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A subset of Heavy Metal which combines the musical intricacies of Progressive Rock with the heavy, guitar/drum-driven sound of metal. Progressive Metal may also include more overt flavorings of Classical music, such as operatic vocals or symphonic arrangements. A concrete definition of progressive metal is hard to pin down, so the status of many bands as progressive metal can be ambiguous.

Also, see Technical Death Metal and the "Avant-Garde/Progressive Black Metal" section in the Black Metal article.

Notable Progressive Metal bands include:

Tropes that apply to progressive metal:

  • Epic Rocking: Good luck finding a progressive metal band that hasn't ever used this trope.
  • Trope Maker: Probably Queensrÿche or Dream Theater. Fates Warning or Watchtower would count if you don't consider either of them to be Ur Example instead.
  • Uncommon Time: Used frequently. Again, pretty much all bands in the genre have used this trope at least occasionally, although some are more blatant about it than others.