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Real Life Comics is a Life Embellished webcomic by Greg Dean. It's not as faithful to real life as it claims, but the majority of the cast does consist of the Author Avatar and people he knows. The comic has been going since 1999, making it among the oldest webcomics out there, predating Keenspot, Megatokyo, and Bob and George.

The comic is updated on weekdays. Not to be confused with, well, Real Life.

Tropes used in Real Life Comics include:


Harper: Gweeee!

Greg: That's right, Harper, demons do gots to be slain!

  • Creator Breakdown: A very minor version; when Greg's relationships with Crystal and Lizzie ended, he didn't do comics for a week, simply putting up a note saying that he didn't feel much like being funny at the moment. Of course, he got over it, and now that he's married it probably won't happen again. (Unless, God forbid, he gets a divorce.)
  • Cut and Paste Comic: Most of the comics consist of the characters and backgrounds being cut and pasted with new dialogue put in. The creator sometimes makes a fuss about new backgrounds or objects.
    • One arc, mirroring Greg and Liz' real world house-hunting, had a strip in which the camera suddenly refused to follow the characters. Then a note floated down from the cartoonist, stating that due to the flurry of new backgrounds he's had to make recently, he had decided to go into a coma.
  • Dangerously Genre Savvy: Tony. He appears to have read the Evil Overlord List at least. Review his take on the Death Trap and Why Don't Ya Just Shoot Him as an example.
  • Death Ray
  • Detonation Moon: Joked about in this strip
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Early strips made more references to anime and really abused the Life Embellished concept, as seen when Greg goes on a date with Belldandy and Tony builds a Mechwarrior which causes his girlfriend to complain until the author bribes her with an Evangelion. After a while most of the unrealistic wackiness was confined to Tony and his Evil Overlord antics.
  • Easter Egg: Repeated uses of the number 42.
  • Evil Overlord: Tony.
  • Fridge Brilliance: In one strip, Greg suggests that the graphic designer of the much-reviled Comic Sans font was actually a genius, because it's basically a huge flashing sign that screams "I'm incompetent and need the help of a graphic designer." Liz is stunned when she realizes that it makes perfect sense.
  • Fun with Acronyms: This strip. Try saying N.O.T.C. out loud.
  • Fun with Subtitles
  • Gender Flip: With alternate-universe versions of the main characters.
  • Glasses Do Something Unusual: Dave's glasses have infrared, HUD, etc. which explains why they're not clear.
  • Guest Strip
  • Harmless Electrocution: Hilarity Ensues when Tony dials the home number while Greg works on the phone-line


  • ZAAAP*

Greg: "DO YOU MIND!?"


 Tony: How long have you been playing?

Greg: 27 hours, non-stop.

Tony: Well, you have stopped to eat though, right?

Greg: Eat? Oh yeah...that thing I need to do to not die.


 Liz: Hey sweetie, I'm back- Good Lord, you're still racing on the same track!?

Greg: Endurance race. 200 laps. Can't stop. Need money.

Liz: You know, Gran Turismo has a pause button. It's not against the rules.

Greg: Can't pause. Pausing loses races.

Liz: Sweetheart, you ... you haven't blinked since I've gotten here.

Greg: Can't blink. Blinking loses races.

Liz (looking freaked out): ... I'm just going to cut my losses, not ask what else loses races, and never sit on that couch again.


 Greg: Liz, it's smiling at me. Why is it smiling at me?

Liz: It's excited that you're going to eat it, of course.

Greg: That's cute, and yet surprisingly morbid all at the same time.