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"Where men are the soft, squishy ones."
— fiction section subheading

An online community of writers that compose stories for a unified canon whose theme was originally partially derived from Pokemon, but has over the years branched away from it in many ways. Metroanime wrote Wild Horses and Pokegirls, which is considered the original Pokegirls story. The Pokegirls concept originated as a series of posts on the BE Archive's Addventure. He just brought it together, and accrued a fairly remarkable following and an active community that continues to this day, though he is no longer a part of it. It is set in a post-apocalyptic Alternate History which branches off from us around 1988. The canonical "modern" period is 300 AS, or 2302 AD.

In it, humans catch female monsters ("Poke Girls", get it?) and Tame them, using them as pets, companions, or soldiers. These Poke Girls were created by James Scott, who was devastated after the world discovered his first batch of genetic slaves and destroyed them. This sent him over the edge. He took the monicker "Sukebe", Japanese for "perverted chair", and formed an army of more deadly monsters to wage a war of genocide against humanity. The creatures were so superior to human forces that the war looked hopeless... until a Canadian soldier discovered their one weakness: Sex. They need it, physically, to remain sane. The new governments of the world, called Leagues, employ Tamers to keep Harems of these girls to defend cities and act as special military and police forces when needed. The tide of the war quickly turns and Sukebe vanishes in a Worf Barrage. With him gone, his armies eventually dissipate and humanity wins. However, his legacy remained in the form of a permanent change to the human genome; almost no human females can bring children to term due to a sterilization virus he loosed on the Earth, but Pokegirls still breed just fine with humans.

Your Mileage May Vary about the Unfortunate Implications of that paragraph above, due to the questionable use of Rape Tropes, but this is one of those Fetish Fuel Future fics.

During the Revenge War, the face of the world was altered by massive Legendary Pokegirls, including the loss of many areas of land. Approximately half of North America and Africa are gone, and nearly no single landmass remains in a recognizable shape. (Australia was shattered from the center into a massive archipelago. Turkey is an island. etc.) The human population of the world is still in the hundred-millions sort of low, too, which means that Poke Girls outnumber humanity several times over in most regions. The vast majority are sex-deprived Ferals that wander the wilderness looking to kill, eat, and screw, possibly in that order. Even in 300 AS ("After Sukebe") things still have a slightly precarious feel to them.

There are well over 600 different breeds of Poke Girls, many derived from Pokemon and many others from other universes, but a fair number are original, too. Many of them are anthropomorphic in nature. Some are furries of some kind or another. It's almost guaranteed that there's a Girl in there to cater to each specific fetish. After all, an incredibly cynical person could view this all as an elaborate excuse to write sex.

The Poke Girls universe has two main websites — The Pokegirls World Project, which houses a lot of useful information, and, which is where most Pokegirls stories go and is the hub of the community. Additional storylines can also be found on the Anime Addventure.

Not a single electron of this page is made up... by us. Tropes:

