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File:S battle.jpg

Bean in his breakout role as Richard Sharpe

Sean Bean's breakout role was the field-promoted British officer, Sharpe.

He followed this up by portraying lot of bad guys who die a lot. In fact, seeing Sean Bean's name in the credits could almost be considered a spoiler, because it is almost certain that he will be a good guy who turns bad and dies.

Sean Bean is renowned as Mr. Fanservice (despite, or because of his many roles as villains). According to The Other Wiki he does not mind being considered 'a bit rough' by the ladies. Apparently, the ladies are okay with that, because he was voted the UK's second sexiest man in 2004.

He purportedly wanted to become a professional footballer when he was younger before he went into acting.

His personal reputation for badassery has greatly benefited from recent reports of a Major Injury Underreaction after an altercation in a pub. Unfortunately, other reports haven't been as complimentary...

Do NOT confuse with Mr. Bean.

Tropes invoked by this actor: