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Ed: Double-Dee's got a plan, Eddy!

Eddy: But that's my shtick...
Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy, "In Like Ed"
"The mob has plans. The cops have plans. Gordon's got plans. You know... they're schemers. Schemers trying to control their little worlds."

A main character who, although not an outright villain, constantly uses zany schemes to get money, become popular, etc., that always blow up at the end. He is often selfish, egotistical, bigoted and aggressive. The other main characters usually disdain him, but still hang out with him for some reason.

The schemer is often popular, despite the fact that any normal person would probably hate the schemer in real life. The audience likes the schemer, but not enough to mind watching his schemes come crashing down. In Animated Shows, the schemer usually gets the main plot, while in SitComs he usually gets the B-plot.

Frequently The Chew Toy. Compare with the more endearing and successful High School Hustler. This character is an integral part of a Comic Trio (along with a Dumb Muscle and Only Sane Man/"No Respect" Guy).

Examples of Schemer include:


Live Action Television

  • Jamie Lawson on Small Wonder.
  • Kenan on Kenan and Kel. Frequently these involved Noodle Implements.
  • Edmund Blackadder.
  • Robbie Rotten on LazyTown.
  • Bobby's Cousin Skeeter.
  • Tony on NCIS frequently uses zany schemes to scare, annoy, or pry into the lives of his co-workers. In real life, if someone destroyed your keyboard, got the forensics specialist to look up your boyfriends, went through your desk, pretended to be you to defend himself to a hot chick, or came onto you using a fake online account, you would be very, very annoyed. However, Ziva and McGee just ignore him, or sometimes, gloriously, return the favour.


Newspaper Comics

Video Games

Western Animation