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The Other Wiki tells us that "Rain is a type of precipitation in which liquid drops of water fall toward the surface of the earth."

This is a disambiguation page. On All The Tropes, Rain could refer to:



  • Rain (entertainer) (born 1982), South Korean pop artist and actor
  • Rain (wrestler) (born 1981), American wrestler
  • Douglas Rain (1928–2018), Canadian actor and narrator
  • Rainn Wilson, American actor


  • Rain (Van Gogh), an 1889 painting by Vincent Van Gogh


  • Rain (1929 film), a Dutch short film by Joris Ivens
  • Rain (1932 film), a drama starring Joan Crawford
  • The Rain (film), a 1976 Bangladeshi film
  • Rain (2001 film), a New Zealand drama by Christine Jeffs
  • Baran (film) or Rain, a 2001 Iranian film
  • Rain (2005 film) or Rain: The Terror Within..., a Bollywood erotic thriller
  • Rain (2006 film), a film starring Faye Dunaway
  • Rain (2008 film), a Bahamian film starring C. C. H. Pounder
  • Rain (2013 film), an adaptation of the video game Heavy Rain


  • Rain (poetry collection), a 2009 book by Don Paterson
  • "Rain" (short story), a short story by W. Somerset Maugham
  • Rain, a 2000 novel in The Hudson series by V. C. Andrews
  • Rain, a 1994 novel by Kirsty Gunn
  • The Rain, a 1988 mystery novel by Keith Peterson

Live-Action TV

  • Rain (TV series), an Indonesian soap opera musical comedy drama
  • The Rain (TV series), a Danish Netflix television series
  • "Rain", an episode of CSI: NY


  • Rain (American band), a post-hardcore band
  • Rain (British band), a rock band from Liverpool
  • The Rain (Basingstoke band), later Clark Springs, an indie band from Basingstoke, England
  • The Rain (Manchester band), a band from Manchester, England, that eventually evolved into Oasis
  • Rain (Japanese band), an instrumental rock band
  • Rain, a late 1960s California-based group formed by members of The Dartells
  • Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles, a 1975 Beatles tribute band and show


  • Rain (opera), an opera by Richard Owen

Video Games

  • Rain (video game), a 2013 PlayStation game
  • Heavy Rain

Web Comics

  • Rain (webcomic), a 2010 trans-themed webcomic by Jocelyn Samara DiDomenick