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Scarlemange 🎭 KIPO and the Age of Wonderbeasts Netflix Futures

Madrill Pheromones, control of a primate with just a spritz.

Potent Pheromones are a superpower that uses natural chemicals to bring an emotional or physical response in another organism. The typical example would be pheromones causing an intense desire for a person, usually a woman, having an effect that would lead to something close to Mind Control. However, this power can go beyond charming someone into becoming lovesick; other uses include marking a target for a swarm of bug or other creatures, making people sick, poison people, or even empower a person physically.

People with the Super Sense of smell (The Nose Knows) can be vulnerable to this power.

Examples of Potent Pheromones include:

Anime & Manga

  • SPH or Space Pheromones, from ēlDLIVE, are special chemical that aliens can produce and gives them different abilities based on their species.
  • Love from Toriko can control her pheromones to keep her prisoners in Honey Prison in check and can even affect animals.
  • Rikujou Kaori the Brute Civet part of the Killing Bites competition who can unleash pheromones with her musk to act as an aphrodisiac for other Brutes, leaving them in a state of uncontrollable lust.


  • Zebediah Kilgrave aka Purple Man, from Marvel Comics. He's a mutant with the power of releasing a pheromone once breathed in or absorbed by the skin will put a person under his control. His daughter Kara aka Purple Girl inherited this as well.
    • Beast, aka Hank McCoy, has a minor power to attract people of the opposite sex but does not frequently use it.
    • Mandrill aka Jerome Beechman can exude pheromones that can attract and enslave women but is ineffective against men.
    • Stacy X, aka Miranda Leevald, has the power to emit pheromones that can affect bodily functions when she touches people.
    • Wallflower, aka Laurie Collins, can generate airborne pheromones that can affect people's moods. The chemicals change people's emotions to match her feelings.
    • Akihiro, aka Wolverine's son Daken, can control pheromones that can manipulate the emotions and perceptions of other people.
    • Omega Red, aka Arkady Rossovich, can make pheromones called Death Spores that can cause sickness and even death.
    • The Lizard, aka Curt Connors, can secrete pheromones that can cause people to fly into a rage.
    • Sleeper can use his pheromones to connect his thoughts to others' minds and mask his presence.
    • Cubist can emit short-range pheromones that can alter people's perceptions into a state of confusion.
    • Itsy Bitsy can secrete pheromones that can drive people into a blind rage.
    • Amos, aka Andrew Graves, is a mutant who can release airborne pheromones that can drive people into an aggressive state.
    • Milo Smutt is a mutant with the superpower to control his pheromones to amplify the current emotion he is feeling to other people.
    • Ebenezer Laughton, aka Scarecrow, produces a pheromone that affects humans and higher animals' adrenal glands to experience fear. It can also augment his physical attributes to superhuman levels.
  • DC Comics' Poison Ivy can produce pheromones that allow her to seduce and control other people.
    • Encatadora, aka Lourdes Lucero, manipulates pheromones through her magical powers from the Mists of Ibella, making men fall under her control.
    • The third incarnation of Crimson Fox can project pheromones that can affect people's emotions, especially men.


  • Pheromone Generators are Alphas that can make pheromones that affect people within close proximity.
  • Zigevolks, from Grimm, are goat-like Wesen who have a gland that releases pheromones from their sweat to enthrall people. By eating live amphibians, they can stimulate more pheromones to make them airborne.

Tabletop Games

  • Among the bits of non-cybernetic "bioware" which can be purchased by a character in Shadowrun there is "tailored pheremones", which is this trope available as a medical procedure. In games terms it enhances the Charisma attribute of the character (how much so is determined by the level and grade of the enhancement purchased), and it only affects humans and metahumans.

Video Games

  • Garalon, from World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, uses magic pheromones to mark a target and damage them. There is also another affliction on a person who can leave a trail of pheromones that can harm others
  • Seltas Queen, introduced in Monster Hunter 4, can cast pheromones that attract a Seltas when in need. These pheromones can also give a Hunter the Soiled ailment, which causes them not to use any item.
    • The Insect Glaive, also introduced in 4, is a weapon that resembles a spear couples with a Kinsect. The Hunter can shoot out a pheromone bullet as a "lock-on" for a Kinsect to attack a monster.
    • Xeno'jiiva, introduced in World: Ice Borne, is an Elder Dragon where it can send out pheromones that attracts all types of Monsters.
  • The upgraded CASIE enhancement from Deus Ex: Human Revolution gives Adam the ability to emit pheromones that make others more susceptible to his suggestions.
  • The Elcor race, from Mass Effect, use pheromones to communicate with each other and can sense other races' pheromones.

Visual Novels

  • Hatoful Boyfriend has Anghel Higure, who has the condition to makes pheromones that can cause people and even himself to experience illusions.

Western Animation

  • As seen in the video above, Scarlemagne, from Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeast, can produce pheromones that grants him control over any primate's minds.
  • Gutrot, from Ben 10: Omniverse, comes from a species that produce chemicals in their body and can make pheromones.