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Written by cure_shabon at Livejournal, it's one of the first fictional Alternate Continuities for the Pretty Cure franchise, and practically (if not actually) the oldest and longest. It's said to be "aspects of old Pretty Cure series gathered together to form a new one", but still has a fairly large fanbase.

The story goes like this: Many years ago, a great evil struck the Scent Kingdom, a kingdom in an alternate dimension populated by small talking animals. Their last hope was a team of five Extraordinarily Empowered Girls known as Pretty Cure, who easily managed to destroy this great evil and bring peace back to the kingdom.

However, several years later, the organization of Karlix appears, in plans to obtain the Angelic Dandelion and Take Over the World. After Karlix causes havoc in the Scent Kingdom, the current prince and princess are sent to Earth, more specifically to the small town of Oriyama, where they are charged of managing a perfume shop and finding the next generation of Pretty Cure. Within a few chapters or so, they have assembled a complete team:

  • Chloe Auriville (Cure Rosa): The leader of the team and main character, 14 years old. A gentle and collected cherry-redhead from France, who cares a lot about her family and friends.
  • Chiara Auriville (Cure Vanilla): The Chick, 13 years old. The youngest member of the team, and Chloe's cheerful and "just clueless" younger sister.
  • Ayameko Mayonaka (Cure Jasmine): The Lancer, 14 years old. A tomboyish girl who is the captain of the school's baseball team. Loves pudding.
  • Hanae Mitsukawa (Cure Tangerine): The Smart Gal, 14 years old. A graceful and demure Meganekko who is training to become a ballerina.
  • Ikuko Torino (Cure Cardamomo): The Big Gal, 16 years old. The oldest member of the team, and the heiress to a toy store chain. Becomes Hanae's Seme, and is quite well-endowed.
  • Lavvie and Lotus: Double as Team Pets and The Mentors. Scent Kingdom's prince and princess themselves, two skunks who are brother and sister. Lavvie is happy-go-lucky, while Lotus is slightly more down-to-earth.

Later on, two additional characters are introduced to the main cast:

More character-specific tropes may be found here.

This fanfic contains examples of:

