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Man versus Machine. (Note: The man wins)

Complete Destruction Machine Gun Game


Razing Storm is a Light Gun Rail Shooter arcade game developed and published by Namco Bandai Games for the System 357[1] board.

You play as two members of a special forces unit, identified as Alpha One and Alpha Two, to fight futuristic terrorists. Most of the game primarily involves the use of an machine gun that is effective against soldiers and lightly armoured personnel. At certain points, you will fight against the terrorists' death machines. These include the fast but weak Mini-Mecha "Raptor", a Spider Tank, and Humongous Mecha known as "Kraken", forcing you to change weapons. Your mission is to eliminate the terrorist threat and destroy the enemy's headquarters, while battling the terrorists and their Humongous Mecha in the process.

As in Crisis Zone, the player is equipped with a handheld ballistic shield. When the shield is deployed, the player is impervious to all types of damage and ammunition, although he is unable to attack.

The weapons include:

The sequel to this game is soon to be ported to PlayStation 3 under the new "Move" controls (which unfortunately turned the game into something akin to a First-Person Shooter). Two other arcade shooters will be packaged with it: Time Crisis 4 (the arcade, not the earlier console version) and the obscure DeadStorm Pirates. In the sequel mode, the player controls Delta 1 and fights in battles before, during, and after the arcade version, eventually completing the sequelhook' rescue mission and battling the not-dead Paulo Guerra

Not to be confused with the similarly named super move of Geese Howard (Raging Storm)

This game provides examples of:

  1. Namco's arcade board based on the PlayStation 3