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File:Pretear main characters.jpg

Himeno and her Unwanted Harem.


We have to find her soon, the one who will turn the snow white.


Prétear: The New Legend of Snow-White (Shin Shirayuki-hime Densetsu Puriitia), often shortened to just Prétear, is a Shojo story with a premise that can be described as "Magical Girl Warrior Snow White And The Seven Bishonen". Exactly what it sounds like — nothing too original, but nevertheless quite entertaining, if you are into this particular genre. Originally a four-volume Manga created by Jun'ichi Sato (of Sailor Moon and Princess Tutu fame) and Kaori Naruse, it was adapted into a thirteen-episode Anime series, with some noticeable changes in the plot and character designs; both the manga and the anime were licensed by ADV; the anime is now licensed by FUNimation.

The story revolves around sixteen-year-old Himeno Awayuki, who finds herself in a situation quite a bit like in "Cinderella": several years after her mother's death, her father Kaoru married the rich widow Natsue who has two daughters, neither of whom seem to like Himeno. Unable to fit into this new environment, the girl gets more and more depressed, even starting to think that it would be better if she disappeared from the world... that is, until she stumbles upon seven dwarfs Pretty Magical Boys who call themselves the Léafe Knights. They are searching for a girl who can accept their Elemental Powers and become a Magical Girl Warrior named "Prétear". You can guess what happens next...

Main characters:

  • Himeno Awayuki, an Ordinary High School Student.
  • Hayate, the Knight of W.
  • Sasame, the Knight of S.
  • Goh, the Knight of F.
  • Kei, the Knight of L.
  • Mannen, the Knight of I.
  • Hajime, the Knight of W.
  • Shin, the Knight of P.

Supporting characters:

  • Kaoru, Himeno's father.
  • Natsue, Himeno's step-mother.
  • Mayune and Mawata, Natsue's daughters.
  • Yayoi Takato, Himeno's classmate and best friend.
  • Tanaka, a driver / servant at the Awayuki Residence.
  • Mikage, a maid at the Awayuki Residence and identity of Takako Fenrir (Princess of Disaster), an anime-only character.
Tropes used in Prétear include: