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Describe Replay Value here. Describe Replay Value here. Describe Replay Value here. Describe Replay Value here. Describe Replay Value here. Describe Replay Value here. Describe Replay Value here. Describe Replay Value here...

That one sentence repeated over and over wouldn't make you want to view this page, would it? It's the same with video games - the same thing over and over gets boring after a while. Basically, replay value is how fun a game is after you've beaten it - either by starting a new game or by continuing the game after you've completed the main objective of it.

This can be done in several ways:

  • Adding branches in a game to make it less linear, so you can experience different things in the same game.
  • Including a Karma Meter or Relationship Values so that every choice a player makes influences the game in a different way.
  • In RPGs and games with RPG Elements, having a number of different possible ways to build your main character or characters, such as specializing in weapons or magic.
  • Including some form of New Game+.
  • Including several bonus features, such as Bonus Bosses or Bonus Dungeons.
  • Great music.
  • Generating certain things, such as levels, randomly.
  • Options that affect the gameplay.
  • Including a map editor and other means for players to generate and share their own content
  • Varied enemies\environments that require different skills to pass, or even different styles of play.
  • And just creating a good game in general.

For examples on how not to do it, see Fake Longevity.

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