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Scott McNeil, MIGHTY IS HE!

Easily the most popular voice actor to work with The Ocean Group, Scott McNeil is the Canadian equivalent to Crispin Freeman... IN AMERICA, and Banjo Ginga in Japan. He's usually cast as a big guy or a villain, but he also does some quirky and funny roles too. His most known roles are probably Dinobot, Waspinator and Rattrap, Dr. Wily and Protoman, Piccolo in the early episodes, and Duo Maxwell. He reached Memetic Mutation status fairly quickly, faster than his U.S. counterpart.

Scott does a wide variety of voices in his work (again, see Beast Wars), but also tends to have two particular voices that are unmistakably his: a deep, gravelly, growling voice (ref. Piccolo, Koga). He may also add a snarl for particularly monstrous-looking roles (ref. Dinobot, Bale). Or, a snarky young, cocky-sounding voice (ref. Duo, Rattrap).

His favorite voice actors are Jim Cummings, Frank Welker, Rob Paulsen, Maurice LaMarche, Mel Blanc and Gary Chalk (who voiced Optimus on Beast Wars). His favorite characters out of those he's played are Duo and Hohenheim, because they resemble himself as a young man and an adult, respectively. His favorite show he ever worked on is Beast Wars, which he claims is one of the few shows he's done where he actively made it a point to turn on the TV and watch every episode when it aired. In fairness, it probably helps that he voiced half the cast.

Notable roles by Scott McNeil:

And now for certain tropes about how his roles usually go (and Scott McNeil himself)

  • Badass: While Dinobot from Beast Wars is not the only example he is often deemed one of the best ones. Which would explain how their fanbase can be.
  • Bishounen: A very good portion of his young male roles can be like that (Duo Maxwell from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing easily being the biggest example.)
    • Several fans see him as one too, but he's more of the rugged type of bishonen.
  • Jossed: There have been rumors of him doing voicework in California in which all have been proven false (such as Resident Evil 5, Grimmjow in Bleach and Tobi in Naruto Shippuden).
  • Man of a Thousand Voices: When it comes to Canadian Voice Talent he is well known for having a great vocal range (Beast Wars being one of the bigger examples)
  • Nice Guy: He's known for being incredibly nice and social with his fans, sometimes taking quite a long time to talk to a single one, take pictures with them, and even does voices for them. His popularity is so great that at many conventions there's a "Scott McNeil" line and an "Everybody Else" line. His is longer.
  • Nice Hat: One of his most known features in his outfit is that cowboy hat he often wears in conventions.
  • One of Us: Has admitted to being a Video Game Player as Warcraft is one of his favorites, and joked about how he did had such a fanboy moment with Charlton Heston.
    • He also once talked about how he has played Def Jam 2 The Fight for New York before (though he does one of the "Character voices" you can pick for your character). But he mainly commented on how he was surprised on how you get to do an awful lot of shopping in that game.
  • Pungeon Master: He was a tree with a Punny Name that told bad jokes in Dragon Tales (try to digest the name "Sid Sycamore" for a while) and Funshine Bear...
  • Ship Tease: While he occasionally jokes around with the guys for the Yaoi fanbase, when it comes to Canadian Voice Actresses he does have a bit of a fondness for Venus Terzo. (Beast Wars is easily one of the biggest reasons why this is mentioned.)
    • Ian James Corlett once joked about that on how he enjoyed seeing Scott McNeil squirm when there was a Cheetor/Blackarachnia/Silverbolt triangle later on in Beast Wars. (Though of course Ian does make it clear that he only likes Venus as a friend. And the fact that he is a happily married man does help.)
  • Shipper on Deck: Does occasionally do this in Conventions such as this little quote of his on Koga and Ayame from Inuyasha namely "I just wanna pull Koga aside and have a word with him... I would go... Koga... you got this thing in your head that Kagome will be your mate! SHE'S UNATTAINABLE DUDE! Then you have beautiful sweet lovely Ayame going... "Oh please will you marry me?" (At this point a fan shouts out "Yes!" and gets a laugh. Scott atempts to ignore it) and I am like dumbass... go there!"
  • Talking to Himself: In addition to the Beast Wars example, he played both Sindri and Bale in Dawn of War, as well as Carron and Boreale in Soulstorm, Dr. Wily and Protoman in the Mega Man cartoon... So yeah, he's done it a little bit here and there.