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The Documentary, only based around rock/pop music and those who perform it, officially known as a video album. These can be an analysis of the culture or industry surrounding music or can focus on a single band. This naturally overlaps with the concert film or live DVD.

The exact distinction of a Rockumentary can be difficult to draw. A full-blown live show wouldn't count unless it contains an actual documentary portion (observations, interviews, hand-held-camera sections, history etc.) A concert inter cut with backstage footage and documentary-like segments would be borderline.

Also see Wikipedia's article on it.

Rockumentaries about bands:

Rockumentaries about the music:

  • It Might Get Loud (a documentary on the electric guitar featuring Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge).
  • Heavy Metal Parking Lot
  • Metal: A Headbanger's Journey
    • Global Metal.
  • Until the Light Takes Us
  • Heavy: The Story of Metal
  • Heavy Metal: Louder than Life
  • The Decline of Western Civilization
  • The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years
  • Kill Your Idols (name based on the song by Sonic Youth).
  • Long Way to the Top: Stories of Australian Rock & Roll

Mockumentaries In the Style Of the Rockumentary: