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File:One Piece pummel duel 6377.jpg

Double the Fisticuffs, double the fun!

Two characters engage in a duel of Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs and struggle for dominance. Very common in shonen action series, and often used in conjunction with Flash Steps.

The Trope Namer is the Cult Hit video game God Hand, where two characters trying to use the "pummel" attack on each other results in this. It appears in most other titles made by Platinum Games from that game onwards.




  • Ip Man 2 has Ip versus Master Hung, as well as both of them, not together though, doing this with the Twister.
  • Juken Sentai Gekiranger in Training 5, Ran and Kademu engage in this trope during their final battle.

Video Games

  • God Hand, as the trope namer description indicates, tends to have these often when you fight Azel, Gene's Evil Counterpart.
    • God Hand also has the same thing with kicks while fighting Azel.
  • Like wise, Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage has them during most boss fights with other martial arts users.
  • The battle between Jack and the Final Boss in MadWorld, which is a Shout-Out to the above God Hand example. Justified as the game was created by Platinum Games, a company made of up of the remains of Clover Studios, who were responsible for--you guessed it--God Hand. It's also found in Anarchy Reigns, the pseudo-sequel to the game when two characters enter Rampage Mode and attack each other.
  • And seen yet again in Bayonetta, between The titlular character and her rival Jeanne. With giant fists made of hair no less. Platinum Games seems to really love this trope.
  • Done another time in Vanquish in Sam Gideon's Fight against the Leader of the Order Of the Russian Star. Being directed by the same guy who directed God Hand, it also counts as a Shout-Out.
    • It's worth noting that Sam performs this against two mechs under the Big Bad's control simultaniously.
  • This happens in the Dragonball Z Budokai games whenever two characters match blows. After a short period of time, whoever has the advantage will break the duel and get a free shot at the loser.
  • Asura's Wrath has one in the form of Asura and his Old Master Augus. What makes this especially impressive is that the two armed Augus is able to match Asura blow for blow, when he has all SIX of his own arms out. Arms with Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs that can become so powerful they can DESTROY PLANET SIZED OBJECTS! The Way the Pummel Duel plays out is definately a Shout-Out to the Clover Studios/ Platinum Games style of Pummel Duel's, and takes it up to eleven with Cross Counter's added in for extra oomph. Go here to find it.
    • And all this is happening to the sound of the New World Symphony.
    • Asura later gets one with Chakravartin. This one is especially spectacular considering the latter got MORE ARMS THAN ASURA HIMSELF
    • Happens again in the finale of Lost Episode 2, between Mantra Asura and Oni.

Real Life