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File:Sentai Filmworks logo 6041.jpg

Update: May 5, 2010: The Sentai Filmworks website is now online.

On September 1, 2009, ADV Films announced that it sold most of its assets to five different companies, all of whom are based in Houston, Texas. Although it may appear that the company is essentially dead, some industry observers believe that the move is an attempt to end a relationship with a hostile shareholder that has damaged the company while still maintaining its core competency and catalog.

  • Switchblade Pictures acquired Japanese live-action films properties for distribution in the North American market.
  • Sentai Filmworks is the licensor company for acquiring Japanese anime into the North American market.
  • A Esir Holdings has licensed rights to most of ADV Films' former library of titles (some titles are licensed directly by Sentai Filmworks).
  • Seraphim Digital Studios acquired Amusement Park Media, ADV's production studio.
  • Valkyrie Media Partners acquired the Anime Network. The Anime Network website (on-line player and forum) continues to operate as it did before the sale.
  • Section 23 Films is a distributor and marketing company of Switchblade Pictures, Sentai Filmworks, and A Esir Holdings.

After the September 2009, new releases typically have these credits:

(anime) Licensed by Sentai Filmworks
(live action) Licensed by Switchblade Pictures
Distributor Section 23 Films
DVD Production Seraphim Digital Studios
Internet Streaming Anime Network

See Section 23 Films for the list of anime series formerly licensed by ADV Films.