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Ooh la la.

Ah, clowns, who likes those creeps? They're either scary as hell, or so silly you can't take them seriously. But what's this? A new character, donning motley that's just a little too tight, and Stripperiffic? Could this makeup-wearing joker actually be attractive? You can be damn sure that this character will be chock full of Fetish Fuel. Might be a Cute Mute if she's a mime. Usually a Manic Pixie Dream Girl for the heroes, or a Perky Female Minion for the bad guys.

Examples of Sexy Jester include:

Anime & Manga

Comic Books

Tabletop Games

Video Games

  • Kefka is quite a Bishonen in concept art.
    • The game too. Remove the white/purple skin (or keep it if that's your thing) and he could be quite the looker.
  • Harle of Chrono Cross wears a mostly skintight outfit, and "pants" that cover her legs, but are completely transparent.
  • In City of Heroes, The Carnival of Shadows is mostly staffed with these.
  • Dragon Quest III has Jesters as a character class. Male Jesters are clowns in pink and purple pinstripes, while female Jesters wear Playboy Bunny outfits. To top it off, the Personality system used in the various remakes makes it possible to have a literal Sexy Jester.
  • A good portion of the NiGHTS fanbase thinks this about Reala, and Ni GHTS itself to some extent.
  • Adventure Quest Worlds has holiday/Christmas jester outfits which look like cut-open leotards on female characters. The very first version had the stomach and most of the breasts exposed.


Western Animation

  • Harley Quinn. Batman may not notice, but The Joker sure does. The Joker himself occasionally counts, especially when Heath Ledger (and to a lesser extant Mark Hamill) played him.
  • Clopin from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame, though he probably wasn't intended to attract as many fangirls as he did.
    • Fangirls at 9 years of age, say.
    • Maybe something to do with his amazing singing voice?
    • Well, he is very charismatic.

Real Life

  • This combines the Sexy Jester with Body Paint.
  • Typically averted with Commedia Dell'Arte. In contrast to all the sexy female "Harlequins" alluded to above, the original Harlequin (or Arlecchino) was a man, and one usually portrayed as romantically hapless.