already been there. When Ivan crosses for the first time, he is mortified to be naked, especially in front of Katerina. However, while Katerina's culture has no taboo against nudity, there is a strong taboo against cross-dressing, so she is extremely resistant to giving him anything of hers to use to cover up. When they cross to the present and Katerina winds up naked, Ivan begs her to wear his shirt, and has to convince her that in his culture, it's perfectly all right for her to be wearing his shirt, and far, far worse for him to walk out of the woods with a completely naked girl.
  • A rather interesting inversion in the Discworld novel Mort: the title character is told this by Death's own daughter. She could've avoided it, actually, since she was the one who put him to bed that night (but she looked the other way). Related is Mort's earlier comment to Ysabell: "And for heaven's sake, put on something sensible, you're overflowing."
  • Judge Dee and his lieutenants often find themselves saying this as at least one naked girl seems to show up per mystery. The Judge usually takes this pretty coolly — he does have three wives, after all — but is quite embarrassed on two occasions when he is being vamped and knows it. Ma Joong and Chiao Tai's reactions tend to be more enthusiastic and uninhibited.
  • Averted in Alan Dean Foster's Flinx in Flux. When Charity cleans up, Flinx notices she doesn't reactivate the holographic door, and doesn't mention it, nor does she jump when she notices him watching.
  • Done in The Naked Sun by Isaac Asimov, when a detective interviews a woman who just finished bathing. Since it is merely a 3D communication, rather than personal contact, she has trouble understanding what the big deal is.
  • Tortall Universe
    • Happens to Alanna in the first book of Song of the Lioness, when she and Jonathan were fighting against the Ysandir, they made her clothes disappearing, revealing her gender to Jonathan. He stares for a moment, blushed and quickly handed Alanna his tunic.
    • Inverted by George when Alanna snuck into his room for his help and she revealed to him that she was a girl. While he was naked. Alanna isn't bothered by it (she in fact points out that she saw him naked plenty of other times) but he insists it's different now and told her turn around anyways while he puts on some clothes.
    • After Daine shapeshifts back into a human after saving Numair from a Chaos-dweller in The Realms of the Gods, she walks up to him — only to remember that she's naked except for her badger claw necklace. Awkwardness Ensues.

 Daine: Oh, for--!


Live-Action TV

  • Mal from Firefly does this upon seeing Saffron naked. He doesn't use this exact phrase, but he certainly implies it. Note that Saffron is hardly an Innocent Fanservice Girl. She's just pretending to be one.

 Saffron: But aren't we to become one flesh?

Mal: No, we're still two fleshes, and I think your flesh should sleep over in the... (Saffron drops the blanket that was covering her nakedness) Whoa! Hey! Flesh!

  • Very funnily subverted in Buffy the Vampire Slayer when Anya comes to visit Xander in Season 4. He turns around to get a juice box from the fridge and when he turns back, her dress is gone. He doesn't ask her to put clothes on, though — he just stands there and stares until they get around to the consummation she dropped... everything... in preparation for. Followed by him squeezing the juice box in surprise and causing it to spurt in a not-at-all suggestive manner.
  • Seinfeld averted and used this twice. In one episode, Jerry has a nudist girlfriend, and enjoys it... until he sees her wrenching her muscles to open a pickle jar, and decides that it's "bad naked". Another episode has a woman across the street from Jerry's apartment walking around her apartment in the nude, and Jerry again doesn't mind. Until he and the rest get into "the contest", and he sees it as a temptation.
  • Inverted in Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Ferengi women aren't supposed to wear clothing, and when a Ferengi character is talking to his liberated mother, he asks her to please take her clothes off because she's making him uncomfortable.
  • Smallville
    • When Lois Lane first meets Clark , he's naked in a cornfield talking about being an alien. She not only asks him to cover up, but thinks he needs to be hospitalized.
    • In a slightly more clothed example, Kara attempts to fit in with the humans by attempting to join a beauty pageant, however, when she shows up in Clark's living room wearing nothing but a bikini, the following exchange occurs...

 Kara: Say hello to the next Miss Sweet Corn.

Clark: Uh, listen, uh, when I talked about fitting in, I was thinking of something with more clothes. This is definitely not blending in.

Kara: You mean, undercover?

Clark: Yes, exactly. And this is... not covered. Um, look, can you just go change, please? Now.

