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Jesus: This movie is very low quality.
Ray Bob: Don't look that bad to me.
Jesus: There's no story.
Bucky: It's a fuck movie. I don't watch a fuck movie for the story. I watch a fuck movie to see fuckin'.
C.W.: I got to side with Jesus on this one. I personally appreciate an attempt at telling a story. When I care more about the characters, I care more about the fuckin'.


Any porno where the sexual stuff is not the only point to it. As in, it has a plot that isn't merely an excuse for having sex on screen. Bonus points if the sex is actually plausibly worked into said plot or used for characterization.

In some cases, pornos were once made with plotlines so that they could be considered "art" and thus protected from the laws against indecency. A more tolerant public, being in combination with the explosion of the internet allowing for easy distribution, the overwhelmingly Porn Without Plot porn world we have today, was not infringed. That said, even today, there are porn films with intriguing if not all that well-developed plots, and at least some porn stars are serious albeit often not terribly talented actors.

More importantly, as the above quote notes, the really smart creators understand that if you create characters whom you care about, then the sexual content depicted with them is usually much more satisfying beyond mere titillation. Furthermore, as the stories with those characters progress with this artistic integrity in mind, the real interest for the reader will be not how bizarre the sex gets, but how the different characters get along with their differing tastes and points of view.

A lot of Eroge can be described as this. Even though a lot of them stick close to their tropes, especially female archetypes with the Harem Genre games, remember, tropes don't have to be bad. There are plenty of comedy works, but also a fair share of drama and romance. Some are better than others, and a few are considerably better than most. However, some people have a habit of grouping PWP with Hentai and calling both of them the same thing, even if the second "P" amounts to maybe one or two sex scenes hidden amidst hours of non-sexual gameplay (or worse, some non-intercourse ecchi scenes).

Contrast, of course, Porn Without Plot. Compare It's Not Porn, It's Art. See also Fetish Fuel, which is when an otherwise clean work includes Fetish elements to attract an audience.

It should go without saying — but we'll say it anyway — that any link of this page is pretty much guaranteed to take you to something that's NSFW in one way or another. So exercise care in what you click on if you're in an environment where viewing NSFW content is a bad idea.

Examples of Porn with Plot include:

Anime and Manga

  • This trope is so popular among manga that it has its own category at Manga Updates. And indeed, don't be surprised if a title among them gets mentioned down below.
    • A considerable number of (although definitely not all) Yaoi series, in part so there's room for the necessary amounts of Angst.
  • Coyote. It's a non-canon prequel to Hellsing that involves La Résistance, Pip Bernadotte's backstory, foxy snipers, Those Wacky Nazis, and an Arab boy with dual handguns. You could crop out all the sex and it still constitutes a story, if not a compelling one.
  • Haru wo Daiteita's plot is based on two male Adult Video actors attempting to break into mainstream acting. They actually have some success, in spite of the paparazzi, and back stabbing actors.
  • Daiakuji: A modern take on the Tale of Genji, its male protagonist stands out among all others because there actually are reasons for hot women to fall for him.
  • Leather Man: Had a great mystery setup with hints at an Ancient Conspiracy but unfortunately cut short.
  • Darling: A story about a different type of fantasy, this time involving a manga writer/illustrator and his assistant/model/wife.
    • What's hilarious about this is that he's an H-manga writer/illustrator. In this story, the porn is the plot.
  • Futari Ecchi: Buy it for the hot naked girls. Read it for the developing marital relationship and interesting factoids about love and sex.
  • The Ragnarok Online series of doujin by the circle D.L. Action. It revolves around the developing love between an unnamed Acolyte and a Swordswoman.
  • My Lovely Ghost Kana is quite explicit, but the story is so heartwarming that the sex scenes will be only half the reason you like it.
  • Yamatogawa is an artist and author of a number of one-shot and short series Hentai manga that could be considered Porn With Plot because of the ridiculous quantity of explicit sex. Except they all have legitimate and well-written stories and many are flat-out hilarious. Plus the art is really very good.
  • Sesshu Takemura is also another good example. So far their most notable work is Take On Me which features a storyline about the relationship between a short student and his lover, a taller girl from the same class. Throw in her loli-sized older sister who engages in threesomes with the boy student's bisexual Mexican-Japanese cousins along with beautifully explicit artwork, a clever and bittersweet story, and some incredibly funny humor.
  • Yuria 100 Shiki is about a Dutch Wife (sex bot) named Yuria who runs away from her creator when she realizes why he built her, runs into ordinary college student Shunsuke who takes her in (unaware of her true nature) and lets her stay with him. She is programmed to be a Sex Bot but doesn't really want to be one because as soon as she has sex with someone, she will be programmed to be their sex slave forever. Even so, she still can't stop trying to "seduce" Shunsuke at every opportunity, who uses his none-too-shabby amateur wrestling skills to fend her off so he can remain faithful to his ice queen girlfriend. Meanwhile there is a pretty serious and significant overarching plot involving Yuria's contemplation and struggle against her own programming.
    • Especially funny because, thanks to her programming, Yuria seems to believe any situation (be it treatment of bleeding, getting lost on a ski slope, or even being stranded on a small island) can be resolved with a Deus Sex Machina. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Nana to Kaoru features bondage, S&M play and titillating Ecchi manga silliness. It also features clichéd but interesting characters who slowly come to terms with the fact that they actively enjoy playing Master/Slave bondage games while still remaining otherwise normal people.
  • Wet Summer Days. Three lightly connected stories featuring young people falling in love, reclaiming love, or admitting love. A few Tear Jerker moments. A bit of drama. And some quite hot sex scenes. Including one with Death.
    • This itself is a adaption from the eroge Suika, which was created with the intention to be a Tear Jerker in the first place.
  • The Boys Love manga Crimson Spell was described by one reviewer as "a really good fantasy series with lots of sex scenes".
  • Yasuomi Umetsu's Kite and Mezzo Forte are fairly extreme examples — Mezzo Forte in particular only has two sex scenes between two episodes, both of which are shoehorned in with no real plot impact; one is even All Just a Dream. Both received non-pornographic follow-ups.
  • Hyakujitsu no Bara features some rather graphic brutal rape scenes, and also one of the most fascinating and convoluted plots to be found in BL manga.
  • My Balls. Features plenty of nudity and sexual situations... and is also damn hilarious, the porn itself actually leading to a good chunk of the humor and the story.
  • Although it's quite clear that the porn is the main focus, even more so in the OAV, Queen's Blade has a rather well-developed plot behind the scenes.
  • Hatsu Inu. At least in the first episode. An Ordinary High School Student manages to score an incredibly hot (if mute) girl. The problem? She has a fetish for toys and it quite hurts on the poor dude's psyche ("Which do you prefer, your toys or me?"). Features gorgeous artwork and at times, hilarious moments.
  • In Glass no Megami, it's love at first sight for college students Sakura and Kurimiya, but Genki Girl Aya - Kurimiya's classmate since childhood and current Kouhai - sweeps Sakura off his feet before he quite knows what's happening. When Aya ends up falling deeply in love with him, Sakura has to decide what and who he wants the most. It's a fairly standard Love Triangle plot with plenty of steamy sex, but it's well-written with characters who are engaging enough that the ultimate breaking of the triangle is a heart-breaking Tear Jerker.
  • The Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo OVA is yuri WAFF with Porn.
  • Mahou Shoujo Ai: Magical Girl anime meets naughty tentacles.
  • Toshiue no Hito is a love story about a university student who falls for/is pursued by a seemingly young, tiny, cute freshman. Unfortunately, she's a lot older than she looks and has a lot of personal baggage. The porn part comes in later with the uncensored nudity in the sex scenes. That is, when they aren't being accidentally cockblocked by visitors.
  • Yosuga no Sora does this one not as an OVA but as a midnight time slot Twelve-Episode Anime. Unlike most networks who are shy enough to censor breasts or nipples, this one goes through the whole nine yards with no repercussions whatsoever.
  • Octave is a moving story of love, jealousy, and what happens to the people that stardom leaves behind. Replacing the large amounts of lesbian sex with Sexy Discretion Shots (and changing the flashacks) would leave you with a complete story, but with less impact.
  • Ai no Kusabi. Intricate, detailed world, dramatic plot and lots of graphic sex.
  • Nakamura Asumiko's Double Mints is a good example. The plot and characters are fascinating, and there's a little sex sprinkled in.
  • Several Hotter and Sexier Josei mangas, like Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji..

Comic Books

  • The furry comic Omaha the Cat Dancer is a classic example of plot with porn, having evolved from a mostly sex-based comic to a full-fledged soap opera comic with uncensored sex scenes over time. The series did have a tendency to go from a porn comic, to a plot with porn, back to pretty much straight porn at the drop of a hat again.
  • The same could be said of Phil Foglio's XXXenophile, except that it has a humorous tone and no Mind Screws (... well, for the most part).
  • Ironwood combines a standard fantasy quest storyline with hardcore sex. The writer Bill Willingham even commented that at times it was hard to insert each issue's obligatory sex scene without breaking the flow of the story.
  • The Piano Tuner, by Ignacio Noe, is a collection of short stories about the sexual misadventures of the eponymous character as he makes house calls. It's really quite hilarious, and reads more like a gag comic with a couple of pages of explicit sex in every story. Witness as he runs through the street naked being chased by a television producer (his latest conquest was the star). "I never did tune that piano..."
  • Many, many comics from legendary Milo Manara, and as well the great Horacio Altuna.
    • In fact, this appears to be relatively common in the French, and to a lesser extent, Italian comic scenes.
  • Heathen City Maranatha.

