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Robin McKinley is an American fantasy author, whose works often have active female heroes.

She has written two novels and a number of short stories in the world of Damar. The Blue Sword was a Newbery Honor book and The Hero and The Crown won a Newbery Medal.

She has written several novels retelling folk tales, including Robin Hood (The Outlaws of Sherwood), Sleeping Beauty (Spindle's End), Donkeyskin (Deerskin), and two different retellings of Beauty and The Beast written 20 years apart (Beauty and Rose Daughter).

Works by Robin McKinley with their own trope page include:

Robin McKinley's other works provide examples of:

  1. If you're curious, the Fisher Court has twelve members: Master, Chalice, Grand Seneschal, Prelate, and the "minor circle" composed of the Clearseer, Keepfast, Landsman, Oakstaff, Sunbrightener, Talisman, Weatheraugur, and (presumably) an eighth member whose title isn't mentioned anywhere in the book.