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What might be called Out of Character Fan Service. When a person, usually female, poses for photographs, a painting or a sculpture scantily clad or even naked.

To avoid being filled with Truth in Television examples that number into the several millions, include a lot of celebrities of both genders, go back literally thousands of years and are the specialty of enough magazines to fill a small newsagent, we are going to limit this to fictional examples. These are cases where a character does it, for whatever reasons.

Another part of this trope is the photographer, who often says things like, "Work it, baby," and, "The camera loves you!"

There are also dozens of sub-tropes, enough to fill a small section of the Wiki, some of which could be titled "Breast of Friends", "Panty Pull" "Let's Save the World — By Getting Naked" and "Not Even Legal In Japan".

Fictional examples:

Anime and Manga

  • In Satoshi Kon's Perfect Blue former pop idol Mima poses for a photographer who gradually convinces her to undress.
  • Though done innocently enough and fully clothed, Rika in Digimon Tamers is made to pose for a photographer by her mother and ends up running out of the room after becoming upset with the procedure. Given that the photographer (in the English dub) was yelling things like, "Yes! Use that face like you're kissing your boyfriend!" her discomfort is understandable.
  • In the Revolutionary Girl Utena movie, Anthy and Utena end up as partners for an art assignment and have to sketch each other. Anthy persuades the rather shy Utena to disrobe in a scene dripping with Subtext, and when Utena asks Anthy to do the same, an important plot point in the movie is revealed.
  • Despite being one of the most violently uptight characters in Girls Bravo, during a photo shoot, Kirie is oddly into it, even to the point where she assists Koyomi in showing cleavage.
  • After an accident in which Ranma, from Ranma ½, destroys Nabiki's concert tickets, he tries everything in his power to make it up to her. Seeing she's still despondent, he goes as far as turning female, wearing lingerie, and posing for photographs (Nabiki herself often snapped candid pictures of Ranma's female form, without his knowledge or consent, to sell at school.) Ranma himself hates this sort of thing, and hates wearing female garments even more. But only after coming out with several dozen rolls of film does Nabiki's mood begin to improve.
    • Once, when Happosai used moxibustion to sap Ranma's strength, the latter retaliated by learning the Hiryuu Shoutenha technique, which requires the opponent to shed a hot, angry aura. Happosai was wise to this, though, and refused to show even the slightest anger. Ranma regrouped, changed into a girl, and took pictures of herself in lingerie — something Happosai had always wanted to see — in order to get the Dirty Old Man to emit an even hotter aura of lust.
  • Mikuru Asahina in Suzumiya Haruhi is constantly forced into such situations by Haruhi.
  • In Slayers, a young(er) Lina Inverse once made a tidy profit by magically projecting an image of her older sister, Luna, bathing. Luna's retribution is one of the reasons Lina is now TERRIFIED UNTO DEATH by even the slightest mention of said sister.
  • In her human identity (Non-Senkawa), this is Birdy's way of making ends meet.
  • In Kaguyahime Akira frequently poses nude for her adopted mother to draw.
  • Sort of inverted in School Rumble where rumor goes around that one of the more well endowed teachers is posing nude for the art teacher to draw. When the gang of school perverts goes to see the art piece, it's so abstract you can't make anything out.
  • In an early Ah! My Goddess chapter, Keichii and Belldandy end up modeling for Sayoko's art club. The thing that Keichii considers the worst part of the job is that Belldandy is modeling naked and he can't see anything from his pose. Sayoko's hopes of embarrassing Belldandy with this job is thwarted twice over. First, Belldandy isn't bothered by the request to pose naked in front a group of total strangers (having little understanding of human social conventions at this point in time). Second, when Sayoko displays the paintings that the various members of the club produced around campus, she finds that for some inexplicable (to her) reason, all of the paintings they produced ended up being of subjects other than Keichii and Belldandy.
  • Completely and utterly inverted in Esper Mami — Mami's father is a painter specializing in nude figure painting, and Mami is his favorite subject, something she is not upset by in the least. Her house (and bedroom) are filled with nude paintings of her, something of which she isn't really embarrassed about. The main male lead, however, is embarrassed enough for the both of them. The trope is played more straight later on when she poses for an artist who isn't her father, however, and feels somewhat uncomfortable about it. Did we mention this was a kids show, Barbie Doll Anatomy, Scenery Censor and Nippled and Dimed are all fairly averted, and that Mami is a freshman in high school?
  • As with nearly every other form of Fan Service, the anime Maicchingu Machiko Sensei plays with this trope:
    • One episode showed the school art teacher painting Machiko. It's believed that he is painting her nude at first but we later find out that she was clothed for the session.
    • Another episode had a pervy male teacher make a nude sculpture of Machiko, although she didn't pose for it.
    • In yet another episode, her own students needed to raise money and talked her into stripping down to her underwear to take photos and send them into a magazine. One student tricks her into losing her bra and snaps a few photos of his own, which is the sort of thing that happened a lot in that show. By the way... kids' show!
  • In Hanaukyo Maid Tai, the main character is having an art lesson where the teacher very unexpectedly drops her clothes and poses with some fruit. This makes sense when you realize several of the teachers and students are covertly members of said main character's Unwanted Harem of maids.
  • Tiger and Bunny's oft-Lampshaded Mr. Fanservice Barnaby Brooks Jr. finds himself the subject of a swimsuit photo shoot in the fifteenth episode. Kotetsu gets to participate too, though not quite in the same way.
  • Yoshinoya-sensei from Hidamari Sketch often dresses up in skimpy outfits when acting as a model for her students.
  • Island of Giant Insects, Aoyama Nozomi was forced as a nude model by her art teacher.
  • One Piece, Nami does this posing in a seductive manner, the first time she thought it was for a modeling magazine. Turns out it was for her bounty picture. Later after two years she gets another one that is even more seductive. Her father figure back home attempts to make a complaint to Marine HQ as she felt the picture would attract more suitors than bounty hunters, though he has a blown up version of the first one in his office.

