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File:Pluto logo6 85.jpg
"Kiss me."
—One of two lines ever spoken by Pluto, from "The Moose Hunt".

—The second of two lines ever spoken by Pluto, from "Mickey Steps Out"--although it's technically a shout out to The Jazz Singer.

Pluto The Pup is an animated cartoon character from the Walt Disney cartoon studio, the loyal pet of Mickey Mouse and, for a while, the star of his own series of short subjects during The Golden Age of Animation. At one point, he even overshadowed the mouse in his own cartoons. He is notable for being one of the few recurring classic Disney animal characters who is not anthropomorphized.

He acted as a foil for Donald Duck, Figaro, Butch the Bulldog, Chip and Dale, and sometimes Salty the Seal. In some comic stories he is also the official mascot for the Junior Woodchucks.

For a full history of the character, go here.

Oh yes, and don't confuse him with the former Planet, that other Pluto, the god also known as Hades, and especially not that Pluto. And no, he is not expendable. (Though he sure is treated that way)



  • The Chain Gang: Pluto's official debut.
  • The Picnic: Pluto--er Rover appears here as Minnie's Pet.


  • The Moose Hunt: Pluto's first appearance as Mickey's pet, and first one where he is officially named.
  • Blue Rhythm (The cartoon where Pluto is portrayed as a Funny Animal)
  • Mickey Steps Out
  • Fishin' Around
  • The Beach Party
  • Mickey Cuts Up
  • Mickey's Orphans


  • The Duck Hunt
  • The Grocery Boy
  • The Mad Dog
  • Barnyard Olympics
  • Mickey's Revue
  • Just Dogs
  • Mickey's Nightmare
  • Trader Mickey
  • The Wayward Canary
  • The Klondike Kid
  • Parade of the Award Nominees: Makes a cameo at the end.
  • Mickey's Good Deed


  • Building a Building
  • The Mad Doctor
  • Mickey's Pal Pluto
  • Mickey's Gala Premiere
  • Puppy Love


  • Playful Pluto: Noteworthy for the famous "Flypaper Sequence".
  • Mickey Plays Papa


  • Mickey's Kangaroo
  • Mickey's Garden
  • Pluto's Judgement Day: One of the first Mickey cartoons where Pluto is given the major role, with Mickey only briefly appearing in it.
  • On Ice


  • Mickey's Polo Team
  • Mickey's Grand Opera
  • Alpine Climbers
  • Donald And Pluto
  • Mickey's Elephant
  • Mother Pluto: A Silly Symphonies short centered around the pup.


  • The Worm Turns
  • Hawaiian Holiday
  • Pluto's Quin-Puplets


  • Mickey's Parrot


  • Society Dog Show
  • Mickey's Surprise Party
  • Beach Picnic
  • The Pointer


  • Donald's Dog Laundry
  • Bone Trouble: Pluto's first standalone short.
  • Put-Put Troubles
  • Pluto's Dream House
  • Window Cleaners
  • Mr. Mouse Takes A Trip
  • Pantry Pirate


  • Pluto's Playmate
  • A Gentleman's Gentlemen
  • Canine Caddy


  • Lend A Paw: A Mickey Mouse short with Pluto in a major role. Semi-remake of "Mickey's Pal Pluto". Won the 1942 Academy Award, beating out the debut of Max Fleischer's Superman cartoons.
  • Pluto Junior
  • The Army Mascot
  • The Sleep Walker
  • T-Bone For Two
  • Pluto At The Zoo



  • Springtime For Pluto
  • First Aiders


  • Dog Watch
  • The Eyes Have It
  • Canine Casanova
  • The Legend of Coyote Rock
  • Canine Patrol


  • Pluto's Kid Brother
  • In Dutch
  • Squatter's Rights
  • The Purloined Pup
  • A Feather In His Collar (commercial short)


  • Pluto's Housewarming
  • Rescue Dog
  • Mickey's Delayed Date
  • Mail Dog
  • Pluto's Blue Note


  • Mickey Down Under
  • Bone Bandit
  • Pluto's Purchase
  • Cat Nap Pluto
  • Pluto's Fredgling
  • Mickey and the Seal


  • Pueblo Pluto
  • Pluto's Surprise Package
  • Pluto's Sweater
  • Bubble Bee
  • Sheep Dog


  • Pluto's Heart Throb
  • Pluto & The Gopher
  • Wonder Dog
  • Primitive Pluto
  • Puss Cafè
  • Pests of The West
  • Food For Feudin'
  • Camp Dog


  • Cold Storage
  • Plutopia
  • R'Coon Dawg
  • Cold Turkey


  • Pluto's Party
  • Pluto's Christmas Tree


  • The Simple Things