    • In "Heat", Jonathan Kent walks in on Desiree swimming naked in Lex's pool, and informs her that he has something very serious to discuss with her and he prefers that all his discussions happen fully clothed. He refuses to look at her until she puts on the robe that he holds out in her general direction.
  • In the 1988 sci-fi mini-series Something Is Out There the beautiful alien protagonist Ta'Ra comes from a culture with no nudity taboo. She's quite puzzled by Jack Breslin insisting that she put on a T-shirt as she's perfectly aware (as a telepath) that Jack wants to see her naked body. Things become even more awkward later when Jack's girlfriend comes around to the house, suddenly looks over his shoulder and says: "And who is that?" Jack mutters "Oh God, let her be wearing the T-shirt" as he turns round... fortunately, Ta'Ra is.
  • Parker in Leverage has a habit of taking off her clothes wherever she happens to be when she needs to change. Including in a cramped elevator with two male teammates she'd only met a few hours before.
  • Friends
    • Inverted (or something) with Ugly Naked Guy. Pretty much all of his entertaining habits (i.e. getting a Thighmaster, buying gravity boots, accidentally sitting on his cat, etc.) are things he really should have had clothes on for.
    • Not to mention Joey's misinterpretation of "Lemonade" in "The One with the Flashback".
  • The Golden Girls
    • In one episode, Blanche goes on a date with a coworker and winds up going back to his apartment with him. Believing that he brought her back for something else, she tries to do a striptease with his bathrobe for him. He tells her to put some clothes on so he can take her home. It turns out he had a problem with dating a coworker and quits his job so he can continue seeing Blanche.
    • In another episode, Dorothy, Blanche and Rose accidentally book a vacation at a clothing-optional hotel. They later decide to go with the flow and go to the dining hall completely naked, only to discover that you have to have formal wear on when at dinner. To add insult to injury, a waiter tells them that everyone would appreciate it if they stay dressed at all times from then on.
  • A rare male-male example occurs in Stargate SG-1 when Daniel Jackson comes back from the dead. Naked. Jack O'Neill simply looks awkward and turns around, passing him an SGC flag to cover himself with. (He then realizes that he is sort of fondling the flagpole and looks even more uncomfortable.)
  • In Coupling, Steve returns home looking for his keys, and bumps into Sally, who's using the shower because hers is broken. She accidentally drops the towel.

 Sally: Did you look everywhere?

Steve: Er... Yes. Yes. So sue me. You're naked, I'm a man. I looked.

Sally: Did you look everywhere for your keys?

And then Steve agrees that Sally picking up the towel again would be a very good idea...
  • Doctor Who
    • In the episode "Blink" (Series 3, Episode 10), right after Kathy mentions her brother, Larry, to Sally, Larry shows up in front of Sally. Here's the exchange:

 Sally: I'm in the kitchen. What's that on all those screens in your front room?

Kathy: Oh, God! Oh, God! Sally, you've met my brother Larry, haven't you?

Sally: No.

Kathy: You're about to.

Larry: (stepping out of the bathroom, naked) Okay. Not sure, but really, really hoping. (points down) Pants?

Sally: (grinning, and not looking away) No.

Kathy: Put them on! Put them on! I hate you! What're you thinking?! Sorry. My useless brother.

    • The Tenth Doctor appeared, due to circumstances, naked before Donna Noble. However, he was quite enthusiastic about it.

 Donna: It's you!

Doctor: Oh yes!

Donna: (looking away) ... you're naked.

Doctor: Oh yes!

    • In "The Eleventh Hour", the Doctor starts changing out of 10's costume right in front of Amy and Rory. Amy doesn't mind at all, but Rory is sufficiently embarrassed.
    • In the Red Nose Day mini-episode "Space/Time", after the TARDIS is endangered by Rory being distracted by the sight of his wife Amy in a short skirt;

 Doctor: Okay, we’re back in normal flight. The TARDIS is no longer inside itself. The localised time field is no longer about to implode and rip a hole in all causality but just in case — Pond, put some trousers on.

  • This sometimes would be ad-libbed in Whose Line Is It Anyway skits — when someone couldn't think of a line and wanted to put the burden on someone else, they'd sometimes just say something like "Oh and put your pants on, please" even though nothing else in the scene had implied that anyone's character was naked.
  • Lost
    • When Michael crashes into a bathing Sun, he first apologizes (even if she hasn't revealed that understands English) and then hands her her bra, with further apologies.
    • Sawyer barks this (minus the "please") at Kate while she's changing in the cage opposite him, but not because he didn't want to see her naked: He was afraid the explosive pacemaker that Ben had supposedly put his chest would cause his heart to explode if his heart rate got over 140. This ended up not being true.
  • In I Dream of Jeannie, there is a variation of this... though she's not actually naked. In the pilot episode, after showering, Jeannie puts on one of Tony's shirts (which shows a lot of leg and is unbuttoned at the top), and a while into their fight/conversation, he looks away and tells her to please take his shirt off. She starts to comply... And then he quickly corrects himself by instead pleading with her to put her own clothes on.
  • A male-on-male version occurs in Angel, when Wesley discovers why you should let sleeping vampires lie.

 Wesley: (while being choked) I can't breathe.

Angel: (releasing his throat) Oh, sorry.

Wesley: It's quite alright. Now, about the naked thing...

Angel: I'll get dressed.

Wesley: Much appreciated.

  • Sherlock
    • Sherlock Holmes is in Buckingham Palace, naked but for a sheet. The trope is stated nearly word for word.
    • Not to mention John's obvious discomfort at seeing Irene naked.
  • Seen in Kickin'It, after Milton dons a sumo-style diaper to take on a world champion wrestler. As Jack remarked on how awesome his bravery was, he added: "You know what else is awesome? Pants. Seriously dude, put some on!"
  • Night Court
    • On the episode "Prince of a Guy," a woman who has been arrested for swimming nude in Central Park claims to be a princess from a tropical island. While standing in Harry's office, he asks her to just relax. She obliges by removing her bikini top with her back to the camera, forcing Harry to say, "I've never actually said this to anyone before, but could you put your top back on?"


  • The whole point of the song "Bettina zieh dir bitte etwas an" (Bettina, Please Put Some Clothes On) by German band Fettes Brot.


  • Bizarrely done in the Comedy of Remarriage Mary, Mary: Bob asks his ex-wife to put on a robe, though she's wearing nothing more immodest than her usual night clothes ("Good Lord, you'd think it was a black lace bikini! Eight million times you've seen me in pajamas!"). When she does put a robe on, he immediately tries to tear it off her, claiming she did it just to make him look silly. He's rather confused.
  • The song "I Just Can't Wait (Till I See You with Clothes On)" from Subways Are for Sleeping.
  • In One Touch of Venus, when Venus suddenly appears in Rodney's apartment, he tells her, "Take off that nightgown!" She starts to do just that, and he says, "I mean, put something over it!" She doesn't stop trying to seduce him, and he complains that she's nearly naked ("I can see your — form!") and looking too much like "some kind of a strip-tease." She does take his hint to get herself a more decent dress, and surprises him when he runs into her again:

 Rodney: Oh... I didn't recognize you with your clothes on.

Venus: Do you like me better with my clothes on?

Rodney: Yes, I do. It's a big improvement.

Venus: That's refreshing — most men are so vice versa.


