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File:SlamMasters 3412.png

Saturday Night Slam Masters (Muscle Bomber: The Body Explosion in Japan) is a Wrestling Game-slash-Fighting Game released by Capcom in 1993 for the arcades. The original game is a typical Wrestling Game set on the viewpoint used by Fighting Games, with the winning conditions being either a 3-count pin, 20 seconds ring out or forcing the opponent to give up. The story revolves around the CWA (Capcom Wrestling Association), which was formed by 8 different wrestling groups all led by Victor Ortega. When Ortega suddenly vanishes, the group falls into chaos and the BWA (Blood Wrestling Association) takes advantage. A tournament is started to find the new chief of the CWA. The game itself has no actual story, and the endings are just the winning character bragging about his victory.

There are 10 original characters, almost all of which have Dub Name Changes. They are presented English name first:

  • Alexander the Grater (Sheep the Royal): Hailing from Autralia, a former Rubgy player who moved to America and gained notoriety for being way too violent. After being kicked out of Football, he turned to pro wrestling.
  • Biff Slamkovich (Aleksey Salazof): A Russian wrestler from a bureaucratic family who trains under Mike Haggar. He hates when people don't take wrestling seriously. Alex bears more than a passing resemblance to him.
  • El Stingray (El Stinger): Mexican Masked Luchador with a highly flashy and acrobatic style, which he's very proud of.
  • Gunloc (Lucky Colt): American wrestler very popular with the crowd. He trains alongside Biff with Haggar, and has the bad habit of hitting on Jessica whenever he can, gaining the hatred of Jessica's boyfriend Cody. The English localization threw in hints about him being related to a certain Street Fighter, which were picked up by Street Fighter the Movie, where the Cyborg character Blade is revealed to be him, as well as Guile's brother (rather than being hinted about it).
  • Jumbo Flapjack (Kimala the Bouncer): A BWA wrestler from Chicago and The Dragon to Scorpion. He enjoys seeing blood dripping from his victims. Before joining Scorpion he worked first as a bouncer and later as a wrestler's bodyguard, in both cases losing his job after getting a bit too violent.
  • King Rasta Mon ("Missing IQ" Gomez): Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Rasta Mon lived peacefully among monkeys until he was found and his abilities tested, which led to him joining pro wrestling. He has a monkey buddy, Freak, which serves as his manager.
  • Mike "Macho" Haggar: Everyone's favourite Metro City Mayor, in his pre-elections wrestling career (changed in English as being post-mayoral career; Haggar comes out of retirement to show all the young punks in the CWA what a real wrestler is).
  • The Great Oni (Mysterious Budo): A flashy and speedy wrestler from Japan, which excites the crowd with his style. He's got a rivalry with El Stingray due to their fast and flashy styles.
  • The Scorpion (The Astro): The mysterious leader of the BWA, whose past is unknown. The closest the game has to a Big Bad.
  • Titanic Tim (Titan the Great): An English wrestler who uses his large size to intimitade his opponent. He's acquaintances with Birdie and at times they formed a tag team nicknamed "500 Trillon Power."

Following ports for the SNES and Mega Drive, an Updated Rerelease titled Muscle Bomber Duo was released in arcades, focusing on the tag team mode of the original. Finally, a third game was released under the name Ring of Destruction - Slam Masters II (Super Muscle Bomber: The International Blowout in Japan), which ditched the wrestling mechanics for a pure Fighting Game experience (in other words, it featured round-based matches and victory by K.O.), under the excuse of Scorpion changing the rules. Outside that, the game follows the same non-plot as before, now with Ortega coming out of retirement to hold the final bout for the championship. 4 new wrestlers are joined by the 10 originals:

  • Black Widow: Hailing from Germany, she's the only female wrestler, albeit she's actually hiding that fact (she uses a masculine voice in-game and all, and her ending has her ditching the act).
  • Rip Saber: A Canadian BWA wrestler and former military, which uses any means necessary to attain victory.
  • The Wraith: An Indian wrestler with a ghastly appearances, who fights using his long fingernail and a host of snakes hidden within his clothes.
  • Victor Ortega: Legendary wrestler and the founder of the CWA, he retired after finding no one able to beat him, and is later invited by Scorpion to participate in the third game, prompting him to return to pro wrestling. He's seen in the first two games in the intro and endings.
Tropes used in Saturday Night Slam Masters include: