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A pool area full of bikini-clad women (mostly), either sunbathing or swimming.

A particularly common element is for one of the female bikini-clad leads to get out of the pool in slo-mo, water glistening on her body.

An "interesting" meeting point in Spy Fiction (with the justification that it's harder to conceal a bug) and younger cousin of the Beach Episode. Not to be confused with Bad Guys Play Pool.

Examples of Pool Scene include:

Anime & Manga

Films — Live-Action

  • James Bond, specifically:
  • The Starsky & Hutch film has one of these.
  • The iconic scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, wherein Brad masturbates while daydreaming about Linda getting out of the pool and taking her top off.
  • Gender-flipped in Phat Girlz when a glistening, speedo-clad Jimmy Jean-Louis emerges from the pool in slow motion (while Etta James' "At Last" plays).
  • The caddy invasion of the country club pool in Caddyshack; which results in at least one topless female character.
  • Several of these occur in the National Lampoon's Vacation franchise:
    • The scene with Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) and Christie Brinkley, then Clark and Ellen (Beverly D'Angelo) in the hotel pool in the first Vacation movie.
    • Clark Griswold's fantasy sequence in Christmas Vacation.
  • Dana Delany and Stephanie Niznik swim nude in Exit to Eden.
  • One of the many pointless scenes in Laserblast involves teens in bikinis and board shorts enjoying the pool at some girl's birthday party. The main reason for the scene seems to be to pan across several dozen fairly ordinary-looking half-naked California teens, while the film takes a breather from its not-very-pulse-pounding plot.
  • The Pool. It's all in the name.


  • One of these appears in the Alex Rider novel Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz. Alex comments that they are unusual lifeguards.
  • The main characters of CHERUB all go swimming together at least once, and there are lots of scenes throughout the sreies of one or two of them in the pool at one time or another.

Live-Action TV

Music Videos

  • The music video for "Jesus He Knows Me" by Genesis.
  • The video for "Hangin' In" by Tanya Tucker

Video Games

  • Valkyria Chronicles 2 has a pool scene. They cranked up the fanservice considerably with -Ahem- warm-up exercises.

Western Animation

  • Not bad so much as morally ambiguous, but Mayor Quimby has one in The Simpsons.
  • Happens in several episodes of Code Lyoko ("Marabounta", "Déjà Vu", "The Secret", "Kadic Bombshell"...), mostly for Phys. Ed. classes. Since this is set in France and not Japan, though, the swimsuits aren't regulated. Most of the girls are wearing one-pieces, however. Except Sissi.
  • The Pool Episode in Codename: Kids Next Door isn't exactly standard for this trope... since it involves fighting with Those Two Bad Lifeguards and their Humongous Mecha chair. Par for the course for the series, otherwise.