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File:Screwattack 6535.jpg

ScrewAttack, officially known as ScrewAttack Entertainment LLC, is a video game-related Web site that showcases original entertainment for an audience of video game enthusiasts. Its content is also shown on and IGN. The name and logo come from the "screw attack" ability from the Metroid series. Their fanbase is affectionally called "g1s", based in part of an old radio term.

They've even developed their own iPhone game, The Texting Of The Bread, an obvious parody of Typing of the Dead.

You can check out their website right here.

Subpages & Related Pages

Screw Attack provides examples of

  • Arc Words: For months prior to the announcement of the first Screwattack Gaming Convention, the letters SGC would appear randomly in videos.
  • Ascended Extra: Sort of — "Metal Gear Ben" was originally featured as a skit on Metal Gear Solid in the Clip of the Week before it became popular enough to warrant its own series.
    • Played straight with some of the regular staff members, who started out as interns for the site before being promoted to full members of the staff.
  • Ascended Fanboy: Some of the Screwattack interns were already members of the g1 community before they got hired.
  • Author Appeal: Street Fighter. So much so, that their review was just every single member of the team telling you to buy it.
  • Berserk Button: In character, do not mention Battletoads around Maxifent Corey. EVER. One video in particular shows Corey on a berserker rampage around the office as a result, to the beat of One-Winged Angel.
    • For the fan base, insulting any of the team is this, but it escalates when someone insults the only girl who works at the site. One particular troll made an especially sexist remark about Corey in one video; the fanbase returned fire in the same thread immediately, and some praised Corey for standing up for herself when she personally broadsided him.
    • For the moderators on Screwattack, any variation of the question "Where is Handsome Tom?".
    • Game Overthinker for half the site. He cheated to win the "My Vids Don't Suck" contest to be added to the site, by using his existing fanbase to head to the site for the sole purpose of voting for him, and the community is still very sore about this at this point - one of the mods keeps an ongoing blog going over how he's an idiot, and any mention of him in the forums will go down to a "How much he sucks" thread, regardless of initial topic.
    • For Stuttering Craig in the Top 10 Space Marines video, never insinuate that anybody is manlier than Mike Haggar. Otherwise you get a punch to the throat.
  • Butt Monkey: Nervous Nick is blamed anytime something breaks.
    • Daily Destin - In a Clip of The Week featuring Nervous Nick turning into a Toucan that eats people (It makes sense in context), Corey grabs an "In Case of Emergency" Shotgun to shoot Nick, she turns and shoots Destin instead when he walks out of a door. When asked why she shot Destin & not Nick, she responds "It was the greater evil" and everyone else just goes with it. Then when Nick returns to normal, we get this little exchange:

 Stuttering Craig: Well... At least nobody important died this time.

Freelance Bryan The Intern: What about Destin?

Jose El Mexicano: Dude - "Nobody important".

  • Deadpan Snarker: Daily Destin is the most prominent example, but everyone has their moments of it.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu? - When a gigantic velociraptor was going to cause the end of the world on May 21st 2011, Ben walked up while people were planning what to do and just shot it in the head.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Before Chad officially joined the Screwattack family as the resident merchandise guy, he could be briefly seen in the Reasons Why You Should or Should not Trade in your Wii as a creepy sales associate near the end of the video. He also played the Mooks in the second Metal Gear Ben Clip of The Week.
  • Everything's Cuter With Kittens in order to attempt to justify Golden Eye 1997 007 to be on top of their top 10 lists, they use kittens.
    • Namely, they use a montage of the game they are mentioning with the characters having kitten heads if they do not want to explain how good the game is for the ump-teenth time. (This was done for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtles in Time, only with the kitten heads being placed on the Mooks Michelangelo throws at the screen.)
  • Fandom: Of Zangief, of all people.
  • Fascinating Eyebrow: Jared frequently employs this on Hard News.
  • Karma Houdini: Stuttering Craig - For example, in the Clip of The Week featuring Corey's rampage after she had been told that Battletoads was getting a remake on the Wii, Craig manages to completely avoid Corey's path of destruction, and even turns up at the end purely to laugh at her after she stopped being angry & fell into a depression. Oh, and it was Craig who played the initial video that pressed Corey's Berserk Button, with the sole intention of causing Corey to get go crazy.
  • Kicked Upstairs: Maxifent Corey & Daily Destin both left the site after getting jobs elsewhere.
  • Nice Hat: Stuttering Craig's cap.
  • Pinball Scoring: "One point per block? At least put a few extra zeroes on the end to make it feel like an achievement!"
  • Red Baron: Everyone on the team. Ever.
    • Stuttering Craig
    • Jose El Mexicano
    • Daily Destin
    • Nervous Nick
    • High School Ben (later abandonned due to his graduating High School)
    • Professional Jared
    • Subverted in that all the interns are simply "X the Intern", whilst Bryan & Chad's nicknames are more their job titles than actual nicknames.
  • Running Gag: Corey accidentally making a sexual remark, and then immediately realising it.
    • Jose eating Ben, usually when he's dressed up as Metal Gear Ben - So much so, that the only line Jose had in the first episode of Metal Gear Ben was "I'm gonna eat you."
  • Schedule Slip: Metal Gear Ben — The first episode was to debut at SGC 2009, but non-attendees had to wait until November to see it. Why? Because due to preparation for SGC, and the fact that they started shooting the series at the end of winter, they had only shot two episodes, over half a year after anouncing the series.
    • And Metal Gear Ben caused another schedule slip — Corey lost a bet, which meant she had to dye her hair blonde. Except they had to wait until after MGB was shot to do it for continuity, and by the time they had finished filming, Corey was going onto a part-time schedule. In a moment that's Hilarious in Hindsight, they could have dyed Corey's hair soon after she lost the bet, as Metal Gear Ben's filming went on hold for several months.
  • Take That: Craig's NSFW warning for the Goriest Black Ops Moments is a shot at bad parenting and the blame that games make kids violent.

  WARNING: As mature adults over 18, we can watch this and separate fiction and reality. If you're not 18 and watching this, then ask your parents' permission before continuing. Seriously, don't be a little bitch and complain about nightmares you had from watching this or tell your counselor you learned your bad behavior from video games. If you're jacked up, it's because your parents don't love you. Yeah, I said it.

  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Nick & Ben took part in a chili-eating contest, where the loser would have to go to E3 dressed as Princess Peach. However, both vomited (one of the conditions to forfeit) and thus, they were both to go to E3, dressed as Peach and Donkey Kong, respectively. This never happened, likely due to a case of Real Life Writes the Plot, preventing Nick from making the trip.