Comic Books

  • In the Marvel Universe, candid shots of She Hulk sunbathing topless were published in a sleazy men's magazine. She ended up being unable to get the negatives back, but achieved a minor victory by wadding up the safe in which they were stored into a metal ball. And, then, the printer "color-corrected" the pictures.
  • In Teen Titans, Mirage used her illusion powers to disguise herself as Starfire and pose naked for a men's magazine. Starfire was not amused when she found out.
  • In Red Hood and the Outlaws, Starfire is at the beach in her revealing bathing suit where a young boy snaps a picture and posts it on social media.


  • The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard has the main character's daughter end up on a spread that gets projected onto the side of the Houses of Parliament (in reference to when FHM did the same thing with Gail Porter).
  • In The Truth About Cats and Dogs, Uma Thurman's character gets outed as Playing Cyrano when the male character in the whole thing sees her as Miss January.
  • Maybe the most famous example: Kate Winslet posing nude so that Leonardo DiCaprio can sketch her in Titanic.

 Rose: I want you to draw me wearing this. (Holds up a necklace)

Jack: Okay

Rose: Only this.

Jack: *choke*

  • Flubber (1997), the main characters enters the wrong classroom and begins teaching. There are two nude models in the human drawing class.


  • Diane in Memoirs Of A Beatnik.
  • Planet of the Apes, the apes photographed several naked bodies of men and women that they killed. Nova served as a model of sorts when Ulysses drew a picture of her.
  • In the Barn by Piers Anthony, one of the parallel inspectors took a snapshot of an image for a naked woman on a farm. His superiors believed it to be some sort of barn party, but later is that the woman was one of many that served as livestock on the parallel Earth.
  • The Mount by Carol Emshwiller, the Hoots usually photograph their Sams and Sues (tamed men and wome) in their birthdays suits to provide their customers with a selection to sell them as mounts.