Fan Works

The not as rare as believed fanfics that attempt to combine WAFF with Lemon. Sex is, well, sexier when you write in romance, love, affection and exploration of relationships.

  • Romance Reports is one of the most famous fanfics the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Periphery Demographic has ever produced, and the majority of reviewers express some degree of pleasant surprise that a "clopfic" can be so powerful and contain such emotional depth. Indeed, while the sex can be removed and still be left with a coherent story, it is a somewhat emptier one.
  • Two Slayers - One Heart is an amazing, and extremely Not Safe for Work Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic where the porn and the plot are perfect (though the porn becomes rarer throughout the story).
    • It's no longer on Adult (link fixed), but a toned-down, no-graphic-sex version is on—the link now points there.
  • The Firefly fanfiction In The Cold Cold Night.
  • The Mahou Sensei Negima fanfiction Egg Belly, which has sex but it is only supplementary to Konoka and Setsuna's relationship, which is the focus. Weird name, great story... and Ch. 6 is mind-expanding yuri.
  • Star Trek: The Original SeriesDeep Water by Jenna Hilary Sinclair. Also, possibly Surrender by Killashandra, although it's a bit heavier on the porn than the plot.
  • The NSFW versions of the Love Hina fanfics Loss and Redemption and Aftermath: Loss and Redemption 2. The plot holds up so well without the porn that the author rereleased worksafe versions of the fics, and they still worked. (Although the original versions are still superior, as the sex is used for the purpose of deepening the emotional intensity of the experience, not just titillation.)
  • There is also the Misfile fan-verse web novel Misfiled Dreams, which has plenty of Lemon scenes, all of which are essential to advancing either the plot or the growing relationship of the two main characters.
  • While it might scare off potential readers due to it's beginning, the Evangelion fic Shinji and Asuka might count for neutralizing said characters' most glaring personality flaws (Shinji becoming more assertive, Asuka backing down when expected) in a believable way.[1] Except for the ending, of course.
  • Pretty much anything by Mithrigil and/or Puella_Nerdii.
  • Ethereum Gladiator is a NSFW example of wonderful blending of plot and sex.
  • The Death Note AU arc Redeemer manages to balance copious amounts of sex with plots that actually make some kind of sense. Mostly. At the very least, they're long and convoluted enough that you don't notice if they don't.
  • The ruffling of fur and feathers, though the plot does start overtaking the porn later on.
  • The Code Geass oneshot Kisses and Wishes is actually an examination of Mao's emerging sexuality pitted against C.C.'s snarky aloofness, complete with plenty of Belligerent Sexual Tension, masturbation and, of course, Sex as Rite-of-Passage.
  • 90% of Doujinshi are explicit (because that sells), and most of them are PWP. Then you get a story like the Neon Genesis Evangelion doujin RE-TAKE, which got a "mainstreamed" re-issue because the main plot (Shinji goes back in time from the beach at movie end and tries to do the "right" thing for the last 1/3 of the series, while Asuka follows and tries to stop him so he won't betray her again) is much more interesting than its handful of sex-scenes that often seem shoehorned in.
  • From the same studio that made Re-Take comes Negimaru, a Mahou Sensei Negima doujin. It is five chapters total, and by the third the porn very noticeably takes second place to the plot where Chisame is killing herself by whoring herself out for the sake of being the best net idol. Negi ends up getting killed by Chisame as she goes insane, and by the fifth chapter there are only four out of forty-plus pages with ecchi material. Could also be considered a Dark Fic. It ends happily though, sort of, with Nagi showing up and allowing Chisame to sacrifice her memories of Negi to create a different world where he doesn't die. The entire story is basically a Deconstruction of the typical silly PWP Doujin plot.
  • The Buffy the Vampire Slayer femslash story Militat Omnis Amans (Every Lover is a Warrior), involves Buffy and Willow as an established couple, in an epic adventure where they defend a fantasy world besieged by demons. And frequently have sex with each other (and later four-ways two other women who befriend them in this world).
  • The Portal fanfiction The Punishment began life on the Kink Meme (and it shows), yet still manages to be an incredibly detailed and believable investigation into just how disorientating - and downright frightening at times - it would be for a machine to suddenly find themselves with a human body. Even the sex itself serves this theme, exploring just how bizarre, problematic and enjoyable the very thought of it is to someone who until recently never knew such things existed. It also helps that Wheatley is even more Adorkable as a human.
  • The Takotsuboya K-ON! Trilogy, a Doujinshi series about K-On!!. Also an example of a Dark Fic. If anything, it's the stuff surrounding the sex scenes that's more likely to traumatise readers.
  • My Life as a Teenaged von Neumann Device starts out as just a simple My Life as a Teenage Robot Lemon fic, but becomes a Coming of Age tale full of action, drama, romance... and still plenty of sex.

