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  • "They made Scarlet cry. They. Must. Pay." Considering how Pip had only been willing to keep Scarlet around for fanservice and even tried to sell her to pay off a debt at the beginning, this is a huge leap.
  • Scarlet notices Art's abandoned googly hat and decides it needs a friend, so she leaves it with her googly hat. It's heartwarming in context, see for yourself.
  • When Kat is depressed that her worst enemy, Hilary, is hotter than she is, Art admits that Hilary is very good-looking, but has "neither the personality nor the charm to back it up". He says it in a way that indirectly but unmistakably declares that Kat does have those qualities and Hilary is very jealous of her for it, which is the real reason behind her hatred.
  • "I want wunna these for Christmas!"
  • And the ship tease has hit critical level.
    • The ship tease was a critical mass well before the above. This is when it really started to stick
    • Art's shopping for a new mattress.

  "Too hard. Too soft. Juuuust right."