Live Action TV

  • A character in the ITV 1 comedy-drama Honest is an aspiring model and posed for some for her portfolio. She also poses topless for a gossip magazine, but we don't see this. (Ironically, she was the only regular of the right age to do that sort of thing- Amanda Redman being somewhat too old and her sister being too young IC- that we didn't seen topless).
  • Features in an episode of Airwolf.
  • One episode of Hustle forces a member of the team to pose nude for painters. And it isn't Stacy; it's Albert.
  • Green Wing has Martin Dear modelling for an art class in one episode. You don't see anything during the class, but the finished painting we see shows him in all his glory.
  • At least two episodes of Baywatch revolved around female characters posing for magazines. Basically an(other) excuse for a Fan Service montage. As if they ever needed one!
  • An episiode of Boston Public had a young one-shot character who was berated for doing so, but they broke their Aesop by having this just-say-no speech delivered by Jeri Ryan, the producer-dating Ms. Fanservice of Voyager.
  • On How I Met Your Mother, Barney discovers a nude portrait of Marshall that Lily had made and asks her to do one of him. She reluctantly agrees, but does get even with him by omitting "little Barney" from the painting.
  • Gilmore Girls poked fun at the frequency of this happening in real life when Lorelai allowed Lane's band to practice in her garage only if she promised to "never pose naked on the cover of Rolling Stone no matter how much trouble your career is in."
  • In the NCIS episode "Bikini Wax", a dead petty officer (who was participating in a bikini contest) is discovered to have taken part in a lingerie shoot for a magazine, getting a slap on the wrist for it by the U.S. Navy. When this is discovered, the woman who tells them volunteers to get the magazine for them, only for it to emerge that Tony has all the back issues of said magazine (his Porn Stash must be considerable to say the least) anyway.
    • Later in the episode, Tony and Kate go to see the photographer. As they enter the studio, Kate makes the standard feminist "it's demeaning to women" comment. They enter the studio- where three men in speedos are doing a shoot. Kate has a big grin on her face.
    • It gets even better. At the end of the episode, Tony has gone to Panama City for spring break (he may well be 34/35 at this point, but he still acts like the fratboy he once was). Drunk, he gets up from the chair where he's just had booze poured down a funnel into his mouth. He walks over to a wall of pictures marked "Wet T-Shirt Hall of Fame". Guess who's the 1994 entry...
  • A perennial sitcom plot (going back at least as far as The Dick Van Dyke Show) deals with a female regular trying to recover and dispose of a nude portrait from her younger days. Usually Hand Waved by the claim that she posed in a swimsuit (or didn't pose at all) and the author worked from his imagination.
    • On Life Goes On, the woman poses for the painting deliberately and, very unusually, it's shown on screen.
    • Three's Company has a rare male example.
  • A 2009 ITV drama, Whatever It Takes, focused on a woman who became a glamour model after her career as a police officer ended after she was caught having sex in a car with a footballer.
  • Spoofed in The Soup, when Heidi Spencer-Pratt modeled for Playboy. They showed film supposedly of the actual photoshoot (but really a sketch) involving a mannequin modeling in a bikini, being knocked over by the fan blowing her hair in the wind, and the photographer desperately trying to rebuild her but ending up creating a Picasso-esque mess. And then he throws mud on it (as the actual photo showed her covered in mud). Of course, the entire time the photographer is yelling things like 'Oh Heidi, you plastic beauty!'
  • Following losing her job on Foyle's resignation in Foyle's War, Samantha Stewart ends up working for an artist as a general helper, which ends up with some nude modelling for a piece destined for the National Gallery. This being a crime drama, the artist gets killed. It's embarrassing enough for Sam when the detectives start going through all his sketches to inventory them — she tries to stop them doing that. Then Foyle shows up and gets an eyeful of one of them. He's relatively un-fazed by an image of his former driver in her birthday suit, but points out she does have a rather good motive for murder.
  • In the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy", the holographic Doctor has added the ability to daydream to his program, but finds that he is no longer able to control when he is daydreaming or not and is having trouble distinguishing daydreams from reality. B'Elana Torres downloads his daydreams into the holodeck in an attempt to diagnose the problem, and we find that in one of his daydreams the Doctor is an artist painting a naked Seven of Nine.
  • One episode of All American Girl involves a sculptor offering to create a nude statue of Margaret. Aware of her less-than-flattering figure, Margaret even tells him to "forget accurate — make me hot!"
  • Done in Living Single, when Max poses nude for Regine's boyfriend Keith. Played completely for laughs, including a Between My Legs shot of Max showing the other characters reactions ("Max, you pierced your belly button!").
  • In Bread, aspiring model Aveline had some topless shots taken by an unscrupulous photographer who sold them to a men's magazine. One of her brothers buys all of the copies of the magazine at the local newsagent so their mother doesn't see them.


  • J. Geils Band's "Centerfold".

Video Games

  • In A Dance With Rogues, you have the option to pose for a nude portrait for extra cash early in the game. It isn't the cleverest of options since the portrait is then stolen by the Dhorn and you have to retrieve it from a heavily-guarded facility to prevent your identity from being realized.


  • In a Sluggy Freelance filler arc, Torg started a sexy webcam when he switched bodies with Zoe, and Zoe herself continued it after finding out how well it paid. A canon strip revealed this to be All Just a Dream, however.
    • Worth noting is that said filler arc was drawn by Phil and Kaja Foglio, the same minds behind Girl Genius.
  • In SSDD, this strip had in the background a picture of Florence Ambrose, from Freefall, posing nude with a piece of industrial equipment for a calendar, in a contribution from Freefall's Mark Stanley to SSDD. Between her fur, her build, and the pose, though, nothing "naughty" is really showing. (The large version can be seen here.)

Western Animation