Films — Live Action

  • Japanese "Pink Films".
  • Last Tango in Paris
  • The 1980 version of The Blue Lagoon features lots of underage nudity and sex. It's also a powerful romance and a very educational examination of human nature that delves into love and marriage, ethics and morality, religion and theology, and sociology. It was based on a well-written novel from a serious author, after all.
  • David Lynch is fond of this. Blue Velvet contains quasi-consensual BDSM & voyeurism as major themes, but used them as building blocks for a Mind Screw film noir. Mulholland Drive had some pretty hardcore lesbian scenes, but in service to a tragically romantic psychological thriller, not to mention Wild at Heart...
  • 1976's The Opening of Misty Beethoven is a sexually-explicit version of Pygmalion/My Fair Lady. Unlike later porn "parodies", it is intelligent, witty, and made on a reasonable budget; it's also so well-written and -performed that some viewers feel that the explicit sex gets in the way of the story. It cleverly makes use of its explicit nature not only to titillate, but to lead the viewer into drawing uncomfortable conclusions about Eliza Doolittle in the original.
    • Sort-of similarly, 1975's Eskimo Nell is on the surface the tale of an attempt by a group of schlocky British film-makers to produce a big-screen version of the legendary epic porn comedy poem (featuring an Amazonian heroine who wears down the over-sized manhood of one thug to a thread and then shrugs off his vengeful accomplice's repeated firing of his six-gun up an intimate portion of her anatomy), but in reality is more a genuinely funny and insightful look into British low-budget film-making of the time (leading cast member and writer Michael Armstrong was a real-life veteran of this side of the industry), glossed with some very soft-core sexual shenanigans.
    • This appears to have been the next wave in the '70s; in 1976 the world saw Alice In Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Comedy, starring Playboy Playmate cum mainstream actress (now retired) Kristine DeBell. It was produced as a mainstream adult film, and has production values to match: solid (though not particularly memorable) musical numbers, actual choreography and a reasonable attempt at acting on the part of most of the players. In fact, most of the hardcore footage was removed for a broadcast-friendly softcore version. Roger Ebert gave it a favorable review.
  • In the same way that big summer blockbusters inspire hack movie-makers to make schlocky knockoffs in the hopes that confused grandmothers will buy the wrong one as a Christmas gift, they also inspire pornographies. To complement the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, there came out a movie Pirates XXX (basically, a Pirates of the Caribbean porn). Where it gets hilarious is that it was then edited into a softcore version for sale to cable networks that didn't run hardcore pornography. It is also among the most expensive adult films ever made.
  • Shortbus and Nine Songs are both borderline cases. They are both critically well regarded, but are marketed around featuring real sex.
    • They both also differ from similar art-house movies that the sex is simply there, and not a way to create more drama.
  • There is an X-Files porno where Mulder and Scully investigate a murderous cult that reveres Lilith. Aside from the porn, it actually sounds like a real episode of The X-Files. The porn is appropriately titled The Sex Files.
  • The Show Within a Show of Boogie Nights is the director's attempt to make a movie so compelling that his audience won't leave when they're "finished".
  • Alien Sex Files 3: She Alien, starring Jenae Alt, features a woman who is really an advance scout for an Alien Invasion. She sides with the human race after experiencing sex and love. The ending is also a pure Visual Effects of Awesome.
  • The short documentary Hard Fat is a legitimate documentary about the gaining fetish (also known as feederism), the legitimate parts of which are inter-spliced with grade-A Fetish Fuel for those who have said fetish.
  • In the Realm of the Senses may be one of the most notorious examples of this, although many of the sex scenes are arguably more nightmarish than erotic.
  • Baise Moi
  • In a very sick and twisted way, exploitation films The Sinful Dwarf and Thriller - A Cruel Picture would both qualify. Same goes for films that deal with the more disturbing paraphilias, like Nekromantik or Feed.
  • Surprisingly, Showgirls was SUPPOSED to be this... It... fell a little short of their dreams.
  • There is a porn parody of Scooby Doo simple titled Scooby-Doo A XXX Parody, which doesn't include the titular dog (thanks god, that could have only ended up badly). What's weird about this movie is how PERFECTLY they managed to capture the whole essence of the show. Not only each porn actor plays their roles accordingly to the characters, but they even resemble them physically! The plot is nothing unlike the original Scooby Doo series' episode, and they even run through different doors while escaping at one point.
    • Many porn parodies, especially the Star Trek ones, actually work rather well as parodies.

