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Reginald Hudlin, film writer and director, was President of Entertainment at BET and writer of Black Panther for Marvel Comics. He was an executive producer for The Boondocks while it was under development at FOX. Though no longer involved by the time the show was picked up by Adult Swim, the show was contractually obligated to continue to credit him as a producer. A parody of Hudlin appears in two episodes of The Boondocks second season, as a sellout BET executive named Weggie Rudlin, with a Harvard degree - similar to Hudlin's real role at BET.

Tropes associated with his works:

  • Author Tract
  • Fantastic Racism: He once wrote a comic where Black Panther saves a bunch of Skrulls from some other Skrulls, in a continuation of an old Fantastic Four comic. Half the Skrulls were living as black people, mainly Civil Rights activists from the 60's (with a Malcolm X skrull and a Black Panther movement), and the other half were 30's style white Gangsters, persecuting the "Black" Skrulls.
  • Idiot Ball
  • Politically-Incorrect Villain: Dr. Doom, Ulysses Klaw and arguably any non-BP character.
  • Sock Puppet: Has been caught using them to defend his Black Panther.
  • Token Romance / Token Minority Couple: Storm and Black Panther
  • The Worf Effect: His retcon of the fight between T'Chaka and Captain America during World War II went from being a fight between equals that made both characters look good into a Curb Stomp Battle where T'Chaka easily pwns a Type II Eaglelander of a Captain America.
  • Writer on Board