  • After the End (The Cures encounter a desolated, post-apocalyptic Oriyama after returning from the Scent Kingdom in episode 48.)
  • A Good Name for a Rock Band (Peppermint Carnage in episode 45.)
  • Alternate Continuity
  • Annoying Younger Sibling (Kiyo, Ikuko's little brother, and Taisuke, Ayameko's cousin from episode 9 (although he would be more of an Annoying Younger Cousin). It doesn't help that in the same episode the two form an unstoppable duo and team up with Caitlin, the younger sister of a minor character.)
  • Anti-Villain (Lucia, in The Movie)
  • Artificial Human (Ashley, who was presumably created from biological materials and rapidly grown in a tank. She even has the atypical eye color and coldness to go with it.)
  • Asshole Victim (Ashley's very first on-screen casualty, in her official debut in episode 24, was someone who tried to touch her inappropriately.)
  • A-Team Firing (Happens as part of Hanae's bad luck spree in episode 36)
  • Beach Episode (episode 16)
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension (Ayameko and Pittan)
  • Bland-Name Product / Captain Ersatz
  • Bond One-Liner (Cure Jasmine in episode 45. "We're having roasted cheese for dinner tonight!")
  • Bumbling Dad (Theodore)
  • But Not Too Foreign (Chloe and Chiara; subverted due to them being fully French rather than half-French)
  • By the Power of Greyskull ("Pretty Cure's Scent of Love! [1] Transmutation, Now!")
    • Ashley/Leather Ashes uses "Kage Mutate!", which gets "Watashi wo Akiraka ni!" attached onto the beginning in episode 41, to transform into Beserker Ashes.
  • Colour-Coded for Your Convenience (The author likes being original and standing out from the rest, so instead of the usual Sentai color combination (Red+ Blue+ Green+ Yellow+ Some Other Color), she brings us Pink+ Yellow+ Purple+ Orange+ Green. However, red and blue do show up in the girls' school uniforms.)
    • The dance lessons scene midway through episode 28 has the four girls participating wearing their respective theme colors. If Epileptic Trees are to be believed, only Chloe, Chiara, and Ikuko are wearing actual leotards--the other one, Ayameko, is actually wearing a biketard (a one-piece cross between the tropes Leotard of Power and Who Wears Short Shorts?) if you follow the Epileptic Trees closely.
  • Cooldown Hug (From Cure Rosa to Berseker Ashes in episode 41.)
  • Cross Dresser (Ayameko gets the part of one of the male villains of Futari wa Hearty Pure, Pisshurd, in episode 28.)
    • Pittan pulls this off in the second eyecatch and is rewarded by a Paper Fan of Doom from Ayameko.
  • Darker and Edgier (While not overt, this trope is definitely in effect in places during the second half, especially whenever Ashley's involved.)
  • Dark Magical Girl (Ashley McFly A.K.A Leather Ashes. Also the Cures' Ylang-Ylang mirror images in episode 7.)
  • Development Hell (Some episodes are claimed to "take forever" to be finished by the author. In fact, some episodes are even delayed. Luckily, the author doesn't take hiatuses as long as the one where Shining Pretty Cure recently got itself out of.)
  • Disappeared Dad (Hanae; her dad died in a forest fire.)
  • The Ditz (At the beginning, Chiara was one of these in training.)
  • Early-Bird Cameo (Suggested for the closing credits of episode 50, the scene in question in which Kaori Furuya, who will have a major role in episode 47 of Pretty Cure Heavy Metal, appears as a member of Oriyama High's dance club with Hanae.)
  • Embarrassing First Name (In episode 37, Santa Claus is a seemingly young boy who prefers to go by the name of Nicola.)
  • Embarrassing Nickname (Pittan hates to be called "Pit".)
  • Elemental Powers
  • The Elevator From Ipanema (Subverted in episode 6, since it's not Girl From Ipanema playing. Also lampshaded by Chiara and Hakuo.)
  • Eleventh-Hour Superpower (Granted by the Angelic Dandelion, no less!)
  • Epileptic Trees (The costumes themselves, whenever they're not explicitly stated, are left to the reader's imagination; the typical reader will imagine Ayameko wearing slacks or shorts whenever possible and a purple biketard during the dance lessons scene in episode 28 due to her status as the team Shorttank, and it's implied in episode 3 during her first ballet scene that Hanae is wearing two-piece orange pajamas consisting of a loose shirt and pants with ballet shoes print on them when she states at the end of that scene that she'll take her bath soon, and her next scene shows her continuing her ballet practice following her bath. If you apply similarity to your imagination, then she's wearing the same pajamas again in the opening scenes of episodes 28 and 36 and, on a side note, she was clearly rushing when putting her school uniform on before leaving the house, hence her abnormally disheveled uniform, though the animals clawing on her stockings on the way to school weren't helping matters. However, at the end of episode 36, it's definitely not a far stretch to imagine her wearing the same pajamas when resuming her ballet practice at night, only to find herself in a pas de deux with Ikuko, who's stated as wearing a green leotard during that scene. Considering Ikuko's on the male side of the pas de deux and Hanae on the female side, though...)
  • "Everybody Laughs" Ending (Once or twice.)
  • Everything's Better with Princesses (Lotus)
  • Everything's Better with Spinning (Cure Tangerine's "Pretty Cure Tangerine Whirlwind", her spinning kick in episode 17, and her spinning punch in episode 24.)
  • Excited Episode Title
  • Eye Tropes
  • Expy (Most of all, Chiara and Pittan are expies of Urara and Syrup, plus Ikuko's a lot like what would Sailor Jupiter and Rina Toin's offspring would be like.)
  • Fan Nickname
  • Five-Man Band
  • Foreign Fanservice (Averted hard with Ashley.)
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: A rare five-temperament example. Chloe is melancholic (but she's not a perfectionist at any extent), Chiara is sanguine, Ayameko is choleric, Hanae is supine and Ikuko is phlegmatic (although not to the point of being lazy).
  • Furo Scene (For Ikuko, at the beginning of episode 35.)
  • Genki Girl (Chiara and Lapinyuu)
  • Genre Popularizer (Would there be any Pretty Cure OC-season fic without this story? Probably not.)
  • Genre Savvy (Lapinyuu)
  • Gilligan Cut (In episode 44.)

 Pittan: No, no and NO! I am NOT going to school with you guys! I'm staying here and there is nothing you can do to make me change my mind! I'm not going to school, end of story!