Captain: (escorting the hot alien chick around the ship) As you can see, the rumors that we just walk through the exact same corridor over and over just to make it look like a bigger ship are completely false.

  • Emmanuelle and its various sequels and reimaginings like the Emmanuelle in Space and Emmanuelle Through Time series. Emmanuelle in Wonderland is a musical. One film featured the title character trying to help out a poor guy who mistook a one night stand for true love and was about to get his heart broken. Another featured the cast having a deep discussion about the portrayal of Vampires Are Sex Gods in the media.
  • The Dreamers, in which a guy gets into a relationship with a brother-sister duo amidst the 1968 Paris Riots.
  • Deep In The Valley, where two friends (one a Nice Guy and the other a porn-obsessed pervert) get sent into a porno. It's funny and deconstructs some porn stereotypes. Also, one of the girls in the porno is tired of meaningless sex and wants to experience true love.
  • Virtual Girl (1998). A man enters virtual reality and has a tryst with a simulated woman. He tries to break off the relationship, but she turns out to be: sentient, a Yandere, and can affect the real world.
  • Virtual Vegas (2001). A woman creates a virtual reality system for sex with simulated people. Her Corrupt Corporate Executive boss fires her so he can keep the profits for himself, then hires thugs to try to kill her. The woman warns that the device needs to be properly tested before it is marketed, which is proven when one guy who uses it goes into a coma. Also, a guy who uses it gets chewed out by his girlfriend for cheating on her, which he tries to claim that it's not cheating because the women are not real.
  • Room in Rome, a woman from Spain and a woman from Russia meet in Rome and have an affair. The women discuss art, literature, and their lives, but it soon becomes clear that one or both is lying.


  • Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake Series started as an urban fantasy series and then turned into plot with porn...and then turned into porn...and has apparently started to move back to plot with porn but most fans haven't gone back to check.
  • Along with at least 90% of Samuel R. Delany's novels, for example Dhalgren.
  • Parodied in John Varley's The Golden Globe, set in a Free-Love Future where the audience expects graphic sex scenes in all media, leading to the actor protagonist performing a very... interesting... version of the balcony scene from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
  • Jean M. Auel's Earth's Children series, from the second book onwards.
    • From halfway through first book if you accept Rape as Drama as porn
      • Though only one scene was described (possibly two, but the second one didn't last because the man wasn't interested). The Plains of Passage was really bad for this, though—it had little enough plot to begin with, so to pad it out, there were one or more sex scenes per chapter.
  • Anything written by J.R. Ward, especially her Black Dagger Brotherhood series; pushes the boundaries emotionally and sexually.
  • H. Beam Piper's Uller Uprising features an in-universe example, written by a woman who has ambitions to be taken seriously as a Historical Fiction writer. She's determined to show her work, so her spy novel about infiltrating the U.S. A-bomb project (by seducing anybody who can give the spy useful info) includes all the details the good guys of Uller Uprising need to build their own nuke. After they filter out the sex scenes....

"The heroine is a sort of super-Mata-Hari, who is, alternately and sometimes simultaneously, in the pay of the Nazis, the Soviets, the Vatican, Chiang Kai-Shek, the Japanese Emperor, and the Jewish International Bankers, and she sleeps with everybody but Joe Stalin and Mao Tse-tung, and of course, she is in on every step of the A-bomb project. She even manages to stow away on the Enola Gay, with the help of a general she's spent fifty incandescent pages seducing."
"We are now running a sort of gaseous-diffusion process, to separate the nuclear physics from the pornography. I must say, Hildegarde has her biological data very well in hand, too."


Live-Action TV

  • Spike TV used to show "Porn Masterpiece Theater" which consisted of cutting all the sex from porn movies to chop them down to 30 minute short stories.
  • Forbidden Science, a new show on late night Cinemax that has a very intricate science fiction plot, with lots of (fairly softcore) sex scenes.
  • Ditto Lingerie, by the same authors and on the same network.
  • Also, Co-ed Confidential is a college comedy with lots of sex scenes. Also on Cinemax.
  • You know what? Let's just say Cinemax in general before this page gets too long.
  • Short-lived HBO series Tell Me You Love Me epitomized this trope; mainly dealing with the characters' sex lives and crises within those sex lives, each episode had a buttload of sex scenes, with graphic depictions of both female and male genitalia. The sex scenes did serve a purpose, though.
  • The American verion of Queer as Folk, while soft core, probably didn't have a single episode that was safe for work.
  • Femme Fatales, a Gambit Pileup of murderers, thieves, adulterers, etc. with lots of sex scenes and nudity. This show also has continuity.
  • The Erotic Traveler, where an art collector would tell her apprentice erotic tales of each art piece's history. For example, telling about a mask used in BDSM games, or an artist or sculptor having an affair with the model.
  • True Blood, an awesome, action-packed adaptation of The Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries with explicit gay, lesbian, bi, and hetero sex scenes while dealing with Fantastic Racism between vampires, werewolves, humans, shapeshifters, maenads, witches, and fairies.
  • Torchwood often strays into this.
  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand, its prequel, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, and its sequel, Spartacus: Vengeance. It's an incredible adaptation of the events around the legendary Gladiator Revolt, with lots of explicit gay, lesbian, bi, and hetero sex scenes.
  • Several episodes of The Outer Limits Revival have nudity and sex. These include:
    • "Valerie 23": A man gets a Robot Girl as a companion. After they inevitably have sex, she becomes a Yandere after he tries to date his therapist.
    • "Caught In The Act": A woman (Alyssa Milano) gets possessed by an alien. She seduces men, then consumes them after sex.
    • "Paradise": The sheriff investigates when old women from a retirement home go missing, and mysterious, beautiful women seduce men, then undergo Rapid Aging.
    • "Bits of Love": The last survivor of a nuclear war survives in an underground bunker with holograms (including one played by Natasha Henstridge) as companions. He can even interact with them intimately with virtual reality. He soon learns the cost of treating his companions with disrespect.
    • "The Human Operators": Sentient space ships keep humans as slaves. Two slaves are commanded to mate and breed the next generation of slaves. A rebellion is inevitable.
    • "Mary 25": A sequel to "Valerie 23". Although the robot company was disgraced by the Valerie 23 incident, they assure that they worked the bugs out of their other models. A robot girl is hired as a nanny and maid for a family.
    • "Flower Child": An alien plant takes human form and seduces men.
    • "Lithia": A soldier is awakened from cryogenic stasis to find that he is the only man in a world ruled by women.
  • Game of Thrones has been described as such, with complex characters and storylines, with quite a lot of nudity and sexual themes.

Visual Novels & Video Games

  • Pretty much any Eroge by Type Moon, especially, Tsukihime and Fate Stay Night, to the extent that they made versions without the porn, though the fandom quite likes the hilarious efforts that went into fitting the porn into the story.
    • The two mentioned works provide different sort of examples of this. In Tsukihime, the story is very plot-heavy but more focused on romance than Fate, and thus the sex scenes tend to fit into the plot naturally and tend to be part of it without being the point. In Fate, this trope applies in a sense that the sexual content is such a small part of the game that it could be removed very easily and it would make little to no difference at all.
  • AIR, Kanon and Tomoyo After. Clannad, Planetarian and the original version of Little Busters are the only Key works that do not have porn. Since Little Busters Esctacy is just Little Busters with porn, Little Busters would count as porn with plot also.
  • Nitroplus is pretty good at this. Saya no Uta is impossible to forget, even during the H-scenes, that this is a horror story. Demonbane got PlayStation 2 port and anime adaption without the porn, and its sequel is mech action game, without porn either.
    • Nitro+chiral, a Nitroplus subsidiary, created the BL visual novel Dramatical Murder - the m/m porn is quite important, but so is the complicated worldbuilding and the just as complicated characters. Not unlike Demonbane, it eventually got a port and an anime without porn.
  • A Dance With Rogues. Pull every sex scene, it is still a pretty good story.
    • The Bastard of Kosigan has several graphic sex scenes, but they are all optional and the story doesn't lose anything without them.
  • Kana: Little Sister is well-known for being an emotionally ravaging love story with an ending that is... bittersweet at best.
  • Private NurseMagical Girl, Healing Hands, Childhood Marriage Promise love story... sort of. It ranks up there with Kana: Little Sister in terms of drama and story over sex and, depending on gameplay, can result in either Crowning Moment of Heartwarming or a near-tragic Bittersweet Ending.
  • Yume Miru Kusuri: A Drug That Makes You Dream—Another epic Eroge deserving of recognition for being more than just an H-game. Dark, dramatic... go read the full article.
  • It's also worth mentioning that not all Eroge are visual novels; Utawarerumono and Sengoku Rance are good examples of turn-based strategy games with erotic content, good gameplay and plot.
    • They're also good examples of the sliding scale from plot to porn: Utawarerumono is a serious, heavily storyline-oriented game that you can easily play for two days straight without finding any H-content whatsoever, while Sengoku Rance is made of Refuge in Audacity, more H-scenes than you could shake a stick at, and exceedingly additictive gameplay that'll keep you going long after you stopped caring about the porn.
    • Lots of games made by Alice Soft fall into "more game than novel" form, though the amount and purpose of sex is variable from Deus Sex Machina to Intimate Healing. Hell, sometimes they even tie in the sex into gameplay (with Deus Sex Machina or otherwise).
  • Edelweiss—particularly Black Cat path, though White Cat path is also story - heavy. Black Cat path is so trippy, convoluted—and altogether FUN that you forget what genre you're in.
  • Kao no Nai Tsuki (which was the basis for the Moonlight Lady ero-anime), and its Spin-Off Touka Gettan (both from Studio Root) are this. Kao No Nai Tsuki is notable for having much at least a sadder ending than the anime.
  • Canvas 2.
  • Escu:de has done a few intriguing stories with simple yet fun gameplay. Eiyuu X Maou, about a demon overlord bent on domination of a Humans Are the Real Monsters world. Primaveil Zwei begins as a sailor-senshi/super-sentai parody that becomes progressively more character driven, deconstructive, and original.
  • The PC 98 game Night Slave had side-scrolling action interspersed with some lesbian bondage.
  • Katawa Shoujo is a (free, high-quality) visual novel eroge where the romantic and pornographic sections are inseparable from the in-depth characterisation and thoughtful exploration of the lives of teenagers dealing with their disabilities. The sexual scenes can be skipped, but you would miss on important plot and character points.
  • You may start playing Monster Girl Quest because of Cute Monster Girl premise. After a while, you will stick to it more because of how the game is poking fun at JRPG with lot of Lampshade Hanging and self-aware jokes. The plot and main characters have Hidden Depths that slowly revealed as the game progress. Plus, several artists are working on this game and the quality of porns are vary from scene to scene, so they won't attract you long without the plot.

Web Comics

  • Jay Naylor's "pornfolios".
  • Tally Road cannot seem to have an explicit sex scene without huge plot consequences. When things get really hot and heavy, there is inevitably some sort of other shoe to drop. It's so Porn with Plot-tastic it has to be intentional.
    • Anathema really deserves special mention due to about the same if not more time being spent on plot as there is on porn and some very extensive world building as well.
  • (not sure how you pronounce that) is a Furry Comic on Fur Affinity. There are plenty of really, really hardcore fetish scenes, but they're handled with surprising amounts of depth. It's hard to find with a search engine, so here.
    • This comic is described as "It WILL offend you at some point. Please let me [the author] know when it does." At the beginning it was just a 'fetish of the day', but it really does have an interesting story. Granted, it'd be a lot shorter without all the fetish scenes...
    • Technically, Fur Affinity has tons of this--most of it isn't well-written, but a surprising amount of it aims to have a story in between the Yiff.
  • Ménage à 3 has some traits of this trope. But while there are lots of scenes involving sex, it's usually just a single panel or strip played for laughs as people are always walking in on people having sex and Hilarity Ensues. Of course, that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of nudity, as a lot of the characters are naked leading up to and after the sex scenes, of which there are many, to the point where every major character has had at least one (or the attempt at one) sex scene and has been visibly naked.
  • Werewolf series Peter Is the Wolf, to the extent that the main page asks whether you want the PG-13 version or the X-rated version. While the censored version can stand alone as a fairly entertaining read, there is character development lurking in the sex scenes.
  • Though it's never shown, Rick of Blur the Lines discusses his plans to make an X-Tube video that is also a social commentary on the BP oil spill.
  • Oglaf started out as an attempt to make porn, but degenerated into sex comedy pretty much immediately. It still alternates between sexy and hilarious.
  • Profiles, a gay web comic on Fur Affinity.
  • Roommates.
  • Curvy is this trope, big time.
  • Chimneyspeak features a lot of explicit sexual content, in the midst of a story about an international cast of ne'er-do-wells plotting bloody revenge on each other.
  • Tales Of Gnosis College. Dr. Faustus spends a lot of time setting up plot and characters such that by the time the time the characters find themselves in the middle of some bizarre sexperiment, what they're doing sort of makes sense.
  • Shiniez, a S/M webcomic. It is a sweet, yet erotic story of two women taking a huge chance on exploring their fantasies with each other(with a hint of evolving into something more). It is well-written, covers the psychology and ideas behind their S/M play, and explores the emotional highs/lows of such a relationship. However, the artist is releasing the series Out of Order, not in chronological order (similar to the broadcast order of the first season of the Suzumiya Haruhi anime).
  • Delve is sort of an MA-rated Dungeons and Dragons parody, with quite a lot of nudity, but also a complex (if at times, confusing) story.

Web Original

  • It's Always Time is an Erotic Farce, centered in the Epic traditions and thoroughly steeped in image board culture to boot. Needless to say, the porn present is weird and frequent.
  • Tales of MU can drift into this as well.
  • Sex Trek is a porn movie with Expys of the Star Trek TOS cast getting in on in various ways on the "Starship Intercourse". And in between, there is a plot, the exposition of which is laced with awesome double entendres and self-deprecating humor. The first 4 minutes (SFW) are on Youtube. It's actually pretty awesome.
  • And, last but not least, there are the stories put on actual erotica sites:
    • Six Times a Day is about a young man who is (falsely) told that he must orgasm six times a day as a medical treatment for lack of energy. It's currently[when?] in its 79th part (each part typically contains 5-8 chapters apiece), and is clocking in at over 3 Million words at the moment. So yea - Porn with Plot.
      • Which is, of course, helped along by virtue that he's adopted, so Not Blood Siblings applies here.
    • The Wulf Archives were specifically created with this trope in mind. The writer, Anthony Pryor, was repelled at how badly written most of the content in and wanted to show you can have sexually explicit stories that are well written. For instance, in the first posted story, "Heart of the Lion," the first major section is a wild Sword and Sorcery version of the famous Battle of Isandlwana where that version of the British fight their version of the Zulu nation with roughly equal firepower and the Zulu have calvary as well.
    • The Black Pearl of Pharazion is a functional Swords and Sorcery adventure novel with the sex at the centre of the plot.
    • Summer Camp by Nick Scipio takes the classic Coming of Age Story, drops it into a nudist camp, throws in a lot of sex, swinging and a deconstructed Tenchi Solution, and goes to town. It eventually hit full-on Cerebus Syndrome, aided by a Framing Device in which the narrator hears from his wife that a woman of his acquaintence has just died, with the story being a (120-chapter) flashback to his adventures with this Posthumous Character. We also don't know who the wife is, as if How I Met Your Mother were an X-rated drama instead of a sitcom. (It has also hit full-on Schedule Slip, having recently gone 364 days without an update, but at least that gives you plenty of time for an Archive Binge.)
    • Melissa 2.0, catering to the Breast Expansion contingent, about a normal-looking MIT student who develops some body-modding technology. She has a lot of fun, but it takes a turn for the worse when the government finds out. Much worse.
    • Two Dashes of Mid-Summer manages to have considerable plot in relation to it's sex. Somehow, this makes it an even better read.
    • Online author Al Steiner has written several online novels that feature well-developed characters and intriguing situations in addition to having explicit sex scenes. Some of his better-known stories include Intemperence, which is about the behind-the-scenes life of a fictional 1980s rock band. Doing It All Over, in which an unhappy middle-aged man suddenly finds himself a teenager again with full knowledge of the future. Aftermath, a post-apocalyptic tale that focuses on a community of survivors following Earth being hit by a meteor. And A Perfect World, a science fiction story about a man who is cryogenically frozen following a deadly injury and awakened hundreds of years in the future.
  • Literotica is devoted to user-generated content of this nature, albeit with heavy screening to avoid Sturgeon's Law.
  • While the "Naked in School" universe originated as Porn Without Plot and has seen plenty of that over the years, there are also a number of authors who've used it as a powerful vehicle for examining teenage romance, angst, and even the nature of celebrity.
  • In each compilation book of Monster Girl Encyclopedia, large amount of background info were given about the its world, covering how things were before, and how much it changed after the reign of Succubus Demon Lord. And at least two Light Novel were released based on this.
  • The Journal Entries by Elf Sternberg is a very long series of furry sci-fi stories, ranging from barely fleshed out (though it gets better if you know the characters) to heavy phylosophical commentary.

Western Animation

  • Pretty much defines Heavy Metal and the tie-in magazine adaptations.
  1. Due to Gendo drugging Shinji's LCL with testosterone, he gets more aggressive and during one of his arguments with Asuka, shuts her up by raping her (doublecrossing Gendo's plans who expected him to go after Rei instead). Of course, she gets mad over it and decides to not tell Misato but instead take revenge by using Shinji as an outlet for her sexual frustrations, reasoning that as long as he initiates everything, she won't have to take responsibility. He eventually finds out and takes issue with it; problem is, she saw his caring personality and fell in love with him for real. When they finally make peace and get together, they don't have much time to enjoy the other's company due to Asuka getting amnesia from an Angel attack and forgetting everything that happened between them, including the rape. This gives Shinji the opportunity to make a fresh start and win her over via normal means.