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I did half a year of French at high school. I don't think I absorbed much beyond "Je m'appelle David." You'd think I would have paid more attention to the luscious young Miss P. who was our teacher.

Or maybe that was my problem.
David Morgan-Mar, Irregular Webcomic annotations

The Sexy Mentor is when a main character has an intelligent, understanding and information-giving boss who is a bit older than they are and undeniably attractive. At some point, it's quite possible that they might become a couple or an item. Otherwise it's just wishful Shipping that's all in the viewer's head. Usually there's at least flirting. In any case, a viewer often ends up whistling, "Man, I wish that were my boss!"

Of course, in real life, this kind of behavior is ripe for sexual harassment claims. As a result, this trope contains most of the same Unfortunate Implications as Hot for Student, since the sexual harassment angle is rarely seriously explored, except as the pursuit of some devious villain.

Usually the Sexy Mentor is a woman; this is probably a combination of two factors. Women have been given more major roles in fiction in recent years, but conversely, there's still an expectation that women on television are supposed to be at least basically attractive, so sex appeal ends up being the way to go. On the flip side of things, where a male Sexy Mentor is concerned, this is usually in a work whose target audience is largely women.

Diana Peterfreund has some good commentary on this topic, as she couldn't help but notice that she had a similar situation in her novel Rampant. Well, except for the part where the Sexy Mentor is a unicorn...

See Also Mentor Ship, Hot for Teacher. If the mentor particularly enjoys the power she has over the man, it's Mistress and Servant Boy.

Examples of Sexy Mentor include:

Anime and Manga

  • Ur's training of Grey and Leon in Fairy Tail involves all of them in their underwear in a blizzard. She doesn't care because the two kids are about ten and she thinks of them like sons, so it's slightly less squicky.
  • Kakashi Hatake and Anko Mitarashi.
  • Shigure from Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple is such an example that illustrations of such are too explicit to show on this wiki.
  • Both Aquila Marin and Ophicus Shaina in Saint Seiya, although they did put Seiya and Cassius through Training From Hell.
    • For the female fans, Aquarius Camus is a male version.
    • Libra Dohko retroactively becomes one during the Hades arc, when we learn that his old form is actually a mere Sleep Mode Size cover, which he can shred at will... showing that he's actually a really hot Dark-Skinned Redhead (anime) or Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette (manga).
  • Misato Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Played straight in the last movie.
  • Lisa Lisa in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure part 2. Thankfully she didn't get together with Joseph because she's his mother.
  • Played with in Bleach. Action Girl Yoruichi trains Ichigo more than once and is one really Hot Amazon who has absolutely no modesty (to the point that she thinks nothing of walking around nude in front of Ichigo), but she also has a cat form (with a male voice) which she often prefers over her human one. She also trained the Tsundere Ninja Soifon, before meeting Ichigo.
  • In Oban Star-Racers, Rick Thunderbolt (The Ace through and through) ends up as a mentor figure to the surprisingly un-starstruck Molly; an intelligent, understanding and information-giving mentor who is a bit older than Molly and considerably more than just attractive.
  • The titular character of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha after the ten-year Time Skip, being a Battle Instructor of the bureau. Fate, Vita, and Signum also count during StrikerS, being mentors for the rookies together with Nanoha.
  • Izumi Curtis in Fullmetal Alchemist. Neither Ed nor Al are particularly hot for her, though, mostly because she scares the shit out of them. That, and she's very Happily a Mighty Glacier of a man.
  • Played with in Mahou Sensei Negima, where Negi's mentor Evangeline McDowell is a Really Seven Hundred Years Old vampire with the body of a 10 year old girl. However, she really wants to be seen as mature and beautiful, so she uses an illusion to give herself a more... adult body, at which point she falls into this. She also had a crush on Negi's father, and possibly Negi himself.
  • When alive, Minako-sensei from Hell Teacher Nube. Tall, blonde, well-endowed, with killer legs and a very short miniskirt... Dude, Nube was a kid back then, but even in these days he appreciated how pretty his teacher was.
  • Yuuko from XxxHolic. She toys with Watanuki quite a bit.
  • Sumeragi Lee Noriega from Mobile Suit Gundam 00, whose relationship with Allelujah has some romantic undertones. She has some inspiration from Misato above, being similarly a Ms. Fanservice Bottle Fairy / The Alcoholic who is also a competent military officer.
  • General Cross Marian from D.Gray-man.
    • And in the later chapters, we have General Klaud mentoring Timothy.
  • Coach Maria Momoe of Ookiku Furikabutte is quite...talented.
  • Hana no Mizo Shiru: Kawabata, Misaki's tutor (and guardian after his grandfather's death), fit the trope. Then Misaki grew up and entered university, and his role in Misaki's life shifted for the worse.


  • Happens in Fracture with Beachum and his boss.
  • The Proposal plays with this in that Margaret is Andrew's boss and is sexy, but her personality means that he isn't attracted to her till they get away from work.


  • After living as an ascetic, the titular character of Siddhartha comes to a courtesan named Kamala who teaches him how to be a man of wealth. After several years however, he decides that he had wasted his life and sought a different path to Nirvana.
  • Dimitri is this to Rose in the Vampire Academy books. Dimitri is seven years older than Rose, and most of the series plays off their troubles in getting together. By the end, They Do.

Live Action TV

  • In Grey's Anatomy, Meredith and Christina enter into such relationships with their bosses in the first few episodes.
  • The Middleman. Lacey keeps referring to him as Sexy Bossman, although at Wendy's insistence she switches to Pillow Lips.
  • Some Heroes fans believe Claude "Invisible Man" Rains falls into this category. Then again, he is played by Christopher "Doctor Badass" Eccleston.
  • The Doctor from Doctor Who has been this one of these to some of his companions, with Jack Harkness being a rather good example, and also a bemoaner of the fact the romantic possibilities inherent in this trope never happened as much as he wanted. Captain Jack became a sexy mentor himself on spinoff show Torchwood.
  • Depending on who you ask, Katie Cassidy/Genivieve Cortese as Ruby could count as this for Sam in Supernatural. And now they're sleeping together too.
  • Occurs in an interesting manner in NCIS - Gibbs mentored Jenny Shepard and had a relationship with her. She become his boss. So, they're Sexy Mentors to each other.
  • Everyone's favorite tweed-y British-y "Sexy Fuddy Duddy": Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, whose hotness is remarked upon by Jenny, Faith and Joyce. See his performance of "Behind Blue Eyes" in Where The Wild Things Are for further in-universe acknowledgement, as all three ladies present seem slightly hypnotized by the sexy, and two are lesbians.
  • On Dexter, Lila becomes a sexy NA sponsor to Dexter (while thinking he is a recovering drug addict), although she seems to know considerably more about the sexy part than the whole sponsoring thing, and she's totally off her rocker to boot.
  • Blaine from Glee definitely qualifies. Lampshaded by Kurt, who is not-so-secretly pining for him and at one point asks "Any sage advice?" in a half-flirty, half-dejected voice.
  • Delenn to Lennier unintentionally. It's hard to see what anyone could have done about it.
  • Jack Donaghy on Thirty Rock. He and Liz had some Unresolved Sexual Tension in season one, following that the concept was played for laughs.
  • Inverted by No Ordinary Family where Stephanie's mentor is interested in her, but she's Happily Married to her husband.
    • Stephanie herself is a Sexy Mentor, considering how she interacts with Katie, who admires and looks up to her.
    • Katie herself was in this role, when she had been JJ's tutor temporarily and he had developed a crush on her.
  • Sam for Andy in Rookie Blue. As he is her training officer, they are warned several times that nothing can happen. Despite that, and her relationship with a detective at their division, the Unresolved Sexual Tension between continues to build.
  • Castle has Mike Royce for Beckett, and even implies some level of feelings/intimacy between the two.
  • The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: London ends up falling for Lance when he decides to help her learn how to swim. And indeed, the two of them get along well, though he's a bit wiser than she herself is. And he falls for London as well. Though it also likely helps for London that he spends much of the episode with his shirt off. (He does wear an undershirt late in the episode, but it doesn't really matter for London at that point.)

Video Games

Visual Novels

  • Mia Fey from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, tempered somewhat by the fact that she dies at the beginning of the second case.
    • This is a bit weird when Pearl shows up. A channeler takes on the appearance of the person they are channeling. So it's bad enough when a 17 year old childish teen grows half a foot and gains a large bosom, but when it happens to a seven year old who is still wearing a seven year old sized outfit it's kinda freaky.
    • In the third game, it is revealed in flashback that Mia had her own Sexy Mentor, Diego Armando. And they did get together.

Western Animation