Pittan: I can't believe that I'm at school.


 Chiara: I'm not flat! Just in development!

    • And in episode 15...

 Ayameko: IT! WASN'T! A! DATE! Just a stupid fancy dinner! Nothing else!


 Lavvie: We have to finish this quick, Lotus! Otherwise Chia-chan won't be able to fight with the others!

Lotus: You like her, don'tcha, desu?

Lavvie: * blushes* Of course not, nee-chan! It's just that I'm worried about her and the others!

  • Show Within A Fanfic (Again, Futari wa Hearty Pure, a surprising case where both varieties appear in the same time: the Cures (and also most people at their school) are big fans of the show, and Lapinyuu becomes part of the cast, playing a Shiny Luminous parody.)
    • The two shows that helped Chloe and Chiara's father Theodore become a trampoline fetishist, Bounce and Thud, also count.
  • Shout-Out (If the author saw it, it'll get referenced in the story at some point.)
    • For instance, there is a BLATANT Shout-Out to the Brazillian edition of American Idol in episodes 31 and 34, particularly to a contestant known as Marcos Paulo. He ended up being eliminated during the Top 6 (such thing did happen to his fanfic counterpart Hyosuke Holic during his second appearance) and never popped up at media again since then, but the author still swoons over him.
    • And then there's Ayameko nicknaming her guitar "Blue Moon" in episode 45, which also mentions "Second Spin" (Night and Sunday's finishing move) and includes a Ship Tease moment reminiscent of Asa falling onto Yoko in episode 10.
  • Shrinking Violet (Hanae, more like Shrinking Orange)
  • Sick Episode (Well, hurt, but still counts.)
  • Skinship Grope (Ayameko's infamous "Gropefruit Hour", which fails miserably when she tries it on Ashley.)
  • Subverted Rhyme Every Occasion (Happened once to Chloe during episode 8. Naturally, she was the Austicles parody.)

 Chloe: Whoa! I look like I took one heck of a sunburn. (twirls about) I mean, I'm cherry-red even when I-- (covers mouth in shock) Xi. I was about to rhyme.


 First, it's repetitive and boring if you read the series everyday; second, it's a matter of letting you guys imagine how they would be like; and third, I don't have the time to do it.

  • Transformation Trinket (The CureBottles, their replacement pendants in episode 17, and Leather Ashes' Leather Fan.)
  • Twelfth Night Adventure (Sasaki. However, unlike most others, it didn't end well, as she got kicked off the team after her secret is revealed, and the team's luck had the floor drop from under it, as it lost a lot of games and eventually gave up and dissolved.)
  • Two-Teacher School (Averted; Oriyama Junior High has a set of different classes, with one teacher for each class, plus a school nurse and a PE teacher.)
  • Underboobs (Ikuko as "Cure Wintergreen" in episode 11.)
  • Verbal Tic (Lotus tends to finish her sentences in "desu". Also, in episode 18, puppy Chiara adopts the suffix "-da wan" to the end of her phrases, and Tsubo-kun (the Karlix denizens' butler) adds "-iran".)
  • Where the Hell Is Springfield? (The fanfic takes place in the fictional town of Oriyama, which neighbours the equally fictional town of Tsukimiya. Add another equally fictional town, Isuten, and you have the Tri-Cities. Now, about where they're located, the author is still unsure.)
  • Who Wears Short Shorts? (Included in several of Ayameko's casual outfits in various episodes depending on the reader's imagination in scenes where anyone's outfit, let alone Ayameko's, is not described and definitely shows its influence on her costume in the dance lessons scene in episode 28, where she's implied to be wearing a biketard if readers judge her outfits, undescribed as they are, by her Shorttank personality alone and use their imagination sensibly)
  • Xtreme Kool Letterz ("Karlix" is actually just "garlic" (or even the plural "garlics") with this invoked. Granted the whole scent thematic, it's not surprising.)
  • Yamato Nadeshiko (Sasaki strived to be one of these at first, but gave up when she had to cut her hair and replace her brother at the school's basketball team.)
  • Zettai Ryouiki (Cures Vanilla and Jasmine, as well as Leather Ashes. Vanilla is probably the most attractive of them.)
  1. (or Pendant Power, used only in episode 17)