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The hero is a magical being (or alien species) and no one else in his village is like him. No one knows whether he really is the Last of His Kind. He wants to find others like him, so he goes on a quest to search for them. In the end, he may find a hidden community made up of beings like them... or not.

What might seem odd is that the character is usually very pleased to be unique (as Tigger declares in his theme song), until he reflects that it also means being surrounded by people who can't possibly relate. Another oddity is that, if The Rest actually show up, the character often sides with them by merit of being one of them, in the face of any other logic (e.g., that they are bad guys). In the end, though, the character will oftentimes find he has no real connection to The Rest other than biological; The Power of Friendship means that he really belongs with the main cast — at least, in more idealistic stories.

See also There Is Another.

Examples of Quest for the Rest include:


Comic Books


  • In CJ Cherryh's Faded Sun trilogy, most of the mri, a Proud Warrior race, are massacred with the collusion of humanity. The two survivors search for others of their kind with the help of a sympathetic human. Eventually they find them, and their race's hidden planet of origin.
  • Tony and Tia in Alexander Key's Escape to Witch Mountain. They try to find other people with their special powers.
  • The Last Unicorn
  • In the Earth's Children series Ayla is looking for more of the Others.

Live Action TV

Video Games

  • This is Naija's starting motivation to venture out into the world of Aquaria since she's lonely and fears she's the last of her kind.

Western Animation