  • Above Good and Evil (Sanctuary's Leaders turned into this after years of complacency.)
  • Accentuate the Negative (What the Leagues have done with the Pokegirls' actions during Sukebe's War for over the past 300 years to keep them oppressed.)
  • Action Girl (Nearly any and all pokegirls.)
  • After the End (With the world as we knew it completely ending in 2002 AD.)
  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us (Humans have to do this to Sukebe's labs to stop him making more Poke Girls.)
  • Always Chaotic Evil (The very aptly named Menaces.)
  • Alternate History
  • Alternative Calendar (The term "AS"/"After Sukebe" accepted in 47 AS/2049 AD.)
  • Apocalypse How ('Present Era' being set 300 years after a class 1.)
  • Axe Crazy (Normally represents the Evil Tamer or Team Gruny Mindset)
  • Badass
  • Badass Normal
  • Badass Lolita (Nearly any Chibi template automatically applies, though breeds such as the Goth or Puppeteer often do as well.)
  • Catgirl
  • Cool Boat (The human battleship Langoud, whose main gun was specifically designed to destroy titans. It did its job well.)
  • Crazy Prepared (Kerrik Wolf; that Tirsuli knows what he's doing!)
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome
  • Dark Action Girl
  • Darker and Edgier (The realistic effects of such fantastical Pokemon-like attacks are often explored, sometimes in gruesome detail. Also just generally more cynical and less utopian.)
  • Defector From Decadence (Narrowly, those Menaces turned to Good or at least not-genocide from advanced technology or magic. More broadly this could be all Tamed Pokegirls.)
  • Depopulation Bomb (Accidentally self-inflicted, too. The Chinese attempt to use biological warfare against the rampaging Pokegirl armies... and it fails miserably. It does quickly mutate and become lethal to humans, wiping out over ninety percent of all humanity, though.)
  • Deus Sex Machina
  • Distaff Counterpart: The entire concept was given one in a What If-style omake by Metroanime in Wild Horses and Pokeboys (listed on his profile as one of his many Fistful of Omake). If you thought the Pokegirl world was bad, then the Pokeboy world is even worse...
  • Drama-Preserving Handicap (The Blood Curses. Also, just being anywhere near an average human is a physical handicap in this world.)
  • Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • Excuse Plot (the most elaborate, lovingly detailed and fleshed out excuse plot ever, but an excuse to write sex scenes nonetheless)
  • Faceless Goons (Team Grunts).
  • Fantasy World Map (Created to demonstrate just how different the world looks after Sukebe was done with it.)
  • Fetish Fuel
  • Gag Boobs (Do consider, for a moment, that the AVERAGE Pokegirl breast size is around a C-cup. Then use that as reference to ponder what THEY would see as truly ludicrous.) Several types of pokegirls, like the A-Bra and some Kittens, aren't very developed at all. And even some legendaries. Moan, an Expy of Mew, is described as looking "like an A-bra with Amachop style mixed in"—both Pokegirls with modest chests. Celebi Expy Sexebi appears to be the Legendary of choice for Lolicons, standing just 4'4". The catch there is that Moan has C-cups and is about the same size as Sexebi, meaning she's a midget with Gag Boobs. Of course on the other side there is the Hy-bra, a Huge Legendary Pokegirl with a whopping FFF-cup Bust, nevermind that Professional Big-Bust Models regularly appear with G and H-cups while the current Guinness World-Record holder for Largest Augmented Breasts is an M-cup!
  • Gender Bender (A few Pokegirl breeds can turn human men into Pokegirls, as can Jusenkyo water.)
  • Ghibli Hills
  • God Mode Sue (A tiny handful in Canon, but far too many in AU)
  • Guns Are Worthless (Occasionally averted, but mostly played religiously straight and tends to be a touchy subject amongst the community.)
  • Hermaphrodite (The Dildo Queen.)
  • Hollywood Healing
  • Hotter and Sexier
  • Hurricane of Puns (Almost every Pokegirl species has a name related to sex or female genitalia. This is, apparently, by design — Sukebe hard-wired those genetic names into his creations. Mad pervert, indeed.)
  • I Do Not Own
  • Improbable Aiming Skills (Let's see YOU try and explain how every shot some gun-using Pokegirls hits!)
  • In the Blood (This is how humans get Blood Gifts and Blood Curses, through Pokegirl ancestry.)
  • Lady Land (The Dark Continent and the colonies set up there.)
  • Lawful Stupid Chaotic Stupid (Oh lordy, where to begin...)
  • Living Ship (StarliteXPress.)
  • Loads and Loads of Characters (Well, considering there are over 200 unique Pokegirl stories that are known at this time, and more are created with the passing months... yeah. Going by protagonist count alone puts this Over Nine Thousand [metaphorically].)
  • Lolicon (A small number of breeds tend towards a permanently younger appearance, and the genetic Chibi template can 'turn back the clock' of any particular breed's appearance.) One breed, the Clowmystic, is particularly prone to drawing accusations of underaged taming to their tamers. Given the series it's a Shout Out to, this is perfectly justified.
  • Lost Technology (Better known here as Lost Tech and Forbidden Tech.)
  • Love Makes You Crazy (The Bonding Level known as "Recognition" can have odd effects on both human and pokegirl.)
  • Mad Scientist
  • Made of Iron (Modern guns are ineffective against several types of Pokegirls.)
  • Mary Sue (While heavily frowned on, both accepted and unaccepted Sues/Stus have made their mark.)
  • Magnificent Bastard (The Legendary Demoness Hild, Chairman Egurashie of the Scarlet League, and of course, Sukebe.)
  • Mind Rape
  • Mon
  • Most Common Superpower (Well, yeah. The universe is basically MADE of this trope.)
  • Ninja (Several breeds, in fact. Notable in the Edo League where the majority exist and the Ruby League where they're entrusted with one of the shadow-branches of the government.)
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed (Vince McMahon, Undertaker, Kane, the fact the majority of the Capitol League's ruling body are all pro-wrestlers...)
  • No Woman's Land (The Amethyst League is VERY Anti-Pokegirl Rights.)
  • Pillar of Light (The creation of the Orange Islands.)
  • Pirates (The dreaded yet often sexy Limbec Pirates.)
  • Pokémon-Speak (Shortly after 'Taming', Pokegirls become unable to say anything but their breed name for short time. They get better.)
  • Poor Predictable Rock
  • Power Levels
  • Rape Is Love (The Poke Girls become magically obedient once you beat them up, capture them, and have sex with them. This is, in fact, the reason the human race survived.) Heh, so Rape Is Survival? What if someone uses an argument like that on a real life court?
  • Really Seven Hundred Years Old (Several Pokegirl breeds and humans who have inherited the Longevity trait can live for many hundreds of years, their aging considerably slowed.) There are also the Legendary Pokegirls who cannot die due to natural causes and can only be killed by outside forces.
  • Science Is Bad (Sukebe's actions mostly play this straight on, and it was relatively common for hundreds of years after the Revenge War for the regular people to distrust science because of all the misery and bloodshed Sukebe had wrought. Much of his advanced technology is outlawed for an average person. This is getting better approaching the 'modern era', however.)
  • Shout-Out (Many Pokegirls are obvious Expies of existing Pokemon, obviously, but there are also legendaries named Evangelion and Super Sayjin, which are Exactly What It Says on the Tin.)
  • Speak of the Devil (Done to the entire continent of Africa.)
  • Stock Monsters (Feral Pokegirls in the wild.)
  • Straw Feminist (Majority view of Sanctuary's Ruling Council and the inhabitants of the Dark Continent.)
  • Techno Wizard (Sukebe is this in spades. In an oddly literal correlation, it has become common lore in the "present" of canon that Sukebe was an actual wizard instead of a mad scientist...)
  • The Power of Rock (Several pokegirl breeds actually use either musical instruments, or the music itself as a weapon! ROCK ON Muffgoose!)
  • Tsundere (Not the common modern usage, but the original meaning of one who goes from headstrong to submissive, in the cases of many of the tougher-to-tame breeds.)
  • Unusual Euphemism
  • What If: See Distaff Counterpart, above.
  • When All You Have Is a Hammer
  • Word of God (A sort of quasi-democratic canon of consensus that is constantly changing governs this universe.)
  • Xanatos Gambit (An Alternate Character Interpretation of Subeke is that he planned the whole thing to destroy the society that condemned his taste for genetically enginieered girlfriends.)
  • Your Mileage May Vary (What is Fetish Fuel for some, is Nightmare Fuel to others. Also done with many pokegirls, characters, and stories.)