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File:Realbouthighschool 9258.jpg

Real Bout High School (Alternate title: Samurai Girl: Real Bout High School) is a martial arts manga written by Reiji Saiga and illustrated by Sora Inoue, serialized in Dragon (magazine) from 1999 to 2003, and adapted into a 13-episode anime series in 2001. It centers around a high school where martial arts are part of the standard curriculum; one of its students, Samurai Girl Ryoko Mitsurugi, is the top fighter and most popular girl in school... until a challenger arrives in the form of the uncouth Shizuma Kusanagi, a transfer student from Kansai. While he lacks Ryoko's grace, he soon proves to be a powerful fighter, and may surpass Ryoko as the best fighter at Daimon High. Principal Takao Todo encourages rivalry between the competitors, setting up a dangerous "K-Fighting" tournament where even the teachers can join in and settle once-and-for-all just who is the top dog on campus.

This Manga contains examples of:


 Takasugi: H-How dare you...

Dragon: Wait, Takasugi. She's good. I'll go...

(Ryoko smashes his face in with her wooden sword, knocking a few of his teeth out in the process)

Ryoko: Gotcha!

Dragon: Awful... I haven't... said...