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A particular type of trailer or advertisement for a show which focuses on little besides the main character and making sure the audience damn well remembers the main character, and by extension, the film's name. Essentially, you take a bunch of unrelated scenes from the production and edit them together to get a Say My Name sequence.

This is most common with children's films with a character title name. The trailer is nothing more than the various secondary cast members saying the main character's name in quick succession (sometimes, but not usually, including the main character self-identifying). For instance, the trailer for Bob: The Movie would go something like:


 Sidekick: BOB!

Girlfriend: Bob?

Big Bad: Bob!

Janitor: Bob!

Mother: Bob!

The Dragon: BOB?!

Crowd: BOB!


Etc. etc. etc.

Of course, Viewers are Morons, especially children, so maybe repeating the name of the movie and main character 50 times quickly in one commercial will get it to stick into their sugar-riddled brains. It's like an Anvilicious Title Drop.

Examples of Say My Name Trailer include:


Film -- Animated

Film -- Live Action

Live-Action TV

Video Games

Western Animation

  • A variation: one ad for James Bond Jr. featured the following exchange:

 Girl (with admiration): James!

Villain: BOND!!!

James Bond Jr.: Jr.!

  • A trailer for an episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars had repetitions of "Deathwatch"
  • A TV commercial for Batman the Animated Series had a montage of several villains saying "Batman!" in varying degrees of disgust - followed by the announcer commenting: "See what everyone's talking about."
  • A commercial for Maya and Miguel had a montage of Miguel saying "Maya" and his sister Maya saying "Miguel" repeatedly, with the last two parts being Say My Name.