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Aka Ribon no Kishi[1] and Choppy and the Princess.

The story of Sapphire, the princess of Silverland, who must pretend to be a prince.

In Heaven, the souls of unborn children are being prepared for their births. Tink, an inexperienced apprentice angel, accidentally gives a child who will be born female both a pink "girl's" heart and a blue "boy's" heart. When this is found out, it's too late to fix the mistake, so Tink is banished to Earth in a weak mortal body to watch over the twin-hearted child.

Meanwhile, in Silverland, a vaguely medieval kingdom, the King learns to his dismay that the Queen has given birth to a girl, and due to complications cannot have another child. Women cannot inherit the throne, and the King knows that his closest male relative, Duke Duralumin, is a wicked man who would oppress the people. So the King pretends that Sapphire was born male, with only a handful of close advisors knowing the truth.

Thanks to her dual nature, Sapphire is equally adept at male and female activities (even if the latter must be taught in secret). The story picks up in Sapphire's early adolescence, as Duke Duralumin steps up his attempts to prove the Prince to be a girl, and Tink finally finds Sapphire in the mortal world. And it's a good thing Sapphire has a new ally, as the Duke is not the only force that threatens Silverland.

Ribon no Kishi was created by Osamu Tezuka in 1953, and is one of the earliest Shojo manga. There were four manga storylines, the third starting in 1963, and serving as the primary basis for the Anime version. The anime was broadcast in the United States as Princess Knight or Choppy and the Princess, the latter being at first the title of a short movie made by mashing together three of the episodes. Distribution of the American version was spotty at best, and as of 2009 there is no legal DVD release. The manga has received an English language two-volume collected release. There's a sequel, Twin Knight, about Sapphire's twin children, Daisy and Violetta.

Tropes used in Princess Knight include:
  1. Literally, Ribbon Knight or Knight of the Ribbon