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Rambo: There isn't a one of us who doesn't want to be someplace else....but this is what we do. Who we are. Live for nothing, or die for something. Your call.

  • How about Rambo brilliantly wiping out a horde of the Burmese soldiers and their dogs using a mine and a WWII Bomb?
  • Not to mention when the boat is raided by pirates. Rambo tries to be diplomatic, but when they don't relent, he loses his shit and blows a boatload of them away. When one of the missionaries he's got onboard complains, Rambo puts him in his place: "They would have raped her fifty times... and cut your fucking heads off! Who are you?! Who are any of you?!"
    • No, he doesn't lose his shit - it's the pirates or the missionary girl at that point. The choice is clear, and he made it with one-to-two shots each.
  • Schoolboy gets his own CMoA when he annihilates the two soldiers on the road with his M82, saving Rambo and Sarah.
  • And the scene where he grabs a Burmese soldier from behind and slowly crushes fucking rips out his throat with his bare hands!
  • Rambo, fresh from being tortured by the Soviets in First Blood Part II, beating the ever-living crap out of his guards with a goddamn radio!
  • Sneaking up on a Burmese soldier in Rambo... and beheading him with one swing of his sword.
  • The pacifist missionary finally takes action and beats a soldier to death with a rock, face-to-face.
  • Rambo threatening the sheriff in First Blood and reducing him to tears.
  • Rambo, AKA "The Fucking Boatman", popping out of nowhere and killing Burmese soldiers with rapid-fire arrowing.
  • Rambo laying waste to the Burmese forces with a .50 caliber machine gun. The highlight of the battle: Rambo getting shot in the shoulder and taking a moment to secure his footing when he sees a truck full of Burmese reinforcements coming down the road. Cue Rambo jumping up, getting back behind the gun and unloading it at the truck, with the bullets chopping down the trees that stand between him and the truck and turning at least one of the soldiers into a human volcano and absolutely slaughtering the rest.
  • Rambo gutting the Big Bad of Part IV in the only scene where they meet eye-to-eye.
  • A real life example: While the fourth Rambo film is banned from being distributed in Burma for its honest portrayal of the Burmese military's sickening brutality towards helpless ethnic minorities, bootleg copies of the film's DVD are extremely popular amongst the Karen National Liberation Army, which fights the Burmese military's tyranny. Rambo's signature quote from the film, "Live for Nothing, or Die for Something", has become a morale-lifting battle-cry amongst the Karen Warriors - a point which Stallone himself has said to be "my proudest moments in cinema."
  • The forest scene in First Blood. All of the gunfight scenes cannot compare to how Rambo essentially called out the spirit of Rainsford to dispense non-lethal takedowns against several cops hunting him down with assault rifles.
  • Rambo blowing up Lt. Tay with an explosive-tipped arrow in First Blood Part II.
    • Rambo's final confrontation with Murdock, in which he slams his combat knife into the table, mere inches from the bastard's head... and then says this spine-chilling line:

Rambo: "You know there's more men out there and you know where they are. Find them... or I'll find you."