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Rede Record de Televisão (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈʁedʒi ʁeˈkɔʁ]) also known simply as Record, is a Brazilian television network, founded in 1953 by Paulo Machado de Carvalho, also founder of Rádio Record. Currently it is owned by Brazilian businessman Edir Macedo, who is also founder and bishop of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.

A network with programs and broadcasts in the 1950s and the early and mid-1960s, it ended up struggling in an uphill battle in the late 1960s (caused mainly by the rise of its biggest rival, Rede Globo), and then suffered a Dork Age which stretched from The Seventies up to the end of The Eighties (making it one of the worst declines suffered by a TV network). After being acquired by businessman Edir Macedo in 1990, it enjoyed an unprecedented amount of resurgence in the 1990s and in the Turn of the Millennium, and by 2007, it clinched second place in São Paulo's TV ratings (overtaking its second biggest rival, SBT). It is known as the oldest TV network in Brazil, with over 61 years of continuous operations.

Record's Start (1953-1960)

The First Golden Age (1960-1968)

Leading Up To The Dork Age (1968-1970)

The Dork Age (1970-1990)

The End of the Dork Age and The Beginning of Resurgence (1990-2003)

Growing Bigger and Stronger (2003-2007)

"On The Way To Leadership", continued success (2007-present)