Video Games

  • In Breath of Fire IV, this is unusually Gender Flipped, with Ryu appearing Naked on Arrival, and Nina staring, at a loss for words. She then blushes and gives him clothes, looking away while asking him to please put them on.
  • Under rare circumstances, Sims in The Sims 2 will, after a bath or shower, forget to don clothes until it comes to their attention they're forgetting something, which can easily take a while. Even shy Sims have no modesty whatsoever, yet any Sim will gasp (or even scream) upon seeing anyone else who is naked. Since very outgoing Sims will forgo swimsuits in a hot-tub, they can cause quite a commotion at a community lot. Mix in some adult game mods and you end up with Sims freaking out over the nudity of the person they just explicitly "woohooed".
  • In contrast, Singles: Flirt Up Your Life, a German-born Sims knockoff that features anatomically correct models and outright (if clinical) sex, has characters who do get embarrassed for lack of adornment. Stuck naked, or clad only in underwear in the same room as a relative stranger (i.e. not a significant other or a very good friend) they will seek out a far corner and curl into a ball until directed to change into something.
  • Knights of the Old Republic
    • Echani tradition dictates fighting while wearing as little as possible so as not to restrict movement (or, as is likely, for Fanservice). The Handmaiden doesn't put her clothing back on after a duel until you ask her to (and then she is rather reluctant).
    • Played with; you can convince her that training while wearing as much as possible makes a better fighter by simulating real-world fighting conditions. She will agree and don extremely heavy, unrevealing robes.
    • Played exceedingly straight for the first fourth or so of the tutorial level. The Exile just wakes up in a healing tank robeless and searching for anything to arm his/her self with. After Kreia wakes up you can talk to her, and at the end she suggests you find some clothes, if only to make a proper first impression. Atton Rand, meanwhile, only has a problem with the Exile going around half-naked if the Exile is male — when the female Exile finally finds some clothes to put on, Atton expresses his disappointment.
  • In SNK vs. Capcom SVC Chaos, seeing as how Ryu was raised by Gouken in Japan for most of his life, and has probably never seen a girl naked before (at least up-close), he's pretty embarrassed when he stops to ask directions from Mai Shiranui. Another funny one is when Chun Li threatens to arrest her for wearing such an indecent outfit.
  • In fact, Mai seems to get a lot of this even in her own series. The King of Fighters XIII has Kim Kaphwan so... flustered by Mai's lack of clothing to the point of offering her a taekwondo gi. And Mai gets PISSED OFF.
  • In a similar instance, Rock Howard kindly asks Bonne Jenet to get some less revealing clothes in Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Funnily enough, in The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2, she hits on him. (His reaction? Covering his face in embarrassment.)
  • Persona 3 Portable
    • When playing as a female main character, during the temptation scene, one of the player's conversational choices afterwards is a request to please put some clothes on.
    • This is also the reaction that the female main character's Love Interest has if she tries to talk to him in Tartarus while wearing the Battle Panties.
  • Dragon Age
    • In Dragon Age: Origins, there is a sidequest to obtain several notes written between illegitimate lovers. One such note informs the recipient You Can Leave Your Hat On on next time they meet... And maybe his boots... "And trousers. Shirt too. And I shall facilitate said clothed status by locking my door and posting a guard."
    • In Dragon Age II one of the lines that play when you have Hawke look out a window is "Maker's breath! Put some clothes on, man!"
  • In Shining in the Darkness, there is a a status effect called "muddled" (inflicted by the second level of the Muddle spell and by using the Demon Staff) that makes affected enemies and party members do strange things at random. One of the possible results is for the affected party member to shed all clothes. If it's Pyra doing that, then Milo will ask her to put something on. If it's the hero or Milo, then Pyra will tell them to get a hold of themselves.
  • Golden Sun Dark Dawn
  • In The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, the player character will sometimes get this reaction from NPCs if they are not wearing any armour or clothes.
  • Prototype 2: Alex Mercer to James Heller. However knew a virus could be sensitive to partial nudity?

Web Comics

  • The Order of the Stick
    • Elan's nudity — thinking he is invisible — causes all of the other party members to call out for Brain Bleach, save Haley, who wants to "see what his 18 Charisma looks like under the hood".
    • Later, when Roy is resurrected, all of the party members avert their eyes at Roy and his "trouser titan", save Elan who exclaims, "You're invisible!" Belkar complains Celia's wings are too transparent when she hugs Roy.
  • Megatokyo
    • Largo and Erika from have something like this. In their case, it's his fault that she's (almost) naked and he knew very well in advance that she would be (almost) naked. The awkwardness comes when she suggests going further.
    • Amusingly enough, despite his geeky fear of women, Piro barely seems to notice Erika in her underwear, being far more freaked out by the idea of getting naked himself (the poor lad obviously has body issues).
  • El Goonish Shive
  • Played with in Pokémon-X. May finishes cleaning her room, and then decides to get changed, then stands in front of her door and removes her shirt. Then, Brendan walks in...

 May: This peeping tom saw my breasts!

Brendan: Agh! You've ever thought of closing the door when you're changing? Or maybe... wearing a bra?!

May and her mom: What's a bra?

Brendan: !... I'm gonna love this place!


 Aninei: Will you please put some clothes on?

Nesuko: Sooner of later.

  • Jix has a couple instances of this.
    • Lauren is breastfeeding her baby, wearing nothing but a towel, and her husband Paul asks her to put some clothes on so he could gripe at her without getting distracted.
    • There is another time when she is wearing revealing pajamas and Wayne asks her to put on something better, though unknown to him, she was naked prior to answering the door. (To be fair, Wayne is her brother.)
  • Arkady's transparent skirt prompts Karl to ask her to wear underwear in Freak Angels.
  • Angora from The Meek is persistently and without explanation entirely naked, at least for the duration of chapter one. Pinter isn't so amused by this. She gains some pants and a scarf by the end of chapter one... and nothing else.

Web Original

  • In Tales of MU, this forms an ongoing argument between background character Feejee the Mermaid, who spends a lot of time more fish than human and sees breasts as entirely non-sexual, and her human boyfriend, Rick, who doesn't want to be dating the Innocent Fanservice Girl.

Western Animation

  • King of the Hill
    • Hank Hill frequently implores this of his niece Luann in early seasons when she would walk around the house in her "unmentionables". He would of course say this even if she wasn't his (non-biological) niece, as he is quite uptight about nudity, period.
    • And his line after being stranded and tied to a gate by his father and his war-buddies in his underwear:

 Hank: I have to hide my nudity!

    • He initially refuses to run to a shelter while in the eye of a tornado that had torn off his clothes because the women would see him naked. The old lady present just tells him to stop being a jackass.
    • Also, in one episode, he and Peggy are in bed, Luann comes bursting in, and Hank very quickly and with a look of complete embarrassment grabs and dons his glasses.
  • A guy-guy version is done in Avatar: The Last Airbender, when Iroh is relaxing in a hot spring. Zuko walks over and tells him to hurry up because they need to leave. Iroh stands up, and Zuko looks away, shielding his face in disgust ("conveniently" covering up... anything not family friendly), and tells his uncle to take a few more minutes and meet him at the ship. He also says the line later in the episode, after he and Iroh have unleashed some firebending on the Earthbenders that captured Uncle Iroh.
  • Used at the end of an episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, where the whole episode was just Space Ghost's attempt to explain the birds and the bees to Moltar and Zorak (naked, for some reason). Zorak tells him to put his clothes back on, with Space Ghost responding "Never!"
  • Futurama: Leela (posing as a man), enters the showers where Zapp Brannigan, having just finished showering, is naked. She politely suggests that he put on a towel, and he obliges by wrapping one around his head. A few seconds later, President Nixon's head (carried by Kif) comes into the room and yells at Brannigan to cover himself. Instead, Zapp has Kif raise Nixon's head up higher.

 Nixon's head: For God's sake cover yourself, Brannigan! I didn't live a thousand years and travel a quadrillion miles to look at another man's "gizmo".

Zapp Brannigan: Oh, sorry Mr. President, I didn't realize. Kif, raise him about nipple high.


 Homer: (standing naked at the window) From this day forward, I am an inventor!

Sarcastic middle-aged guy: (outside) Do us all a favour; invent yourself some underpants!

    • In another episode, Homer is Caught Up in the Rapture and arrives in Heaven naked. An angel immediately demands he get dressed, unable to stand seeing a fat guy naked.
    • In yet another episode, Chief Wiggum goes after Comic Book Guy for possession of pirate videos, only to find him in bed with Agnes Skinner. Wiggum places CBG under arrest, but offers to reduce the sentence if he puts some clothes on.
    • In one episode, Homer and Marge go on a spouse-swapping game show, and when Homer finally has a moment away from his stern, fun-hating temporary wife he takes off his pants. Marge arrives home at just that moment, declares how much she missed him, and promptly tells him to put his pants back on.
  • In an episode of Mucha Lucha, Ricochet ends up wearing only his mask and underwear when the group is stranded on a deserted island. Nobody minds while on the island, but when they finally get home, Buena Girl orders him to get dressed. Ricochet refuses, but his Abuelo shows up and orders him, while bystanders start laughing. This time, Ricochet is embarrassed and complies.

Real Life

  • Poor Eric Massa. "Do you know how awkward it is to have a political argument with a naked man?" To be fair, Massa (a US congressional representative) and Rahm Emanuel (White House Chief of Staff) were in the showers at the gym at the time, so the nakedness was expected.
  • Cindy Crawford tells Playboy about her meeting with a guy from Pepsi (and what she overheard from him) while sunbathing topless while in Barbados for an international meeting:

 Crawford: One day my girlfriend, her boyfriend and I were sunbathing topless because that's Barbados — you can wear nothing if you want. And the Pepsi guy and my agent to meet us for lunch. I saw him coming and I wondered. Should I put on my top because I have business relationship with him? I didn't want him to get offended because the rest of the rest of the beach had seen me with my top off. Meanwhile as he's walking toward me, he's saying to my agent, "I hope she puts on her top." He wasn't even being a schmuck, like wanting to see. He wanted to keep our relationship professional.

Playboy: Did you or didn't you?

Crawford: I left it off and it was fine with everyone.