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Derek Rayne: (asking about Nick's reason for joining the Legacy) All I want to know is why.

Nick Boyle: Because I believe in what we're doing.

Derek Rayne: Why?

Nick: Because it's right! Because we're fighting evil, because we're making the world a better place, because I haven't got anything else to do!
—"The Man in the Mist"

Poltergeist: The Legacy is a series from Canada and the United States which ran from 1996 to 1999, and had four seasons (three on Showtime, the last on Sci Fi Channel). This Horror-themed show had little to do with the movies; rather, the plot followed a group called the Legacy which filled the role of humans who have seen through The Masquerade and choose to quietly deal with a partly Unmasqued World.

The series featured interesting plot-lines, well-defined characters, a score of frequently overdramatic strings, and talented actors who appeared to have been directed rather strongly over the top at times. In the more natural scenes, they show their talent quite well, but when something supernatural occurs, the scenes start getting pushed into the area of Melodrama. This tendency could be said to cause the show to ebb and flow between good and So Bad It's Good.

Each episode concluded with a brief personal inner monologue from the character featured in the episode. The show almost definitely qualifies as a Cult Classic.

Tropes used in Poltergeist: The Legacy include: