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File:Jukebox-ninjas-guitar-duel 2735.jpg

Who'da thunk that a ballet dancing duck would be so AWESOME...? The one who thought of Guitar Ninjas, that's who!

  • For Fakir, one of several comes in Akt 25, when forced to write a story which is harming Ahiru, whom he loves. Rather than let her suffer, he stabs himself in the hand.
  • Tutu's major crowning moment comes in Akt 13, when she has a dance battle with Princess Kraehe and dances a pas de deux all by herself... and wins.
    • Which is even more awesome since Kraehe was trying to goad her into confessing her love for Mytho, which would cause Tutu to fade away. Of course, that's only if she confesses using words...
  • Akt 23, with Rue's Calling the Old Man Out moment, followed immediately by her Heel Face Turn and an Heroic Sacrifice for the ages. In fact, Ahiru later admits to Fakir that she'd never be able to pull such a selfless act, if faced with the same situation.
  • Autor gets his own when he saves Fakir from having his hands cut off.
    • And he uses nothing but a book.
  • Fakir's got another one in episode 13, as well--when he faces down Kraehe's crows in an epic sword duel (which he'd previously been shown to be terrified of), complete with high jumps and impressive dodges to show how his ballet training has come in handy. It all ends with a Slipknot Ponytail moment as he struggles back to his feet after he appears to have been killed, and with a final blow slices a hypnotized Mytho's sword in half before he could shatter one of his heartshards.
  • And then there's Mytho in the final two episodes. He proves himself to be an even BETTER swordsman than Fakir when he has his heart back, and--with help from Ahiru and Fakir--rises up to meet the Raven (on a pillar of pink petals, no less), and pulls out Rue from the realm the Raven had imprisoned her in after her Heroic Sacrifice. That done, they grasp his sword together and destroy the Raven with a final blow to his heart. Somehow, he made even the pink petals look badass.
    • In the Japanese, his scream of "RUUUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEE!" is a crowning moment all its own.
  • The very climax of the story. Ahiru as a duck dances better than she's ever danced before, maybe even better than Tutu, while she's being attacked by villagers who've been turned into ravens. Even after being repeatedly beat down, she tells Fakir that she can still dance. This also gives Mytho the determination to pull of his aforementioned crowning moment.
  • Uzura turning the story backwards and letting the characters see their pasts.
  • As foppish as Femio may be, he was the only one to resist the Raven's power by himself.
  • Uzura guiding Fakir to the Lake of Despair, then guiding Fakir and Duck back to the surface with her drum.
  • Tutu saving Fakir from having his hands cut off. The man accosting him's awed gasp of "Princess Tutu!" really hits home, as does the imagery of her as a protective swan and the music swelling triumphantly.
  • An unusually strong entry from the fanbase, but this music video won the Best Action & Best Of Show categories in the Anime Boston 2006 Anime Music Video Contest. It (mostly spoiler-free) puts the entire plot of the series into three minutes, and does so in the most beautifully badass way possible. This troper specifically sought out and bought the entire series from this video alone.