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File:SaeRom Logo 5998.png

Saerom (Or Sae Rom as they're alternatively credited as) is a South Korean company founded in 1987 and got its start at animating mostly American shows. They're probably known for very Deranged Animation in their works.

Compare AKOM, Rough Draft Studios, Dong Woo Animation, Hanho Heung Up, DR Movie, Sunwoo Entertainment and Digital E Mation, eight other major South Korean studios. Also compare Hong Ying, a Chinese studio, also known for exporting crazy cartoons.

Shows that Saerom has animated include (works sent off to former subsidiary Saerom Plus One, now known as Plus One Animation, under contract marked with *)

Tropes associated with Saerom

  • Animation Bump: Present in many shows (especially the deranged ones).
  • Deranged Animation: Extremely evident, but Adventure Time, Flapjack, The Twisted Tales Of Felix The Cat, and Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog especially.
  • Limited Animation: Visible in many of their action shows and adds to their already disturbing animation of the others.
  • Medium Blending: NASCAR Racers
  • Off-Model: Both intentionally and unintentionally. Of course, the less said about the Battletoads pilot, the better.