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Prime Time News Magazine Show launched in fall 2011, hosted by NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams. An attempt by the Peacock Network to return to the style of in-depth investigative journalism long since abandoned (indeed, never fully embraced) in favor of True Crime and Missing White Woman Syndrome by Dateline NBC.

Perhaps unfortunately, the Penn State footbal scandal led to the show's first major splash to be alleged pedophile coach Jerry Sandusky's phone interview with Bob Costas (though it was unexpected as Costas was only supposed to interview Sandusky's lawyer before he suggested putting his client on the line), but network management has kept those pieces to one 10-12 minute segment rather than the whole hour, and before long lead stories such as Ted Koppel's piece on forces attatched to the U.S. embassy remaining in Iraq after the military pullout reasserted the original vision.

As of 3/7/2012, it's on its' third timeslot (10 PM Monday, 9 PM Wednesday, and now 10 PM Wed.) in six months. That said, this isn't necessarily NBC trying to kill the show--although it hardly gets high ratings, news programs are even cheaper to make than reality shows, which means that it can still be quite profitable. On the other hand, if NBC has a new reality show (which get high ratings) in the pipeline...