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File:Quino 3960.jpg

Hush... master at work.

Joaquín Salvador Lavado, known for his Pen Name Quino, is an Argentinian cartoonist born in 1932.

Widely known as the creator of Mafalda, which is considered by many as his masterpiece, however Quino has also published several cartoons and humor books. Most of these works have an intelligent and dark sense of humor, similar to The Perry Bible Fellowship.

A list of books published by him (not including Mafalda):

  • Mundo Quino (Quino World, 1963)
  • ¡A mí no me grite! (Don't you yell at me!, 1972)
  • Yo que usted... (If I were you... , 1973)
  • Bien gracias, ¿y usted? (Well thank you, and you?, 1976)
  • Hombres de Bolsillo (Pocket men, 1977)
  • A la buena mesa (To the fine dinning, 1980)
  • Ni arte ni parte (Neither art nor part, 1981)
  • Déjenme Inventar (Let me Invent, 1983)
  • Quinoterapia (Quinotherapy, 1985)
  • Gente en su sitio (People in their place, 1986)
  • Sí, Cariño (Yes, Dear, 1987)
  • Potentes, prepotentes e impotentes (Powerful, arrogant and impotent", 1989)
  • Humano se nace (As a human one is born, 1991)
  • ¡Yo no fui! (I didn't do it!, 1994)
  • ¡Qué mala es la gente! (How bad are people!, 1996)
  • ¡Cuánta bondad! (How much goodness!, 1999)
  • Esto no es todo (This is not all, 2002)
  • ¡Qué presente impresentable! (What unpresentable present!, 2005)
  • La aventura de comer (The adventure of eating,2007)

General tropes present in Quino's works:

Individual cartoons provide examples of: