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You'd better run, boy.[1]

In the 1990s, Hiroshi Fujioka played the titular Segata Sanshiro (pictured), the Japanese spokesman for Sega's Saturn console - a crazed martial artist who beat the living crap out of kids for not playing Sega Saturn (and again singing his own theme song {well, part of it} later released as a single that sold over 100,000 copies). It can be argued that his presence in Sega's Japanese commercials was singlehandedly responsible for the continued existence of Sega in the console market (at least up to the Sega Dreamcast).

His last commercial consisted of him bravely sacrificing himself to ensure the Dreamcast's release, and his exploits were immortalized in Sega's last first-party Saturn game Segata Sanshiro Shinkenyugi.

A collection of the commercials can be found here.

The Segata Sanshiro commercials provide examples of:


 Today, he comes again

He will punish those who do not play seriously

Their battered bodies will never forget!



 Troper: Oh yeah. Now what trope do I have to see... -someone taps his shoulder- Look, I'm kinda bus-- S-SEGATA SANSHIRO!?

Segata: -Beats Troper to a pulp for contributing to tropes rather than playing Sega Saturn-

Troper: S... Segata Sanshiro...

Segata: Sega Saturn, shiro!


  1. Unless you have a Sega Saturn and still play it.